Godsworn practice goes against the sky.
How can you succeed without going through hardships?
How can you see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain?
Sun Hao walked step by step until now, or he himself experienced a difficult road repair with the old fisherman bodhi old zu.
Endure immortality
Only when you are immortal can you have a chance to face difficulties and endure them tenaciously.
Maybe this is monasticism
Sun Haoting stood on a huge rock and looked into the distance. His clothes were blown by the lake wind, and his hands and eyes were gradually strengthened.
What do you need for monasticism?
What is the heart of Tao?
What does it take to cultivate immortality?
Sun Hao’s heart gradually turned white.
Monks need persistence and patience.
Only those who persist can struggle in the storm of fate.
Since you expect a brilliant and great life, you should start from today with unshakable determination and firm belief to create your own path with your own wisdom and perseverance.
Only the patient can finally bear sweet and delicious fruit.
Silkworms endure cocoon bondage and silently accumulate strength to leave their flying dreams to the sky; The clam endured the pain of grinding sand and blood, leaving pure pearls to the sky because they were white. Patience for a while paved the way for brilliant dreams and the strongest support for the future.
Patience makes life not unbearable
Old fellow like me wore a worn-out coat, and his belly was full of food, so that he could cover the cold.
Someone scolded old fellow like me and old fellow like me for saying yes; Someone beat old fellow like me old fellow like me and fell asleep.
Let it dry, and I’ll save my energy, and he’ll be upset.
So paramita is a wonderful treasure. If you know this news, you can’t worry.
People are weak, people are not weak, people are poor, people are not poor, and they are bent on practicing the common way and doing things in a middle way.
It is often difficult to cultivate immortality.
The greater the power, the more rugged the road may be.
Behind Sun Hao, Ji Ruxue silently came to accompany Sun Hao to look at the secluded Leng Yue.
Sun Hao stood tall for a long time and whispered to Ji Ruxue, "Thank you for being like snow. Thank you and Xiaoqing for accompanying me all the way through my most difficult period."
Ji Ruxue’s face is bright and the moonlight is cold and noble, but the sound is full of tenderness. "You don’t say thank you to me. You appear in my life to thank me as best as snow. Meeting a hill seems to be a fate and regret for life."
Corleone gently hugged Ji Ruxue, and two people stood side by side with huge stones overlooking the night moonlight and dragged out two long figures.
After half a ring, Ji Ruxue said softly, "I found a fairy pear seedling in the mouth of the hill. Let’s transplant it to the lake together. Maybe we can eat fairy pears in the past few years."
Corleone smiled brightly and said, "Well, otherwise, we’ll ask Xiaoqing to start transplanting, but we’re not allowed to move. What do you say?"
Before the words were finished, Xiaoqing came from the side. "Good, good, let’s start transplanting pear trees together. Sister Xueer, you finally remembered Xiaoqing."
Corleone and Ji Ruxue smiled at each other.
If it weren’t for knowing Xiaoqing, she would hide from the boulder and eavesdrop on Sun Haocai. She wouldn’t talk about letting her participate in transplanting together.
There is no moving spirit or moving tools.
Sun Hao gently planed the soil around Xianlishu with his hands.
Ji Ruxue carefully pulled the fairy pear tree out of the soil layer. Xiaoqing quickly put some wet soil in her pocket and said, "Come here, Sister Xueer."
Sun Hao dug a moderate pit by the lake again. Ji Ruxue filled some materials that were beneficial to the growth of Lingzhi. Xiaoqing carefully put the seedlings in.
Tamp the soil carefully and gently straighten out the seedling branches.
Transplanting completed
Look at this slightly depressed seedling, Xiaoqing put her hands together and said softly, "Small pear tree, small pear tree, you must insist on growing up quickly. Xiaoqing is waiting to eat fairy pears."
Ji Ruxue also said softly, "Little Fairy Pear, you have witnessed a love story, but you have to thrive!"
Sun Hao felt faint and warm in his heart, squatting next to the small seedlings and whispered, "No matter how hard the environment is, no matter how shaky the wind and rain are, you should remember to endure immortality, so that you can bear rich fruits …"
As if I understood Sun Hao’s words, a pear tree seedling that was not particularly prominent suddenly seemed to have a lot of spirit. Not many branches trembled slightly as if responding to Sun Hao.
Xiaoqing jumped up and said, "Ah, it’s amazing, it’s amazing that our little pear baby is amazing. It seems that I understand the hill words. Let me introduce you to this is your handsome SHEN WOO hill dad. This is your beautiful and generous as snow fairy Eminem. I am your lovely enemy girl Xiaoqing Eminem …"
Not far away, I heard Xiaoqing’s sound, and Ji Wei Liu and Ji Wei Kou looked up curiously.
Friends, please read the latest chapter carefully.
Endure immortality
Bo Yao has experienced many twists and turns since he wrote the Nine Refinements. For example, 90,000 words were overhauled before the shelf, and 20,000 words were cut off, which is actually 110,000 words for the public.
For example, once some old readers gradually left.
After the soaring, some readers struggled to leave because they couldn’t stand the soaring.
For example, although Bo Yao is very careful to take care of as many friends’ reading experiences as possible, some friends still have objections.
It is not easy for Jiulian to reach 40,000 words today.

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