Zhang Yishen "Just go and call Defeng Sun!"
Answer "!"
Almost an hour later, Defeng Sun hurried to the presidential palace, Defeng Sun. Now, the captain of Cang Lang Brigade has gone through four captains, namely, Zhang Yi, Zhang Yihu, Wu Peifu and Zhang Enyuan. Now, he has become the fifth captain. However, although Defeng Sun is not qualified, his ability is very outstanding. Now, the Defeng Sun hand of Cang Lang Brigade is more prominent and his ability is more comprehensive.
Defeng Sun entered the presidential palace and went to Zhang Yi’s hall to ask Zhang Yi, "General, what are you looking for?"
Zhang Yishen: "Defeng Cang Lang has also rested for a while, and today we accept a new time."
Defeng Sun one leng listen to four provinces where what special circumstances ordinary things armed police solved the problem there to get the Cang Lang?
Defeng Sun Shen: "What happened to the general, and we even asked Cang Lang to send out armed police. Can’t it be done?"
Zhang Yi: "What will the waste armed police do if they can get it done? Where did it come from?"
Defeng Sun hey hey smile no words.
Zhang Yi answered, "I will go to Tianjin in person in two days to invite a person. Now Tianjin has been under the surveillance of Yuan Shikai and may have to be handed over to the exchange office to dispatch a detachment to sneak into Tianjin in advance and wait for orders at any time!"
Zhang Yi Defeng Sun got a fright. Why might the general be in danger when he goes to Tientsin?
Defeng Sun called, "No, General, I firmly disagree with what you are going to personally. Just order me to come. Why can’t we do it in Cang Lang? If you want to take risks personally, you can’t think that Premier Tang and Xu Dashuai will never agree! "
Zhang Yiqi "fart which come so much waste! How can I do it? My mother is not old and Cang Lang is not young to teach? "
Defeng Sun blushed and growled, "General, don’t scare Xu Huaijin like this. The marshal has already confessed. If something is out of line and is ordered to refuse and reported to Xu Dashuai, I don’t believe that we will agree to the adventure plan!"
Zhang Yi gushed out a mouthful of green tea. The defendant was in distress situation. It seems that Xu Huaijin was frightened by the Jilin incident and became frightened. He had already given such an order without telling anyone.
Aside Liang Qichao and Liu Buchan secretly laughed while covering their mouths.
Zhang Yi drank, "What kind of command is this, Dog Day?"
Sun De Peak: "I think it’s up to General Xu to do this. Can you scare us lightly in Jilin? We can dispatch the whole Cang Lang camp and a first division, so don’t think about it!"
Zhang Yi yelled, "Get out of here and get Xu Huaijin immediately!"
Defeng Sun turned to attention and ran out. Zhang Yi refused to ask Xu Huaijin to report to Xu Huaijin, so that Xu Huaijin would be afraid that he would not be able to spare himself when the time came.
When Defeng Sun told Xu Huaijin the news, Xu Huaijin was anxious to drink "Defeng didn’t rest, and immediately asked Premier Shaochuan to let the instructors who also went to the presidential palace go crazy again and go looking for trouble!"
After Xu Huaijin confessed, the things at hand were hastily handled, and it seemed that he had to rush to the presidential palace. But you can understand Zhang Yi’s personality. This guy decided to go to Tianjin and Yuan Shikai’s site was crazy.
Xu Huaijin can make a lot of friends with Yuan Shikai, which shows that Yuan Shikai is not a good crop. That guy is very lean and ruthless.
If Yuan Shikai is really cruel to keep Zhang Yi, it’s impossible to break out of Tianjin with just a few Cang Lang, and the problem is that people are exhausted!
Xu Huaijin raced to the presidential palace and entered the door, and there was a Tang Shaoyi flustered voice "Firmly refused to go to Tianjin! I’m kidding. There’s a mistake. What should we do with the newly established Republic of China? We can’t have a little severe punishment for our future career! Resolutely not! "
Xu Huaijin even knocked on the door and went straight into the living room.
Is losing his temper Tang Shaoyi looking back at the original Xu Huaijin cried overjoyed "Huai Jin came at the right moment! Can we go to Tianjin? "
Xu Huaijin was angry. "Go to a fart, then don’t even think about going to Shaochuan. Brother feels that he should suggest the parliament to impose restrictions on the president’s actions. How can he get it?"
Zhang Yi was suddenly blinded by Xu Huaijin, which is a good thing. Xu Huaijin actually went to the extreme and directly suggested that the parliament restrict its actions. Where is it going to pass, but now it is not angry?
Zhang Yi, "Huai Jin Shaochuan, what are you doing here? Do people have to be so nervous to go to Tianjin instead of jumping into the sea to commit suicide? Yan Fu’s people have to invite them over before they are willing to come forward in person. What can I do if Mr. Xiang and Mr. Nanhai are sent over and Yan Fu doesn’t buy noodles? "
Xu Huaijin nu "that also not line patronage please VIP please less than yourself in? If something goes wrong once, let Zhang Yihu, the king’s egg, hit a black eye. What’s the problem again this time? Isn’t that small and desperate? " Zhang Yi smiled bitterly. "Huai Jin is going to have only a few people around him. This time, we have to transfer a detachment to Cang Lang and Tianjin. It’s not easy for us to help each other and get away." Xu Huaijin was angry. "Why don’t you think about Yuan Shikai’s lair in Tianjin when you know the people around you? Can Yuan Shikai’s most elite new army compete with those bandits? How cunning Yuan Shikai is?"
Chapter five hundred and forty-six Three Please Yan Fu
Zhang yi face some dignified slowly "Huai Jin must go this time, of course, necessary to prepare to do enough; In this way, Defeng Sun Zhang Shengqi brought the bloody Cang Lang department away, just like Cang Lang took a team around him. Together, these people and the thistles made a cover to retreat. "
Xu Huaijin saw that Zhang Yi’s determination was already acceptable. After all, the naval construction now really needs people like Yan Fu to sit in it.
Xu Huaijin looked at Tang Shaoyi Tang Shaoyi and nodded somberly. "In this case, we should be more careful. Xiang ordered the naval warship Tianjinwei to meet the sea. Once we heard the war in Tianjin, we immediately drove the warship to meet the President’s return. Even if all the men and women were killed, we must return safely!"
Liu Buchan nodded. "Premier Shaochuan, please rest assured that the navy will make all preparations. The two warships will be dispatched to the periphery of Tianjin Port for a cruise of 30 miles through the distant ship. Once the situation is less than half an hour, they can support the presidents to retreat!"
Zhang Yi breathed a sigh of relief, otherwise it would be really difficult to deal with Tang Shaoyi Xu Huaijin’s joint efforts to "force the palace"
Zhang yi to Sun Defeng "Defeng small satisfied to immediately notify Zhang Shengqi to bring the bloody Cang Lang to start with the day after tomorrow; At the same time, tell Mo Rurang to make a detailed sketch of the situation in Yanfu, Tianjin, and carry one with Zhang Shengqi. We will never fight a war! "
Defeng Sun replied, "The general wants to be sent to Tianjin by the Ministry of Cang Lang to hide first so that once it changes, it can directly attract Yuan Shikai’s energy."
Zhang Yi hesitated, "Defeng Sun personally took the Cang Lang activists to Tianjin and will meet them directly when they entered Yanfu’s residence. When they pulled out Yuan Shikai’s tongue at a nearby 500-meter station, they won enough time to evacuate!"
Defeng Sun nodded and promised to prepare.
Zhang Yi "Xiang, please bother to prepare again. The day after tomorrow, the two of us will go to Tianjin. This time, we may encounter danger. Mr. Zhuo Ruo Nanhai should not go."
Liang Qichao-kang gave a wry smile, and now things really can’t be intervened. Once there is a fight, the two of them will be a real burden.
Two days later, Zhang Yi took Liu Buchan, Defeng Sun Zhang Shengqi and six or seven Cang Lang to Yan Fu’s residence.
Liu Buchan went to the door and called, "Brothers!"
The sound just fell and Yan Fu sounded inside "Xiang Xian Di? Really? "
Liu Buchan replied, "My brothers are really younger brothers, so please meet them."
Yan Fu came out from the inside when the door opened. Yan Fu looked up and was taken aback to see that there were still six or seven people behind Liu Buchan. A few people behind him faintly revealed a fierce spirit.
Yan Fu’s naval service has experienced battlefield killing for many years, and he is quite sensitive to the murderous look of soldiers. His brow frowned slightly and he was unhappy. "Does it mean incense?"
Liu Buchan smiled. "Why don’t you guys talk about going in here?"
Yan Fu hesitated a little to let Liu Buchan and others in. Zhang Yi and his party followed Liu Buchan into Yan Fu’s residence.
Entering the living room, Liu Buchan "It’s not convenient for brothers to go outside. Now I can introduce you to the president of the Republic of China, Wei Zhen Hua Yi, Chinese tiger, General Zhang Yi and Zhang Jian!"
Liu Buchan followed Zhang Yi, "I am determined to miss Mr. Yan Fu, a great wizard!"
Zhang Yi smiled. "How have you been for a long time?"

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