The younger brothers suddenly remembered that the sword was forged, and they really gained a lot of meritorious deeds. Look at me and I will see that you finally nodded. "Well, brother, we won’t fight then."
Sword forging looks at the outside of the large array and sighs "I hope you won’t be too disappointed then."
He looks glamorous, but actually he doesn’t have much meritorious service. When the truth comes out, it will definitely disappoint people, but it is better to let the younger brothers die with Li Min and others.
The last day of the team battle is coming.
Sun Hao kept his promise and entered the outside of Wan Jianzong. He came to the front of Wan Jianzong’s flag-protecting array with a smile and said, "Brother Baiforging has come to get the battle flag."
Wan Jian’s sword in the large array suddenly opened his eyes as bright as stars.
The younger brothers also opened their eyes and looked at the sword forging.
Jian Baiduan looked at Sun Haoliang for a long time and asked, "Can agarwood Baiduan trust you?"
Corleone smiled slightly and said slowly, "Faith is whether we can believe in agarwood or not."
The sword was forged slightly, and then the wrist was shaken to pull up the flag of the agarwood array and the flag of the Millennium Valley, and the hand waved the flags on both sides and flew to Sun Hao.
Sun Hao hands a recruit two flags fall into the hands.
Sun Hao turned to go with the banner shouldered.
Jian Baiduan Yang said, "Aquilaria, I know that your fighting power is extraordinary. Nowadays, in the great war, I hope that Aquilaria can help Wan Jian and ask for a second to protect my younger brother’s life."
Sun Hao turned his back on the sword and forged his body slightly and said, "Aquilaria knows."
After a pause, Sun Hao said, "Brother Wan Jian’s array can support half a day without breaking. If you trust Aquilaria sinensis, you will come to help defend and protect the flag of Wan Jian."
Sword hundred forging eyes lit up and laughed. "Come to agarwood, even though you come to my sword hundred forging, it’s a temperament middleman, hahaha, I believe you."
Sun Hao was surprised that the sword was forged so easily.
Actually, I threw out the Qingyun banner and the Qianqi banner generously.
In this way, Sun Hao’s angle of dealing with problems will have to be slightly adjusted.
Real Sun Hao hopes that the sword can be broken, so Sun Hao has reason to target Wan Jianzong.
However, the sword forging was so generous and low-profile that Sun Hao helped Wan Jianzong through the difficulties.
Sun Hao, a real person who is in the golden elixir, is determined and has his own unshakable goal.
But at the same time, Sun Hao also has his own principles of being in the world and his own standards of adhering to morality.
Since the sword is forged and frank, and the whole strategy can be changed with you.
The last day is coming.
Qingyun Gate loses its mobility if it dares to set up a battle flag.
The real test will be then.
Sun Hao emerged from the ground carrying two banners in the temporary compound of Qingyun Gate.
"Xiao Hao!" Yunyew’s eyes lit up
All monks in Qingyun Gate are refreshed.
Sun Hao actually came back with two banners.
Especially the Chinese side or the banner of Qingyun Gate Array.
If you can find a way to keep two flags for one day.
Then Qingyun Gate can rank second even if it gets less meritorious military service.
If anything happens to Wan Jianzong, maybe Qingyun Gate can directly rank first.
This achievement is unprecedented in Qingyun Gate history.
Of course, I am excited, and everyone’s heart is also getting up.
Guiyi, Huangdaomen and Baihuamen will not let Qingyun Gate go, and even Qitianzong is likely to fall into trouble.
It’s even very difficult to persist for a day.
Holding the flag but not putting it up.
Sun Hao smiled and said slowly, "We have two choices. One is to do our best to keep the two flags. If we can hold on to ten, we can get the first place in the team battle." Second, we cooperate with Wan Jianzong, and the result is naturally that Wan Jianzong is the first and we are the second in Qingyun Gate … "
First, it’s tempting.
But since Sun Hao is careful to make two choices, it naturally makes sense
A brief silence in a large array
I don’t know to Daewoo, but I know that my master even had a choice, but it’s just asking for a lot of opinions. Does he naturally follow the pace of Master?
Yunyekou asked, "Is there a difference in China?"
Sun Hao slowly said, "If you choose the first method, agarwood has to do its best to fight the first world war, but whether it can be held in the end is really two words;" The second word, agarwood can hide some means to facilitate the next qualifying battle … "
Cloud yew show eyebrows slightly wrinkled without comment.
XuanYuanGong confused eyes said softly, "I think the second way is better."
Chen Yifan hesitated but didn’t speak in the end.
Yunyew looks at XuanYuanHong and then at Sun Hao.
Sun Hao said with a smile, "I also think the second way is better."
Yunyew shrugged. "It’s up to you, but I hope Wan Jianzong is trustworthy."
Chapter seven hundred and nine Daewoo heavenly sword
Mists rose near the flag of Wan Jian, layer after layer.
Holding high the flag is looming in the fog.
Jian Bai Forging looked at the dense fog, and my heart felt a little confused. It felt like the law was starting again. Outside the law of Wan Jian’s battle flag, there was Sun Haosun’s agarwood array, and now it’s starting again.
Doubt Sun Haosun Chenxiang appeared again on the periphery of the large array of Wan Jian battle flags. He smiled indifferently. "Brother Baiforging Chenxiang suggested that you and I share the difficulties together."
Jian Baiduan looked at the thick fog rising in the periphery and said quickly, "What can I do for Haoshenxiang?"
Sun Hao nodded. "Then I’m welcome. First of all, Chen Xiang hopes that all Taoist friends of Wan Jianzong will join the Qingyun War and be under the unified command of my brother. Second, agarwood thinks that we can put bursts of external arrays on the main battlefield, relying on the battle array method, Brother Baiforging and I will use the raid method to contain the enemy … "
Jian Baiduan thought a little and asked his younger brothers around him, "What do you think?"
The younger brothers said, "But it’s up to the elder brother."
Jian Baiduan said, "My opinion is to keep up with Qingyun."
The younger brothers said "good"
Jian Baiforging stood up and shouted, "In that case, come with me without delay."
The last day is coming.

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