Jianghan didn’t blink an eye, and he still looked cold by rolling around in that small place.
He didn’t stop there. He agreed to break his limbs. Then he broke his limbs. Jianghan never kept his word!
"Click click!"
Quack, quack, quack, crunchy, continuous three-bone fracture, and the black sound has fainted!
And just as Jianghan was about to turn around and leave, suddenly there came a banter behind him, "Ha ha, Jiang Shao is a good hand and a good means!" However, gathering people to fight and maim people and the number is so huge that you are afraid that you will spend your life in prison! "
Lying in front of disabled animals, Jianghan slowly turned around and looked at Tan Zhaocheng suddenly with great interest.
He was accompanied by a policeman in uniform? A chubby face is also a grimace of a grin staring at Jianghan.
"Liu Bureau just now, but you saw this little disturbance of public order, madness, injury and disability. This behavior should be enough for him to sit in prison, right?"
"It’s not just sitting at the bottom of the prison. It’s not enough for me to immediately enforce the law and shoot him directly because of his mob behavior!"
If you are fat, your eyes will be small when you smile, and if you are fat, your eyes will be so crowded that you can’t even find a seam.
Volume 2 See Ryuta Chapter 164 Sword chop!
Once and for all, these two people are like duets, so they occupy the moral high ground. Given the nature of Jianghan, it’s hard to say that these two people stepped on it so accurately when they appeared. Everyone knows that this will never be a coincidence, and then it’s really like Tan Zhaocheng’s style when you associate it with the previous movement.
"oh? In this case, should Liu Bureau immediately execute the execution and shoot this thug to give an account to the legitimate people in southern Henan like me! "
The cold light flashing in Tan Zhaocheng’s new eyes actually killed Jianghan!
Black is just a cannon fodder sent by him. For people like him, they either don’t do it, and once they do it, they will do it to the dead! Moreover, I will try my best to be clean and occupy the moral high ground. Everything is normal, and I will never leave a message for you to make myself coquettish!
Although Tan Zhaocheng doesn’t know whether he made a fool of himself in the Chu River banquet hall is due to Jianghan, this account is suspected to have been written down by Jianghan. He was thinking of finding a little place for Shen Qingzhu, a distant cousin, but now it’s his own problem!
A little face of a brother like him is like their life. If you embarrass me, I’ll stab you in the back, regardless of the consequences. The knife is fatal!
Jianghan jokingly stared at the two duets, and their faces became more and more smiling.
"Compared with Chu Xuan, it’s really not a week and a half. No wonder you will always be the second child in the south of Henan!"
Tan Zhaocheng look a cold "very close to death also mouth shut! When will Liu Bureau wait for it? "
"Mom, no matter how hard you are, you’re afraid of a kitchen knife. It’s amazing if you can hit it. I want to see if you’re good or fast!"
Tan Zhaocheng secretly lamented Jianghan’s skill. No matter how good it is, his eyes are just a lump of shit. What can you do if you are good at it? Can you prevent the kitchen knife from stopping the bullets? What age is this!
That is called by Tan Zhaocheng Liu Bureau fat after a little thoughtfully really honest took out a gun without thinking about an old fashioned gun!
I can see that this is not the first time that these two animals have done such dirty things in collusion with each other.
"Liu bureau, right? It’s not easy to climb to this point conscientiously. Don’t be a gun for others just because of a temporary brain fever! It’s a trivial matter to lose Wusha. Be careful that you won’t even save your life in the end! "
See the director liu really tao gun jianghan also don’t worry about is in the eyes of banter gradually convergence much a few minutes cold!
Generally speaking, Chinese people have two ways of life, one of which is to live by people, so that people need to be comfortable with it, and it is closely related to leaders’ promotion and prosperity. At present, this so-called director Liu must belong to this kind, and Tan Zhaocheng can let him draw a gun on the spot in a word. disregard for human life, it must be Tan Zhaocheng who holds his advanced pole. Although he is clear in his heart, Jianghan can’t help but want to order him. Isn’t there a saying that the waves turn back and gold will not change?
"Fuck you! When is your turn to teach the old class? Go to hell!"
Pulling a gun insurance fat squinted at Jianghan’s head and pulled the trigger!
"Well ~! ?”
The gun didn’t go off On the contrary, the fat man watched his right hand pull the trigger, and his forefinger broke away from his right palm, and the sticky blood was pulled into thin lines and fell to the ground!
A guy in a white robe appeared sadly when he was shooting fat. A long sword Qi Gen cut off the index finger of his right hand when he shot!
The bearer was none other than Jian Yin Li Qiubai!
"Ah ~!"
Two seconds later, it was only in hindsight that Liu realized that the gun in his hand was screaming and screaming, and it was only natural that he fell to the ground. It was quite sad that his left hand covered his right hand with blood!
Tan Zhaocheng is alert with a genial smile that turned to run.
But before he took his step, a long sword reached his throat. Perhaps Li Qiubai was interested in killing people’s swords without touching blood. Li Qiubai turned out to be a sword stained with a lot of blood this time, just as Tan Zhaocheng could see from the corner, the blade was especially scary!
"Jianghan wants to know what he is doing. If you dare to touch me today, our Tan family will never end with you!"
Seeing that the situation is not good, you should move out of your parents. That’s true. These self-proclaimed male brothers have always been popular!
Jianghan sneer at "endless? What’s going on? Is it to let me sit through the bottom of the prison or to ask me to eat a gun again? "
To tell the truth, Jianghan didn’t feel how much enmity he had with this little guy before what happened, but now …
"It’s good to know that young people in southern Henan are not a star city, nor am I a Tan family nor a Shenyang family. No matter how thick the foundation of your star city is, you are a dragon and you have to provoke me. Tan family will not be good!"
Jianghan frowns and feels ridiculous. It’s very arrogant at the moment. It should be said that people like them are wonderful. When you reason with them, they swing their fists at you. When you have the advantage to swing the stick at him, they reason with you. Don’t say that sometimes some people really can’t take them. Who told people that some people are born with gold!
But it’s a pity that some people don’t include Jianghan!
Jianghan thought for a moment was taken as fear by Tan Zhaocheng, and his heart was full of confidence. At the same time, this little eye seemed to be swaying in a corner and anxious!
"You don’t know who he is, do you? I must have found an actor before you. I tell you that you are all wet. He is a deputy director of Henan Public Security Bureau, and he is a CPC official. Just because you just cut off that finger, you can’t come out in this life!"
"Then, if you say so, should I let you go at once and then kneel down and beg this director Liu to tell him not to pursue my legal responsibility?" Jianghan Gherardini
"What do you mean? !” Tan Zhaocheng is not an idiot. I can’t hear the teasing in Jianghan dialect!
"What do you mean? I really dare not kill you with such a name as Tan Da Shao and Yu Nan! "
Jianghan’s words are true. After hearing this, Tan Zhaocheng’s face became loose and his eyes flashed a cold mountain! It seems to be a sign to some dark corner in the distance!
"But … it’s ok to break your hamstring!"
Jianghan suddenly looked cold and said to Li Qiubai, "Qiubai begins!"
"Jianghan, you …!" Tan Zhaocheng turned pale!
"Wu Bo, help me!"
Li Qiubai’s sword is like the wind, and he has already broken Tan Zhaocheng’s left achilles tendon with a single flick! All this small, premeditated cry for help is almost screaming out in pain. He thought that Jianghan would be so decisive and biting, saying that it is not negotiable for the white man to sell!
"Wu Bo killed him and killed him!"
Jian Yin’s second sword is about to break the tendon of Tan Zhaocheng’s right hand, and the sharp fist wind roared against Li Qiubai, not Jianghan, but holding the sword!
The bearer is an old man with blue plaid clothes and feet staring at a pair of Yanjing cloth shoes. He rushes at the man’s temple with his fists slightly bulging and slamming, giving off bursts of roar. He is actually a master of repairing!
Li Qiubai frowned slightly and unhurried, and the fallen leaves in his hand turned slightly. After the blade scraped and gave a sharp roar, a sword flower stabbed at the sharp fist wind!
Everyone knows that meat boxing is bound to suffer, and people will fall back again and again after seeing the decisive harvest!

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