Xiaoqing also nodded. "Yes, even we can drink. I can drink two bottles at a time!" "
"I can drink five bottles!" Xiaoxiang got up and announced proudly.
Next to Xiaoqing, she looked away. "You can drink, but you must wet the bed that night after drinking."
Xiaoxiang cried, and the boy’s face turned red.
The two brothers and sisters finally arrived at the Harvest Castle and the Twilight Castle with laughter. The management of the different Harvest Castle seems to be very loose for outsiders. Not only the important figures of the Ruby Chamber of Commerce have to enter the fortress, but even the caravan, including the guards, can also enter.
Did Tumoshan think it was too much trouble to enter and leave this procedure, or did he let others stay outside the fort, so the bumper harvest fort set aside a piece of land for the caravan to facilitate their stationing.
After settling down the caravan, more than 20 people from the first chamber of commerce in Tumoshan entered the fortress on seven magnetic energy vehicles.
Crossing the towering city wall, the day after tomorrow, the sun saw that the road of Fengshoubao was very spacious, and five or six magnetic energy vehicles could walk side by side. Tall trees were planted on both sides of the road, leaving a shade on the roadside.
The buildings on both sides of the road are not high, and the highest is only four or five stories. The buildings here are mostly wooden structures, and the roofs are almost herringbone structures.
Zhang Rui explained that there is more rain here, and the herringbone roof is more conducive to drainage.
Because of the heavy rain, the drainage system of the fort is very developed. They dig out water with a height of about 30 meters to ensure that the city will not be flooded by rain in rainy season.
As Zhang Rui said, when they passed a commercial street, Tianyang saw that there were many shops selling fruit, and many stalls had so many fruits that they were casually packed in bamboo baskets.
People eat at will.
Zhang Rui looked out of the window frowning and didn’t know what was strange.
The sun looked at him, and the owner of the Ruixiang caravan pointed around and said, "If it was this time in previous years, the Harvest Castle should be ready for the celebration, but now there is no atmosphere here."
Xiaoxiang also said, "And they are too quiet. No one shouts or talks."
Being awakened by the boy, Tianyang really found that passers-by were in a hurry, and everyone was serious and silent. Even if they spoke, they lowered their voices on the road and couldn’t hear it except the wind of the car.
It’s a little weird
However, Tianyang can’t be at ease. For him, the Harvest Castle is a good place to participate in the celebration and feel the atmosphere.
If he can’t, he doesn’t feel any pity.
By the time the magnetic energy car stops, they have arrived at a hotel. Although it is low, the hotel has a large building area, and there is even a parking lot that can accommodate forty or fifty magnetic energy cars.
When I walked into the hotel gate, I smelled a strong fruity smell, and there were seven plates of fruit on the reception desk next to it.
At this time, Tumoshan laughed and walked towards an old man with white clothes and trousers. "We haven’t seen each other for a year, haven’t we, Laobai?"
Zhang Rui smiled and explained to Tianyang, "That’s the hotel owner’s surname Bai. We all call him Bai Torre or Bai Bai, and some people call him Bai Laotou."
"Every time we come to Harvest Castle, we will stay in his hotel. After a long time, everyone will become friends."
Tianyang Oh, it can be seen that the face of the old man surnamed Bai is somewhat joyful. Instead, he smiled and shook his head and said, "Mr. Tu, be gentle."
It seems that their friend is not very enthusiastic.
Tu Moshan felt strange since he entered the city. He was very enthusiastic before he met him. Today, the old man suddenly seemed a little cold and surprised. "What happened to Bai Lao?"
"It’s a long story. Why don’t you go into the house first? I’ll visit later." The old man called the hotel staff. It seemed that he had prepared for it early in the morning and quickly assigned the key to each room.
Tianyang and his father have no attitude towards the hotel owner. They took the key and went to their room.
The rooms here are more spacious than twilight castle, and there are many wooden houses. Even if it is hot outside, I don’t think the temperature is too high in the room.
On a long wooden table that entered the door, there were three plates of fruits in various colors, large and small, and there were many days when the sun couldn’t name them.
He gave his father a quick laugh and bit his mouth with a black and blue fruit. He felt that the peel was very thin and the fruit inside was tender, juicy, sweet and sour.
"delicious! Dad, don’t you try? "
Su Lie said crossly, "Didn’t your mother teach you to wash your hands before eating?"
Then he washed his hands and went in.
Tianyang hey hey smiled and threw one to Xingluo, who also needed various nutritional supplements. Xingluo took the fruit and ate it gracefully.
Tianyang grabbed a round fruit with thick skin and walked to the room while peeling it. There are four rooms in this room, each as big as the bedroom of Tianyang’s front apartment.
It’s enough for them to live. After a rest, they knock.
The door rang, and it was Zhang Ruilai who went to the door.
"How about the sunny day? I will say that there is fruit to send. Have you tasted it?"
Tianyang nodded, "I tasted some really good."
Zhang Rui nodded and sighed again. "It seems that our bumper harvest fort is in vain."
Su Lie, who had washed his hands and was eating fruit, casually asked, "Is something wrong?"
Zhang Rui sat down and shook his head. "It’s nothing serious, but just now Dad Bai went to see Mr. Tu and said that the celebration will not be held this year."
Tianyang wonders, "What?"
"It is said that the old duke changed his faith this year. First, the church of natural gods set up a bumper harvest castle parish to ban it …"
Tianyang leng
The church of God of Nature is one of the great churches that stand in four pillars with the white ivory tower, the God of War and the goddess of glory.
It is not surprising that Fengshoubao sits on fertile land and increases production and income every year. It used to believe in the God of Nature, but now they have driven away the four major churches, the God of Nature.
This is strange.
Su Lie also paused. "Did I hear you right? Did they ban the natural religion area?"
"It’s not that I found it incredible when I heard it. The natural gods church has made great contributions to the field of planting. Their planting technology is the most advanced in the world."
"Although the geographical environment of Fengshoubao is unique, it is difficult to develop to this scale without the technical support of the Church of Natural Gods."
"It’s ridiculous to kick somebody else with one foot now."
Tianyang said thoughtfully, "Their old Lord may be sick here."
He nodded his head.
Zhang Rui gave a wry smile. "We don’t know if it’s sick or not, but Mr. Bai told Mr. Tu that the old city owner had banned the division of natural gods, and then he issued a decree saying that the four major churches and other sects should not be believed in the harvest fort."

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