Stay at the door
She won’t ask me
Come running
I walked through the dusk
Like the wind blowing into the distance
I will hold a lonely tree trunk in the twilight.
Hawthorn tree flashed by, Hawthorn
I’m going to sit in your flaming breasts until dawn.
Small and beautiful hawthorn breasts
Driving on the tall goddess
In the hands of serfs
Will go out at night.
Old nose oak
Caught my blue shoes.
I am jumping.
Skip the money
Skip the goose and wheat
Skip for one year
Twelve rooms, some flowers.
In one breath
Jump into another breath
I am a profound life.
I have walked many roads.
My socks are full of mistakes.
The diary is red.
It’s Red Langhan
The neck is full of forgotten names. Jump.
I’ll live when I’ve danced enough.
Silence at the top of the mountain
Silence is a cave.
Silence is a big bucket of gold in the cave.
Silence is because of love.
To bodhisattva neck
Breathe. Breathe.
We are full of hot air
Two vials.
Put together by bodhisattva
Bodhisattva is a very willing
Oriental woman

By adminq