Scared by Dr. Campana’s explosive emotions, I nodded with wait for a while.
"Be a good girl, don’t get excited, be a good girl." Thunderstorm’s kind words calmed Dr. Campana’s mood
"Er, I’m sorry." When he calmed down, he realized that he was rude and immediately let go and stepped back two steps, and his face turned red with embarrassment.
"Well, well …" Dr. Campana turned to a topic and asked, "Did you find the structural drawing when you went to the robot factory? 」
"There is no structural map there, but our library found it." Yaori handed the structural map to Dr. Campana.
"Galala stole the library," said Bao Lei honestly.
"Steal? The word "Dr. Kang Pana was startled.
"Thunderstorm, it’s wrong," I hurriedly smile apologetically. "It’s" borrowing "that’s right. We borrowed it from the library! 」
When I heard that I corrected it, the storm also saw the wind turn and echoed, "Ga la la la, the storm said it was wrong to borrow it, but we borrowed it!" 」
"The original structure Tu Tu pavilion? I’ve been in its factory. "
Dr. Campana nodded and smiled at us after checking the structural map to make sure that it was really an AR structural map.
Please bring that robot here. I want to check its condition.
According to the doctor’s words, we immediately moved to the abandoned field of A-Guang Institute. When we saw A-Guang, he had already spoken, and found that the situation was critical. We immediately made the moving spell bring A-Guang to the doctor.
After carefully examining A-guang’s damage, Dr. Campana looked at us with a look of reluctance.
"Repairing materials are generally available, but one thing … may not be found now."
"ah? Lack of materials again? "This matter can be solved smoothly, but I didn’t expect that there was still trouble waiting.
"To restore A-Guang’s memory area, we need something called phosphorus liquid," Dr. Kangpana pointed to a page from the cabinet and said to us, "The phosphorus liquid should be obtained from the moon phosphorus worm."
There is a photo of the moon phosphorus worm, which looks like a snail. The only difference is that the worm has five luminous tentacles on its head, like wearing a small crown.
"What repair a-guang to bug? "I don’t understand the question." Aren’t they all lubricants, energy and chips? 」
"Didn’t this robot tell you? For our question, Dr. Campana’s face showed an unexpected look. "AR robot is really a semi-biological thing. Although its livelihood is energy, it is not correct to say that it is the body fluid of Lepidoptera. Although it takes out the liquid from Lepidoptera, these liquids are really alive …"
"Live? Really? "I accidentally called out this statement is really exaggerated!
"It’s incredible that the real phosphorus liquid can still move freely after being taken out of the worm," Dr. Kangpana said like a story. "It was said by predecessors that phosphorus liquid has the functions of thinking and judging, so they can operate the robot. They also called phosphorus liquid" soul water ". The emotional reaction of robots is because phosphorus liquid gives them souls. "
That’s crazy. Did I just hear some kind of supernatural story? I can stay in wait for a while for the doctor’s explanation. Listen.
"I heard that at that time, there were people who studied phosphorus liquid in particular, hoping to solve its mystery, but they couldn’t solve it in the end."
"Since phosphorus liquid is an important thing for robots to survive, traders selling energy or robot parts should sell it." Yao Ri asked him a question. "Why can’t you say you can’t find it? 」
"It’s difficult to obtain phosphorus liquid, but it’s very rare. The robot factory can manufacture robot AR in large quantities, and the models no longer use it."
"Did you say where to find this bug? "Remote day further inquired.
"No."Dr. Campana smiled bitterly at us.
"Why is it another puzzle to find something?" I sighed.
"What a mystery! What a mystery!" thundered and echoed the meaning without words
"If there is no phosphorus solution, even if I repair the robot, its memory will not be restored." Dr. Campana said the importance of the matter. "If you can find the moon phosphorus worm, please bring it here in five days."
"Five days? Isn’t this too soon? Can’t it be longer? "I said bargaining.
"Dr. Galala needs to be a little longer," said Bao Lei.
"I didn’t mean to make things difficult for you," Dr. Campana explained with a sad face. "When I first checked, I found that the robot could last for another five days, and it would become scrap metal after more than five days."
After hearing this reply, Yao Ri and I can accept it.
After saying goodbye to Dr. Campana, I went back to the city square with Yaori. Although I want to go to the library to find data again, I think Pride should find that the structural map is missing, right? If we run back again, won’t we just jump into the fire pit ourselves?
"If you don’t go to the library, maybe you can ask its players or NPC to see if they have any clues," Yao Ri suggested.
Right! There’s another place to go! Remote Japanese dialect reminds me of another good place.
"Let’s go here! 」
I took out the badge given by the excellent merchants’ chamber of commerce and laughed when I saw it from afar.
The scene in front of us was changed when the badge was tapped at the center.

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