The child lowered his head. He was almost choked just now. Fortunately, the food was soft and Yang You carefully made him very grateful. He was at a loss and said, "Thank you."
Yang You ha ha smiled. "I am the Emperor of the Sui Dynasty, and you are the people of the Sui Dynasty. I have the righteousness to let you eat and wear warm clothes. Only when the people live and work in peace and contentment can the country become prosperous and powerful and continue to develop!"
Yang You’s words made the children lost in thought. Although he didn’t understand these principles, he understood the emperor’s meaning, that is, to ask the people to eat, dress and live happily. While he was meditating, a Qinbing came to Yang You and whispered something.
"Hey hey was Xiao Xian found? But it’s too late! " Yang You got up with a smile. He glanced at the boy and took a few steps towards the side, telling QinBing to "bring him to see me".
"hey!" QinBing answer turned and hurried past.
Yang You was pacing on a piece of flat ground, and Xiao Xian sent someone to Zhijiang to make Dongping Wang Xiao Yue strictly guard against Sui Jun’s eastward entry. What news has he got, but the news is incomplete, or Xiao Xian will call the army to defend Jiangling at the moment.
Yang You wondered if the Xiao Xian channel was too ostentatious in Zhijiang. Suddenly, Yang You remembered that Yang Daosheng, the king of Song Dynasty, jumped off a warship during the Yiling War. At that time, the mountains on both sides of the Yangtze River were unable to easily judge whether he was alive or dead. Is it true that Yang Daosheng returned to Jiangling?
It’s almost the same when calculating. Maybe it’s possible.
When Yang You was thinking about it, the children looked at Yang You silently in the distance, and his eyes looked complicated. With half a bowl of rice belly, he had a little spirit. He gently touched Yang You and put on his soft clothes, and his heart was mixed.
A hurried pace interrupted Yang You’s thinking. Looking back, he saw several soldiers escorting an eunuch. He was white and bloodless and trembling.
The eunuch was sent by Xiao Xian to send a message to Xiao Yue, the king of Dongping. He took Xiao Liangjun’s clipper and made rapid progress towards Zhijiang. Unexpectedly, he was captured as Xiao Liangjun’s Sui Jun warship only after leaving Jiangling City for more than twenty miles.
Eunuch is a clever man. He went to Yang You’s side and burst on his knees and said, "Please forgive me!"
"Why don’t you tell me how Xiao Xian got the news from me?" Yang You asked.
"Pursuit today is not a thief. Xiao Xian also won a great victory in Yiling, Yang Daosheng this morning. He is going to send troops to support Yiling to attack Bashu." The eunuch seems to know the situation very well. He said that today’s situation is hard to win the favor of the big Sui emperor and thus escape this robbery.
"When the meeting was about to decide to attack Badong County and take Bashu in one fell swoop, Yang Daosheng came to tell Xiao Xian about the defeat of Yiling County. Xiao Xian frightened the handmaiden to rush to Zhijiang and asked Xiao Yue, the king of Dongping, to hold Zhijiang to prevent the south!"
"But Dong Jingzhen called people to prepare to defend Jiangling!" The eunuch said, his eyes flashing, "If the handmaiden says that everything is true, just think of it as a handmaiden and let it go at will!"
Although the eunuch betrayed the news easily for fear of death, his words made Yang You laugh. He asked, "How did Yang Daosheng return to Jiangling? Did you know what happened?"
The eunuch shook his head and said, "Xiao Xian will be arrested immediately after hearing that Yang Daosheng was defeated. How did he escape? I’m afraid only the court officials know that the handmaiden doesn’t know!" Said and bowed their heads and kowtowed.
Yang You paced with his hands behind his back. He knew that although Xiao Xian was unprepared or unprepared, there was a water army in Jiangling. I’m afraid there was no threat. He still needed to paralyze Xiao Xian. He took out a letter from his arms.
This is when Zhijiang was stationed. He asked Du Ruhui to write and imitate the handwriting of Xiao Yue, the king of Dongping. The face was covered with Dongping Wang’s printing. It was absolutely true. He handed the letter to the eunuch and said, "You take this letter to Xiao Xian."
The eunuch turned pale and he shook his head quickly. "If I go back, I’m afraid I’ll be killed by Xiao Xian. Let the handmaiden stay with you to wait on you!"
Yang You shook his head, the eunuch character, which he didn’t like very much, and he was good at flattery. He didn’t like such a person. "Wait another half an hour and send him back to Jiangling!" Du Ruhui aside promised the soldiers to take the eunuch.
Yang You looked at Du Ruhui puzzled and laughed. "I like to see Xiao Xian feel from heaven to hell."
Du Ruhui shook his head and sometimes said some strange things that made people unpredictable.
"Du Aiqing goes to eat!" Yang You said and went back.
At this time, the children were sitting on the soft pier and saw Yang You come and lowered his head. It seemed that he was very scared. After Yang You sat down, Qinbing brought food, including a bowl of rice, a few dishes, two meat dishes, a vegetarian dish and a soup dish. This is the standard meal of the Sui army. In addition, there is an extra soup with ginger in it.
"You drink soup first to drive away the cold!" Yang You said that although the weather is not cold at this time, children are cold all over. It is good to drink some ginger soup.
The child nodded and slowly picked up the ginger soup. After drinking it carefully for a while, Yang You, Du Ruhui and Hou Junzheng were eating a meal. He secretly glanced at them and found that their meals were the same, and so were ordinary soldiers.
The curiosity in his eyes deepened when Yang You looked up and he quickly lowered his head and began to eat.
"Why isn’t it delicious?" Yang You is a little strange.
"It’s not very delicious. I’ve never tasted so delicious," said the child.
"Then eat more for a while and I will take you to a crowded place with my boat. You can make a suit!" Yang You talked about these children, and he saw that he could save one.
Chapter 263 Family affairs and state affairs
Pacing in Xiao Xian Palace, even at the meeting, he has formulated corresponding countermeasures, but he can hardly breathe in the face of great pressure
It’s already noon, and he hasn’t had a meal yet. The eunuch came to ask twice, but when he saw the worried look on his face, he was afraid to ask again for fear. Excuse me, but Xiao Xian paced for half a ring. He couldn’t figure out why Sui Jun was not in the middle of the army, but the uproar attracted people’s attention, but the final goal was Jiangling.
At this time, he remembered the family uncle Xiao Yu. At the thought of Xiao Yu actually helping outsiders abandon the name and honor of Jiangling Xiao’s family, he hated his teeth itch and thoughtfully. After that, he called a confidant eunuch and ordered, "You told Xiao Chen to let him take the man into the palace."
Eunuch one leng Xiao Xian waved and said, "Go quickly. He knows who it is."
Xiao Xian’s face made eunuchs afraid to ask him to leave the palace in a hurry and ride a horse street. Mercedes-Benz knocked over several people all the way without stopping. Finally, he arrived at Xiao’s horse after a wick of incense. Without stopping, he quickly jumped up, stumbled and almost fell down. He quickly held his palm on the ground and raised his hand. His palm was worn out and his blood cap was tilted, which made him look very embarrassed.
He got up and straightened his hat and ran two steps. The hoop hit the gate and poked his head out to see that it was the eunuch in the palace who hurriedly opened the gate and said, "Please come inside!"
Eunuch hastily asked, "Is it possible to assist the Lord protector?"

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