Li Min took a deep breath and patted her hand. "It’s not like going on a blind date."
The little girl raised her little head and asked, "Dad wants you to go to Hong Kong. Can he agree?"
"I am an adult and I have something very important to do on this trip to America, and he will agree."
"But you just got back!"
"It won’t take long, two months at most." Li Min pondered for a moment and smiled wryly. "He will not only agree, but also give me some money. If there is no money, nothing can be done."
The fourth chapter panic
Zhonghe Bridge is an important bridge in the first county, and it is the main road of land traffic between the banks of towns and villages near Pingzheng County in Egong City and Qinyu City in the past 100 years.
On one side is Dijun, and on the other side is Senlin, Senzhi and Heping East Delta.
Walking along the bank of Pingdong River through Zhonghe Bridge, there are many agricultural and seafood warehouses and several hipsters running flat knitting and knitting factories. The most famous seasoning in this generation is Mickey Mouse Sauce Oil Factory, which sells well in short supply.
Further on, Sentan District is famous for its charcoal.
Because of the convenience of waterway transportation, many wood merchants build rafts by waterway from the tourist wood yard. There are many wood factories along the river with high efficiency. Li’s "Hexing" wood factory not only carries water but also land.
It’s better to come early than to come opportunely. The two brothers and sisters suddenly found that more than 20 large trucks of their own transport team were full of timber and had been making a long queue to Ximaqiao, blocking the section from Delta to Zhongheqiao, and the river bank in front of the wood factory became a "giant wooden beach"
Rich people burn coal, ordinary people burn wood, and poor people can burn grass or bark when cooking.
Hexing Wood Factory is the largest wood factory in this area. Many strangers who pry bark are busy in the "giant wooden beach". Their labor needs money to dry the bark and sell it as firewood to make a living.
It is not easy for anyone to make a living in troubled times.
The steward of the wood factory turned a blind eye to pry it open, but I heard that the envy of the residents living nearby was fighting for it, and beatings caused by grabbing bark frequently occurred.
"Uncle Wang, my dad?"
My little girl ran to the door of the wood factory and was directing the unloading of wood. She was surprised and hurried to ask, "How did you come here, young master?"
Li Min adjusted her sunglasses and looked back. The bark picker smiled casually and said, "Coming."
This is a place where soldiers from Pingchuan and their families gather together, and everyone is mixed up. What’s more, some time ago, an accident just happened, and Wang Bo was concerned. He called them in and buried his grievances. "Young master, when you come out, you should ask A Cheng to go out so disorderly, but you can’t do this."
"Know that I will pay attention."
"Master, have tea with boss Wu, boss Qian and Mr. Zhang. You can’t leave people outside and go in by yourself."
"Go get busy and leave us alone."
The Li family sells wood, does not process woodwork, and unlike many wood factories along the river, there is a big sawmill swinging in the shipyard.
There are three Ford cars parked at the door on the left side of the office building. Several drivers rely on cars to smoke and chat. When they see two people walking into the compound, they quickly put out cigarette butts.
Why don’t you stay at home and recuperate and come here?
Li Guanyun was shocked. Considering that there are outsiders, they are old enough to ask them to say hello to their elders in the face of nothing happening.
Good things don’t go out, bad things are caught by soldiers in Pingchuan for thousands of miles. Almost everyone knows that a middle-aged man put a cup on his face and asked, "Do you want to take off your glasses if the people are seriously injured?"
Wu Shounan is not only a family friend of the Li family, but also a real hometown in the same hometown and village. He came to Saigon more than ten years later than the Li family.
He was born in Xiangjia. He is proficient in English and French. Yuan Rice Mill, the head of Saigon Office, bought rice, processed white rice and sold it to Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia. At the same time, he also ran Daguang Oil Company as an agent for Texaco and Mobil. The oil industry developed rapidly and made great progress.
You can’t lose your manners in front of your elders. Li Min took off his glasses and went to his father’s side. "It’s nothing serious. The people are not sensible and let the three uncles worry."
"It’s okay. We’re still waiting for your wedding party."
Wu Shouna nodded slightly and immediately turned around and sighed, "Brother Guan Yun, like father, like dog! People this child has a responsibility, if it weren’t for his efforts to carry things to Mr Ma to protect, it wouldn’t be one or two people. "
Boss Qian nodded deeply and repeatedly. "Yes, it’s not easy to do this when disaster strikes. It’s not easy to have the courage to take responsibility for the people’s future."
Li’s only child is counting on him to inherit the family business. Li Guanyun doesn’t think so. He shook his head with a wry smile. "At best, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. At worst, the ugly point is that they are wet behind the ears and don’t know the weight. The ancients Yunjun didn’t stand on the dangerous wall, so it doesn’t matter."
"Dad, I was wrong."
"It’s good to know your mistakes. Take this as a lesson."
Money boss Saigon has set up a franchise department store named "Yunxing", whose business scope covers several provinces in Vietnam. There are six large trucks that deliver goods at ordinary times. No.71, Garden Street, boss Zhang has set up a department store called "Yuanfa Foreign Firm", and businesses such as "Paris Night" perfume and famous wines in Flanders are also doing a lot of business.
There must be something when they get together. Looking at the desk newspaper, Li Min realizes that it should be discussing the current situation.
Wu Shounan noticed his eyes and asked with interest, "What do you think of the war situation in the north? Do you think we should go from here?"
Wu Guanyun took the cup before his mouth. "He just got back from America. What does he know?"
Boss Zhang lit a cigarette and solemnly said, "Brother Guan Yun, the authorities are fascinated by the bystanders, and the outsiders may see it more clearly than we do. Besides, we can do it for a few years, and these possessions will eventually be handed over to them."
"Yeah, ignore your dad and tell me what you think."
When I came back from America, unlike other children, they either went to Hong Kong to study or went to France for further study. It didn’t mean that Li Guanyun didn’t smile again and wanted to know what he thought.
If you want to make a career, you can’t do without the support of Chinese. At present, the former leader of Chinese in Xidi can only win the trust of Chaozhou gang, Hakka gang, Minnan gang and Hainan gang, and also win the trust and support of five guild halls to further win the tough folk customs and dare to fight and kill Nong people and Hmong people.
Although it is clear that you don’t have the "kingliness", it is impossible to make people willing to be dead set with you just by words. Li Min still pondered for a moment and analyzed the whole idea.
"Dien Bien Phu’s war situation is not optimistic, but if it is two or three months slow, it will be attacked by the Vietnamese Union sooner or later. The reason for this conclusion is that the composition of the Sany French Army is purely Ukrainian and the composition of the foreign legion is too complicated. The Germans, Africans and Aryans are equally complicated. Vietnamese and Lao soldiers will not know the soldiers, and it will be difficult to form a joint force. Perhaps even the command is a problem."
Wu Shounan mused, "It makes sense to continue."
"Second, the morale is not as good as that of the foreign legion of Viet Nam, but the big army has little money. To put it bluntly, Hu Zhi and Wu Yuanjia’s Viet Cong belief is really strong. They know what it is and are not afraid of sacrifice at all costs to face such opponents. The French army has lost or won."
Boss Zhang sighed, "It is such a defeat for those who win the hearts of the people."
Li Min took a deep breath and then said, "After the end of the Korean War, Beijing can free its hands to support the Viet Nam Alliance, but the United States has finally got out of North Korea and can’t go to war again. What’s worse, the situation in Vietnam is different from that in North Korea and France, where it is colonial rule. The United States is unwilling to go to war with China again and has to consider international morality. At most, it is very unlikely to give some assistance to send troops."
The newspaper said that the United States would never sit idly by and ignore him, but he had different opinions. The money boss stared at him closely and asked incredulously, "Are you sure?"
"Uncle Qian’s nephew is by no means targeting at Hu Zhi and Wu Yuanjia, both leaders of national movements, who can control the Vietnamese national movement for seven years. The French law has established a Vietnamese government that is better than the German-Vietnamese alliance. Before I came back, The New York Times quoted a senior observer as saying that if the United States adopts the position of intervention in the Korean War, the Vietnam War will be dragged on by the Korean War for a longer time and the cost will be higher."
This is not that later netizens have nothing to do to discuss state affairs, but directly to their lives.
Wu Shounan took the cigarette from Li Guanyun and said worriedly, "If Dien Bien Fu loses the river, it will be difficult to keep the land and learn from the past of North Korea. At that time, the Vietnamese Union army will surely send troops to the south and defeat Saigon like a mountain. Saigon is in jeopardy!"
Li Guanyun sighed and asked in a low voice, "Brother Shounan, do you mean to go?"
"If the enemy is in the city, won’t you go?"
"Where can I go by the Easy Key? What can I do after the business is gone?"
"It’s better to save some losses if you make preparations early than to stay here and be slaughtered."
How did you say a word to me? It can be seen that they had no confidence in the French army and made up their minds to leave early.
Li Min smiled and suddenly said, "Dad, Uncle Wu, we really need to be so anxious. First, the Viet Nam didn’t hit Saigon so soon. Second, the United States didn’t want to fight with China. China just finished the Korean War, and it was also unwilling to fight with the United States. If nothing unexpected happens, Beijing will constrain the Viet Nam. Aren’t the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain and France going to the Riwa meeting? Maybe the situation will turn around soon."
"My dear, you mean you will rule the south and the north separately like North Korea."
"It is possible and extremely unlikely that a timetable will be set first, just like North Korea, and a Coalition government will be formed in a few years after the general election. Of course, it is not easy to form a Coalition government, but it will give the south a breathing space, and the North Vietnamese League will need time to digest the fruits of victory."
Chapter V Veterans of Fuguo Island
"West Berlin, the foreign ministers of the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain and France, decided that representatives of 19 countries participating in the Korean War would go to the far east meeting in Japan and Wawa in June to discuss two issues, one is the North Korean issue and the other is the Indochina issue."
Four business leaders were thoughtful. Li Min picked up the newspaper and pointed to the international news. He said slowly, "War is a political continuation. If Viet Nam can take Dien Bien Phu as the negotiating table before the meeting, they will be able to take the initiative. This is a common case. Isn’t the Korean war just a fight, a fight? In fact, this is also the reason why my little nephew thinks that Dien Bien Fu will be lost for two or three months. "
From the perspective of international trends and geopolitics, the thinking is clear and well-founded.

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