"Take my car?" Ji Nayao asked with a smile, although he knew Ruanning wouldn’t take his car, he asked a sentence out of respect for his future big brother.
"No, you lead the way behind me." Cong people just don’t have the strength to communicate.
Ji Nanyao asked him if he naturally wanted to find a place to talk to him.
You can’t talk about your sister’s lifelong events in the cold wind, and it’s almost time for all the men in the season to go home. Xiao Shu, if this matter goes to the old lady, I’m afraid it will be another twist and turn.
The old lady doesn’t like Xiao Shu. The most important thing is that she will never let Xiao Shu marry someone who has talked to Xiao Yu about marriage.
Just like the second mother was very satisfied with the sad words, she accepted the idea afterwards.
Ji Nanyao made a gesture of please and waited for Ruanning to get his car before he drove it.
Both of them are quiet people and have something to talk about. Ji Nanyao chose a teahouse.
There are not many people drinking tea at this time, but I still chose a box.
Hao Dahongpao Ji Nanyao personally made a cup of tea for Ruanning. "Try it?"
Ji Nanyao’s tea ceremony is influenced by his grandfather. Young people at this age don’t like tea very much. Ji Nanyao is influenced by his grandfather.
And Ruan Jiaxiang’s family is naturally a tea house. Ji Nanyao guessed that Ruan Ning must be love.
Ruanning picked up the teacup and took a sip of his light way "good tea"
JiNaYao smiled "RuanNing must have something to say"
Ruanning assured a cup of Yemen to see the mountain road "you and Xiao Shu are not suitable"
Affirmative tone, but the kind that doesn’t say anything
JiNaYao is not so slow to drink a mouthful of tea in the cup light oh.
"My sister is an ordinary girl, but I can’t afford Mr. Ji to ask Mr. Ji to consider it." Ruan Ning is very clear
Ji Nanyao and Xiao Shu’s emotional initiative is not Xiao Shu but him.
"Did Ruanning ever ask Xiao Shu for advice, or did you know your sister’s thoughts as a big brother?" JiNaYao tone with a hint of coolness.
It’s true that you’re not angry but unhappy.
Ruanning leng said that he and his sister can say that he has been busy after attending work all the year round, and he really seldom cares about his sister.
But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his sister and brother. Of course, he hopes his sister can live a stable life.
"Mr. Ji, your future does not belong to your wife, or even to the Ji family. You and Xiao Shu are not from the same world. This difference will not make you happy," Ruan Ning confessed.
Ji Nanyao hooked up a smile with a hint of sarcasm. "As you said, people like me deserve to be single."
Ruanning busy way "that’s not what I mean"
"I didn’t expect Ruanning to be so prejudiced against my career. According to you, it doesn’t seem appropriate for you and your fiancee not only to share the same ambition, but also to agree with each other in the future." Ji Nanyao knocked rhythmically on his finger table.
"I said that you and Xiao Shu have a problem." Ruan Ningshi was a little annoyed with the thin eyes after the lens.
In fact, when he and his fiancee live apart from each other, it is longer than when they met. Her embassy worker has limited holidays every year, and other workers can’t go abroad often. To be honest, the wedding date is almost polished.
So Ji Nanyao’s example is like a heavy blow to his heart, which is very uncomfortable
Chapter 692 This man is so deceitful!
"This is not a question of who and who, but empathy." Ji Nanyao slowly sat up straight and then looked at Ruanning sitting opposite him by crossing his arms in the armchair.
Ruan Ning’s words were tied, and he had fallen into a dead end led by Ji Nanyao.
If he is entangled in the problem of his fiancee now, then this circle is too big to say clearly, and this is Jinan’s dazzling.
"Mr. Ji can occupy the wind in a few words. This strong and cunning attitude is really inappropriate for little sister."
Ji Nanyao shook his head and disagreed. "It seems that Ruanning is still a younger woman to care for me. I don’t like male chauvinism to make decisions for women, but men still have to be strong outside."
Ruanning "…"
He said that male chauvinism makes decisions for women. Are you sure it’s not ironic?
He studied law at Harvard!
"I can’t believe that a person who is strong in work and life will make an exception to women." The most difficult thing for a person to change is habit.
For example, his father and mother have been married for 30 years, and his mother has not changed her father.
Because Ruan Ning is a man, he knows more about men’s bad habits.
The marriage date between him and his fiancee has been postponed for so many years. On the other hand, he is unwilling to give up his job, and neither of them is willing to give up. That is the deadlock.
Ji Nanyao likes Ruan Shu, which he doesn’t doubt, but the little love between men and women is not enough for them to come to the end.
"I admire Mr. Ji’s eloquence, but life is not a debate. It’s not that whoever wins will be happy. I can’t risk Xiao Shu’s happiness." Ruanning looked at Ji Nanyao with a touch of indifference on her brow
"Let’s go back to the beginning. Xiao Shu is not a child. She has her own decision. She chose me, so I won’t live up to her. Since I decided to marry her, no matter who stops me, I won’t give up." Ji Nanyao hooked a faint smile on her lips.
But the expression on his whole face is a kind of coldness that God blocks the Buddha from killing the Buddha.
Must be firm
Ruanning decided to have this conversation and felt that she still knew something about him at first.
But now he thinks he is too careless.
He can’t compete with him step by step.
This man is too calculating.
"Have you ever thought that if you insist like this, it will be difficult for Xiao Shu Ruan’s family?" Ruan Ning felt that the old lady Ruan could not pass.
When the time comes, a big hat buckle will be another blow to Xiao Shu.
JiNaYao didn’t worry back to RuanNing words for so long is really thirsty.
It’s really hard to talk to these literati, or it’s better to go straight and be willing to lose the bet.
Ji Nanyao slowly took a sip of tea before saying, "Is it time to test whether your big brother cares for his sister?"
Ruanning "…"
This is to blame him for the original sin of the problem.
old fox
Absolute old fox
Everyone in Qingcheng said that his father Ji Qingcheng was an old fox, and asked him to say that he was really not arrogant.
Ruanning, who was born in law, rarely lost water in a war of words.
But today he lost.
And completely inexplicable.
Ji Nan Yaogen didn’t negotiate with him head-on, but took advantage of his inattention to copy a path and directly went around behind him and caught him off guard.
"What is the situation of Xiao Shuruan’s family? You know better than I do that she has the interest of pursuing her own happiness. As men, we should know better what marriage means to women."
Marriage is a woman’s second reincarnation, although women have more choices in the new era
But this society has given women too many shackles, and all men think that women are really not easy
"Maybe you think Xiao Shu and I don’t match from personal social status, but what kind of man do you think is suitable for him?" JiNaYao saw hesitation from RuanNing eyes.

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