Suddenly I came to Yuewei, the duke’s mansion, and parked my car in a hidden place and said, "I can take you here. You …"
When she looked back, she sat in the back. Tianyang didn’t know when it had disappeared.
Yue Wei paused for a second or two before continuing to drive into the parking lot of the castellan’s mansion. When she got off the bus and came to the office, she just saw Lin Zhengnan and Wei Qingning Li Junwei coming out.
I don’t know what Wei Qingning told Lin Zhengnan. The duke smiled and saw Yue Wei saying, "I’ll go with Wei Lao and them. Please help me make a pot of tea and come back later. I want to drink it with Wei Lao and them."
"Good Lord" Yue Wei smiles and nods her expression as usual.
After seeing the three people leave, Yue Wei walked quickly to Yang. In the duke’s office, she found a remote control in a cupboard and pressed it in several directions to suspend the monitoring equipment in the office.
Then she went to a cupboard and pushed Lin Zhengnan’s seat from the penultimate place in the second row, and then the ground shrank in to reveal a dark gap.
"The original secret room surface"
Suddenly, the sound startled Yue Wei. She looked back and saw that Tianyang appeared behind her. At this time, he was already wearing a suit of Gu Zhuo samurai armor and looking into the entrance of the Secret Room.
After a pause, Yue Wei nodded, "You wait a moment, I’ll suspend the noodle machine first."
She squatted down to type something into a panel and a screen next to her, and soon the lights in the secret room came on.
"all right"
The female secret got up quickly again, and Tianyang was behind her.
I came to the secret room, and Tianyang found that there were well-ventilated display cases, and Yue Wei quickly walked towards one of them, but one of them would beat’ Yi’.
"That bottle is gone!"
Chapter 993 Alienation from relatives and friends
When I heard that the bottle didn’t see the sun and the panic, I still said calmly, "Look at its place."
Yue Wei immediately connected to the locker and even hit a safe, but there was no "stealing the bottle" in it
Tianyang unknowingly stole his father’s power. If he is Lin Zhengnan, he must carefully collect it and put it back in its original place.
Yue Wei suddenly had no idea to look at Tianyang. "What now?"
"No …"
Tianyang indifferently said, "You do this …"
A moment later, the harsh alarm rang in the duke’s office. Yue Wei was making tea in the tea when she heard the alarm. Before she came to the office, Lin Zhengnan had rushed back, followed by Wei Qingning and Li Junwei.
"What’s the matter?" Lin Zhengnan drink to ask
Yue Wei turned pale and said, "I didn’t know I was making tea …"
Lin Zhengnan didn’t doubt that when pushing the office door, Yue Wei first dropped the alarm. He walked forward and immediately saw the entrance to the secret room open.
Lin Zhengnan’s facial expression changed and immediately entered the secret room and came to see the cabinet here. Many objects in his collection fell all over the floor, and even the safe was violently demolished.
Wei Qingning several people followed to see this scene of confusion over by others without taking a deep breath.
"This is the duke …" Yue EU looked around and couldn’t help covering her mouth.
Lin Zhengnan sneered and waved and said, "You go out first."
Wei Qingning and Li Junwei exchanged glances and walked out of the Secret Room with Yue Wei and others. Only after Lin Zhengnan went to a corner did he raise his hand and press the palm of his hand on the wall. When there was an energy overflow buzz on the wall, he followed the wall next to it and there was actually a safe inside.
Lin Zhengnan will hit such a big safe that there is a small bottle with golden lines in it.
Steal the bottle!
He took out the stolen bottle and sneered at it. When he was about to put it in his body, he suddenly saw that the stolen bottle was no longer in his hand.
Lin Zhengnan suddenly looked to one side and his eyes fell on a figure wearing a suit of Gu Zhuo samurai armor and a mask of evil spirits. He was holding the "stealing the bottle"!
Lin Zhengnan breath a mouthful of air conditioning "are you a monster army commander? How did you do this? "
The other person’s face disappeared with a mask of evil spirits. Lin Zhengnan saw his face and body shocked. "It’s you Su Lieer!"
Tianyang gave him a faint look. "There are two ways to return the power stolen by this thing."
"One is to steal the vase and change hands, but it’s not easy to change hands. It needs a messenger to’ sell’ it to me willingly. I guess you won’t sell it to me."
"All the second case can get back the power you stole …"
Lin Zhengnan’s face changed and he shouted, "Stop it!"
Star aggregates poured out of his body and dyed latosolic red in the secret room. One unreal pillar after another rose from the ground, and the temperature in the secret room rose at an alarming rate.
At this time, Tianyang will gently throw up the bottle.
Lin Zhengnan suddenly rushed out of the stealing bottle.
Go, he raised his arm, and the palm of his hand spread out and caught the golden bottle.
But then there was thunder in the secret room.
A flash of dark lightning twined together to form a thunderstorm almost instantly submerged the stealing bottle.
Lin Zhengnan stopped and didn’t dare to go forward. The bottle was only a stone’s throw away, but he could watch the bottle disappear in the black storm.
After the black storm, there was a dark trace left in the secret room, but where was the bottle stolen?
Lin Zhengnan found that the illusory pillar of fire was fading around, and it fell into the air again.
He’ 10 trillion scorched earth’ digested his stolen weather and disappeared.
"No, it shouldn’t be like this!"
Lin Zhengnan growled, "You can’t take my things!"
"Your stuff?"
Tianyang sneered. "That never belonged to you!"
"I! It’s me It’s all me! "
Lin Zhengnan’s eyes were bloodshot, his pupils dilated, and he shouted angrily, "Wei Qingning Li Junwei killed him for me! Kill him! "
He shouted several times in a row, but there was no response outside the secret room. This is impossible. Wei Qingning and Li Junwei are strong in rank 6, let alone outside the secret room, even outside the office.
Lin Zhengnan looked at the entrance in disbelief. "Why don’t Wei Qingning and Li Junwei come? Are you going to betray me?"
Wei Qingning sighed outside the Secret Room. "Lin Zhengnan, I told you not to do this, but you are bent on it. We can’t watch you push the Chizhou Fort into the fire pit."
"Wei Qingning, you are bold!"
Lin Zhengnan roared, "Li Junwei gave me Wei Qingning, an old man who dared not take me seriously!"
Li Junwei’s deep voice rang. "Cheng … Lin Zhengnan, Wei Lao, is also thinking about whether it should be him or not."
Lin Zhengnan was shocked and roared, "Li Junwei, you even betrayed me. Yue Wei Yue Ma informed Cao Hu to let him transfer the remaining troops."
"Yue Wei!"
"Yue Wei?"
"Yue EU! !”
Lin Zhengnan’s facial expression changed several times and finally turned white. Even his own personal secret betrayed him.
"Well, you all betrayed me, and I’ll settle accounts with you after I kill this little guy!"

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