"Miss, never!"
The half-step master elder looked urgent. "You … you can’t start work."
"It’s good to hinder Sanbo to retreat. I have my own discretion." The female master light way
The old man nodded his head. He knew that the young lady had decided that people couldn’t come back.
Then the female guru flew to the center of the lake. At this moment, it was late at night, and the veil of the lake was misty and uncertain, like a fairyland.
The female guru is barefoot and light, and the clouds look so sacred.
"The amount is really amazing."
Liu Yu witnessed that the female guru also had the ability to stand on her own feet and was shocked at that time.
However, this method is not so difficult to do well. If you have strong spiritual strength, you can tread on your feet.
"Male … also hope you …" The old man hurriedly to Liu Yu hurried way
"I know"
Liu Yu interrupted him and flew to the center of the misty lake.
The old man’s nose is crooked with anger, you know? What the hell do you know?
Do I ask you to be merciful?
Alas ….. I hope miss don’t move too much or it will hurt her so much.
The old man took advantage of his face to call the password.
"Brush ~ ~ ~ ~" Willow hidden killer jumped to a few.
A total of three men in black are like night guards in jinyi, and their department kneels down on one knee and stays still, as cold-blooded as dead steel.
Judging from their body and breath, they are all Jin Dao fighters. One of them has reached the peak, but he has not touched the threshold of the master.
"You go back to the imperial city to warn the master that the four islands war day can be officially launched and … don’t let Zhao Yuying know less." The old man frowned at the three men and warned.
Although he has been calling the female guru do miss, this is also in front of outsiders, and among the important members of the family, they all know the truth
The truth is that the whole Zhao family will flourish in the future.
The female grandmaster is the real ancestor of Zhao’ s founder in the imperial city, because she has lived … one hundred years old.
It’s Zhao Yuying who is talented and intelligent, and may become the second person to set foot on the peak of the master in the future, otherwise she can’t become a young lady’s brother.
Three people away.
If let Liu Yu know this scene, I guess the mood must be very wonderful.
"Liu Yu? This person’s name does look familiar … "
the other side
The water surface of Qingling Lake exploded with a shocking water column.
The two men have already fought Liu Yu. As soon as he moved forward, the Vietnam War became fiercer and fiercer. A pair of jade hands condensed golden brilliance, which was the craziest battle he had ever fought when he entered the Tao.
He tried his best to break out like a giant pillar.
Sometimes a huge psychic force is condensed, and the palm of your hand is bigger than that of the female guru.
However, the female guru is not an ordinary generation. She gives birth to a lotus flower on the soles of her feet, which seems to be so calm.
Moreover, her technique seems to be slow and beautiful, but it hides great dangers, and she almost forced Liu Yu into the game several times.
"Haha, refreshing"
Liu Yu led the sky to scream in the face of such a strong opponent. He was crazy for the first time and wanted to fight him for three days and three nights.
"Wan Hua Ji!"
Qingling Lake has always been passive, and the female guru is finally moving the real guru. If it is land, I’m afraid it will be ruined.
At this time, a huge refining rose from behind the female master, which was very immortal.
The giant ship duel is close to the end. This year, Nanling City ranks first in the past, and many stolen sites have now returned to strength and won back.
At the moment, they heard fighting outside, and many people came out on deck to watch the battle.
"Oh, my God, that’s the female guru in the clouds."
Some people were shocked, although it was dark, but with the help of the moonlight, silver light and sparkling lake, they could still clearly see the wonderful battle on the lake, which was touching.
Wei ye and the new brother also came out, and many people immediately withdrew their best positions.
Today, Wei Ye and his family finally turned over and had to drag some.
"Holy shit, isn’t that Master Liu?"
Brother Pi cried out in shock when he saw it, and then everyone on the deck was stunned.
Master Liu? Is it the master mentioned in the night autumn ring?’
Lying in the trough is really young.’
Liu Yu stood on the water and hunted in the wind.
The most incredible thing is that he looks like an ancient emperor in ancient costume!
"Is this Master Liu a real person in Gu Wu?"
Many experts saw him dressed like this, and someone immediately speculated.
That set of ancient costumes is perfect. It looks like a battle suit, but when you meditate, it looks like a Confucian costume. It makes him more aura.

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