After kissing for several minutes, I was so flattered that I suddenly heard a car coming, and the car stopped outside his courtyard with headlights on.
Seeing a guest at the door, Ding Qing was scared and ran away.
See two beautiful women from the car. They are none other than Yanji Hotel proprietress Yanji. Behind her is the lobby manager Ling Yao.
"two dog your home! Tell you the good news, let’s go inside and say it! " Yanji’s big bag and small bag ceremony is as exciting as playing chicken blood and putting the ceremony on the table. "two dog, you are a great contributor to my hotel. If it weren’t for you, I would still owe a debt if my store closed down! I brought you a gift specially, please accept it! "
"Wife of shop-owner listens to your meaning, and the sales of anti-sky vegetables are very good?" I don’t have to say much to see Yanji so happy. It must be that the business is booming. It is estimated that she bought so many gifts. It is a mistake to think that he is busy with this goods. "Congratulations, boss. I am not a big hero. It is because you have a vision!"
"two dog with elder sister don’t stranger is you go against food saved my life! You don’t know how hot the food is. I officially received one night at noon and the turnover reached one million! " Yanji, think about last night’s pile of money, and now she’s scared.
"Millions of true and false?" Pi two dog opened his mouth in surprise.
"This is still fake. I brought a truck to make up for the fate of food. It takes five thousand pounds!" Yanji thick peach Yan Li looked at him and said
At this time, the proprietress came in with something, and she went out to answer it.
Diu Ling Yao was alone with two dog, and she was embarrassed again.
These days, two dog’s body has undergone great changes, one after another, which made her spend a lot of time. In just a few days, two dog not only planted a dish of fate, but also possessed a wonderful doctor to get rid of all kinds of incurable diseases. This is what she heard from Jiang Ying, the daughter-in-law of the village chief, and she was not the only one in the village.
Ling Yao regretted it a little. Even if she waited patiently for a few more days, she would not entrust herself to a village tyrant.
After saving 150 thousand’s life, she betrayed her beloved man and abandoned him cruelly
It never occurred to her that she would never see two dog again after she went to work in the city. It never occurred to her that two dog planted vegetables that went against the fate, even if she found the boss’s wife. It was the boss’s wife who arranged for her to contact two dog.
Fate has arranged for them to be together often again, and after the boss’s successful operation of vegetables, it is bound to become more and more frequent to meet with Pi two dog.
Since the super vice president was opened as the vice president of the hotel, it has been rumored that the proprietress is interested in cultivating her to fill this vacancy.
"Brother Dog, you … still hate me?" Pi two dog treated her so coldly that Ling Yao was a little afraid that his voice trembled when he spoke to him.
"I don’t hate you. If someone doesn’t want me, I’ll find another one. It’s not like I can’t find it!" After saying this, Pi two dog blamed himself again. The heart says Niang Xipi is damned. This is to put in a good word. Why don’t you mean it when you say it? Lingyao is also in a hurry to find money for the injured mother to see a doctor. If it weren’t for her mother’s serious car accident and her urgent need for more than 100 thousand yuan for surgery, it wouldn’t have happened in the ancient temple!
"Well, you can think better!"
"Did your mother have surgery?"
"The operation was very successful!" Ling Yao saw that two dog was finally willing to talk to her, and the heart lake was once again rippled with emotion surge.
"Well, that’s good!"
"Brother Dog, I want to ask you something!" Ling Yao got up the courage and said
"What’s the matter?" Pi two dog said that if he begged me to see a village bully, there was no way.
"Lao Zhao came to be a good person and suddenly became stupid. Many doctors can’t see it well. I beg you to look at the past. Can you help Lao Zhao?" Ling Yao watched Pi two dog way
"You can ask me to show it to anyone, but the village tyrant can’t!" At some point Pi two dog’s mind will see the movement in the ancient temple. When he thinks of that scene, his skull will explode!
"Brother Dog, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. Since you don’t agree, forget it!" Lingyao’s eyes are spinning with tears.
When Yanji finished speaking, Yaner Butterfly folded back and said, "What are you talking about? Is there any problem with two dog’s five thousand pounds of anti-day dishes? "
"I haven’t picked one-third of an acre of vegetables, and I can probably collect more than three thousand kilograms. My village Liu Honglian’s family is waiting for me to talk to her!" Before changing fields, it was written in black and white that the original anti-fate dishes in Kanda were still owned by Pi two dog.
"two dog, now that the first shot in my store has started, I have to buy food from you every day. Do you have an acre of land enough?" Yanji worried looking at skin two dog way
"Boss-in-law, you can rest assured that I can make it in a week at most by planting ten acres of land today!" Pi two dog hippie straight replied.
"What will take a week? What about the day after tomorrow? At that time, I can’t come up with a vegetable eater who won’t smash my shop! " Yanji jiyan way
"The wife of shop-owner a week is the fastest speed who can grow a week long cooked vegetables? No one else is a few in our Da Nai Village! " Pi two dog said that in a few days, it would not be a kanda if he didn’t pour spirit rain on the horse! I’m the only one who can grow vegetables when the time comes.
"Oh, I’m in a hurry. Yes, it’s already outrageous that you can grow a crop in seven days! It’s a big deal to break the grain for a few days and then kill it again in a week. I believe that one day you will be able to levy the stomachs of all citizens in Tianhe! " Yanji eloquent way
"Well, that’s right. I’ll call Aunt Red-violet-"Say that finish, Pi two dog will have to boh to the hospital to make a phone call.
Liu Honglian heard that the wife of shop-owner charged her a high price for the food in Kanda, and she promised to come in one bite. "two dog, it’s very kind of you to have a business, and you haven’t forgotten that my aunt will be good to you, too! I will miss you for nothing! "
At first glance, I miss you. two dog is so scared that she hangs up. Her heart says meow. That bitch Liu Honglian is crazy?
This guy is still surprised and suddenly listens to the pounding of the courtyard door.
"Pi two dog, get out!" Before I knew what was going on, I saw Wang Matou coming in drunk and swearing.
"Uncle Ma, I didn’t offend you. Why did you scold me?" Pi two dog was depressed.
"You have an affair with my daughter-in-law!"
"Bullshit, I don’t have a hair with your daughter-in-law. Don’t tell a lie!" Pi two dog rushed Shen bian way
"Wang Du cheated on me. You talked to my daughter-in-law!"
Chapter 24 Something terrible happened
Wang Matou doesn’t ask about the indiscriminate skin. two dog’s family has gone too far to make a chicken fly a dog jump. two dog doesn’t have the spirit to directly ignore him with a drunken breath.
I never thought that Wang Matou would return the skin to two dog’s head. It became more and more exciting and began to smash the hospital
When he saw Wang Ma’s head smashing things, he directly hit Wang Ma’s head with a big fist and knocked Wang Ma’s head to the ground with a broken tooth punch.
Yanji explained before seeing two men fighting, "Eldest brother, you misunderstood two dog. I asked two dog to talk! He’s not hitting on your daughter-in-law, he’s introducing business to your family! "
It’s just that Liu Honglian’s anxious face came running and scolded Wang Matou, dragging him home.
Yanji and Lingyao stayed in the guest room of Pi two dog’s house that night.
At ten o’clock at night, Pi two dog’s thugs went out in the moonlight.
Not long after, the villagers in Da Nai Village all heard the sudden thunder and lightning and heavy rain on the other side of Baiyang Lake, but there was not a drop of rain in the village. The old people shouted strangely and felt incredible.
In the middle of the night, Pi two dog was in a deep sleep. Suddenly, he heard someone tell him to open his eyes and found that it was a female ghost Xiao Hongyin. "The owner is not good. Huang Liang, the leader of Huangwu Group, took a group of people to steal vegetables from your vegetable field!"
"Shrimp? Let me see! " Pi two dog picked up two sets of clothes, grabbed his hand and slammed out of the house. He ran to the field to see if he didn’t look at it, but his lungs were furious.
There are several black shadows in Kanda, and they are sneaking up and down, but they haven’t done anything good at first sight!
Pi two dog dropped his hand in advance and rushed forward with a gust of wind and roared, "What are you doing in my field, team leader Huang?"
Brush the hand beam and hit those vegetable thieves. When they saw their whereabouts, they panicked, oiled their soles and ran away.

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