Chapter seventy-five Problems
In the kitchen, Li Chu hummed a tune, put the freshly kneaded steamed bread in the steamer and prepared to steam it. I heard the sound of bicycles coming from the yard. Well, this is the daughter-in-law coming back.
After dinner, Ding Qiunan sewed the dried mattress at home, and Li Chu took the little black out for a walk.
When Li Chu came back, Qinhuai Ru of the Intermediate People’s Court ran to their house to borrow a sewing machine.
Miss Xiaoding is still sewing. Li Chu took one look. Well, she sewed a mat. The girl is quite conscious
Li Chu said good morning to Qinhuai Ru and went to the room. He didn’t come out until Qinhuai Ru left.
Sewing a small pad is not difficult for Ding Qiunan. It was sewed in a short time. The girl took the pad and asked, "Are two pads in Li Chu ok?"
"I think you’d better sew a few more in case it’s not enough?"
This made the girl blush and spat. He didn’t say anything at all, but kept his head down and went on working.
Li Chu didn’t continue to tease her daughter-in-law. Sometimes her face is thin. If she is annoyed and uncomfortable, she will still be herself.
He ran to the sanitary room to boil water and went to his home. With this bathtub, although it was troublesome to take a bath every time, Li Chu still felt that he could bear the trouble compared with taking a bath outside.
After the water was boiled, Li Chu walked over and picked up the girl.
"Oh, what’s your hurry? I’ll put my things away." He just ran to the bathroom to boil water, and the girl knew what would happen later. After being picked up by him, she threw her things on the sofa and put her arms around his neck, and the water was almost dripping in her eyes.
Ding Qiunan has a feeling of eating marrow and knowing taste now, and she is still looking forward to keeping the program for two people every night.
It’s already the 19th day of the first month, and it’s getting warmer. After getting up early on Sunday, Ding Qiunan followed Li Chu to the new buy house.
Today is the right day for the rich boss to start work.
When Li Chu and Ding Qiunan came over, the rich boss took the people to Ding Qiunan’s hospital and looked at the boiler curiously around the front yard.
Li Chu bought this boiler from the boiler factory through one of his patients.
I also asked my brother-in-law to help me buy cast iron pipes, radiators and cement from the materials bureau
It is said that floor heating is the best, but Li Chu is not at ease with cast iron pipes, which are prone to trachoma when they grow long. In case of water leakage, the whole house floor will be scraped.
The specific construction of the house was handed over to Li Chu, the rich boss. The requirement is that the east and west wing rooms and the main house must have independent sanitation and bathing, and then the house must be strong
Li Chu knows the exact day of the big earthquake in the future, but he really can’t remember that it should be in summer. He lives on the second floor now, and it is absolutely impossible to live there.
Looking at the rich boss, they arranged to work. Li Chu gave the rich boss 500 yuan, of which 300 yuan was paid in advance, and 200 was paid for sand, stones, bricks and wood.
Then Li Chu and Ding Qiunan left. Oh, and Xiaohei wandered around and bought a roast duck to take back for lunch.
The two of them are so leisurely, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter.
On this day, Li Chu first went to the restaurant and bought two meat dishes. He hasn’t eaten meat for two days. He really can’t hold on.
When Ding Qiunan was working, the rice had been steamed. Li Chuzheng, a hot dish girl, came over and hugged him from behind. She smiled and said, "I am so happy that I can eat ready-made rice every day when I come back."
Li Chu put the dishes on the plate and handed them to Ding Qiunan. "It’s too simple for you to be happy after eating a meal."
The girl nodded. "This is very happy, okay? Sister Wang from the office next door said that she would cook and wash dishes and wash clothes every day when she got back from work. She said that her man was too lazy to help her if the soy sauce bottle fell down."
After a pause, he said, "I didn’t dare to tell her that I can have dinner when I get home every day."
Li Chu felt a little funny. "All right, bring the food over and get ready for dinner."
The dining table is eating. Ding Qiunan suddenly stopped and said, "Li Chu, why haven’t I been pregnant for so long?"
When Li Chu heard the girl ask this question, he stopped moving. He himself was a little puzzled that both of them were healthy. It has been five months since the Chinese New Year, and nothing has happened.
Mouth comforted Xiaoding girl, "This kind of thing can’t be anxious. We are both healthy and pregnant sooner or later. Don’t be so stressed."
"Will I have children?"
"What nonsense? It can’t be that it hasn’t arrived yet. "Li Chu let go of the bowl chopsticks and went to the girl’s side to hug her and let her rely on her arms.
Ding Qiunan looked up at Li Chu. "Do you think if I really can’t have children, will you not want me?"
Li Chu held the girl’s face in his hands and looked down at her seriously. "Comrade Ding Qiunan, I married you because I like you. I love you and want to live with you. I didn’t talk to you because I wanted to have children. Can you understand me?"
The girl nodded her head and was about to speak when Li Chu interrupted her.
"You hear me out, and you say that both of us are in good health. Don’t think about it. We will definitely have children of our own."
The girl looked at a serious face and Li Chu said timidly, "Li Chu, you really won’t leave me?"
"I can’t not have children, but I can’t not have you."

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