Behind that door suddenly came the sound of yelling, and suddenly it was filled with anger, and it was too beautiful to shine on the clouds; The combination of dragons and phoenixes shocked Xiaohan, which was originally a country of Wei River.
The ceremonial troops in the capital of Zhou Dynasty came out resplendent, resplendent, splendid, magnificent, magnificent, magnificent, magnificent, swaying like cranes, crying, singing and painting, drumming like thunder, rolling around, guarding Li Yu’s central government, slowly marching forward, looking forward to the future, and striding along with its own general trend.
Along the way, the territory is full of xiaguang, rendering people’s Guo wai Rui Cai to become auspicious for the benefit of the people; In the process of visiting the country, the land will not bear the burden of Wei Shui, and every sentence and prayer will converge into a wish to surround the light defect.
"China worships Xiangguo in the hot weather!" "Middle-earth Li Guanggong worships Xiangguo", "Middle-earth Night Dome Gong worships Xiangguo" and "Middle-earth Qingxuanzhu Kingdom worships Xiangguo" …
In an instant, princes, officials and officials, a statue of pillars and countries all greeted each other in person and lived on both sides to visit.
Even "Bo Nan" and other nobles are not qualified to pay homage before, and they can worship from afar. It’s really a step by step, and everyone is a hero everywhere.
Li Yu’s moment passed like the emperor’s majestic prowess in the vast ocean, and at this time, the ritual troops in Zhoudu really played their role in repairing the fief, so it is natural to reshape the xiangguo government like the previous squire pattern
They are well prepared, embryo decoration and so on have been prepared since the week, and now the Taigong government can be integrated
Soon, the national government took on a new look, and a touch of HarmonyOS came from the seal of the palace. The palace was vast and full of purple and red, and the divination was combined with yin and yang. The four corners of the nine palaces, the dragons and tigers, had four columns and left and right statues.
Before and after the match, there is a storm around the Heaven and Man Bureau. This temple is in harmony with the heavens and the earth, and the people are in harmony with the heavens and the heart should be four o’clock; The land belongs to the five elements; Zhongheyi good weather and good rain.
"Xiang Guo’s virtue makes all the people shine; Six changes add a sense of the world and go against us. "
Li Yu, the only one standing here watching this new land, is very different from the weather. This long-term residence can also support the general trend and store wealth.
In the next day, the officials of China and Turkey came to visit him in succession, but they could also see him rob himself, so they swam out of the Weihe River and returned to the old soil, watching peaches, plums, summers and flowers, enjoying lotus and autumn, and watching Huang Judong enjoy plum blossoms. It was several years in a flash.
Wei Shui Tao Tao is constantly running, but one person is fishing straight, while Er is carefree. There are 5,000 moral words around him, which are integrated into the artistic conception of natural circulation.
"West wind up xi since yunfei years old has dusk xi will be how to depend on? Five Fengming Xi, God is now hanging a hook, and I know that I am rare. "
Li Yu chanted his ancestors’ words. In the past, when Jiang Shang was fishing in Weishui, he lamented that now things have changed.
Far away, when the morning sun rises, the fish is white, and everything in Zi Xia is full of vigor and vitality.
When he opened his mouth, he inhaled every sunrise rising in the east in the stars and rivers of the heavens, and it was like being attracted by the naked eye, and the colorful awns were visible to the naked eye and did not sink into other bodies.
It is important not to glow, but to blend in with the vigorous artistic conception, so that the body and the gods will always remain energetic and glow with high spirits.
"Free and unfettered for a hundred years, the refining king also has a hundred and twenty cosmic communities. There is indeed a secret blood relationship in the Weihe River."
Li Yu said to himself that he wants to push the Tao to the 39 series, but even the resource hand needs years to stack up, unless he seeks the help of the ancestral power of epiphany, he can jump up.
Therefore, he chose Weishui to return and dive into the moral 5,000 words, and the natural artistic conception was integrated into the clan river. Today, he finally had an opportunity to respond, and his consciousness also ran with him.
Slowly, all the images faded away, and the world seemed to be surrounded by him, the only stacked cosmic community, moving like a dancing world. His mind and mind blended together, and the consciousness of heaven and earth slowly surged with the long river and branded it empty.
Tao, nature, learning from heaven and earth, am I the witness? Li Yu felt his mysterious state, and the heavens and the stars were very similar, which seemed to solidify the essence. He touched it and wanted to be integrated.
For a moment, the vast land seemed to be a huge living body, shaking like an embryo. He really felt the pulse of the water in the sky and heard the rushing sound of the Wei River, which was blessed by the water in the sky when he returned from the self-mutilation market!
The expansion of the sea of hearts is like the will of the sky and the waters to accept him and open his arms for a short time. In a short moment, he imitated crossing the long river of history and entered the vast era of famine. This is a double expansion and spread
Then his divine knowledge rushed to the core of the sky and waters, and he wanted to engrave eternity into the vast universe, making it as dark as possible. Once again, his spiritual brand changed from reality to emptiness, as if it had evolved into the virtual and real form of the universe.
One day, a hundred days, and ten years have passed in an instant. The sun is still rising and the moon is setting, and the vegetation is evergreen. Nothing has changed, continuing the cycle of heaven and earth.
Not far away, a phoenix flew down and landed in Weishui. Although Li Yu’s shoulders were immortal, he couldn’t see the figure. In his eyes, he couldn’t feel his breath in the center of his brain and regarded him as a part of nature.
Li Yu solidified like a stone, where God knew the silent wave, and his body sank like an abyss, as if it were eternal.
Gradually, his knowledge of god gradually returned to the heavens and the earth from the illusory reality, and all things slowly appeared in his mind and re-outlined in his mind.
It was not until then that the phoenix bird woke up and hurriedly landed, flapping its wings and covering its head, and felt this terrible statue shivering and worried about being angry.
However, its imaginary picture did not emerge, and the stone-like body still did not move.
It was not until the red sun set in the west and the sunset glow dyed the river red that Li Yu woke up from that mysterious artistic conception and couldn’t help but sing in Weishui, "Every day, Hong Tao sings and watches the stars at night, fishing alone; Lonely fishing doesn’t know the width of the world, and the world is old. "
After he stepped up from Lian Xiao, the cosmic community climbed to a hundred times. With laughter, the stars reflected from his body and opened his mouth to spit out the airflow and covered the vast expanse of the sky.
The fairy phoenix bird was picked up and heard a sentence’ You and I are predestined friends’, so it was entrusted to a pair of quiet and compassionate eyes, and my heart could not help but jump wildly. Is this a chance today?
This is about China, taking charge of the Middle-earth throne and respecting all nations!
When people saw that Xiangguo’s ten-year fishing ended, they could not help but sigh that it was really the first fishing rod in Weishui River that was pitching and measuring wide. The stars across the chest are blowing at the sky, and the rainbow is blowing away the cold!
When they looked back, the prime minister had disappeared, leaving a straight hook, erbium, and the hook fell there. It was made of dead wood and iron, but it had an extraordinary charm. There was a handwriting on the side, "Give it to someone who has a destiny."
"The fishing rod left by Xiangguo is also the master of the king!"
"How can an ordinary king compare with a hundred-fold cosmic community? It’s a good luck to catch up with three or nine extremes!"
At that time, people flocked to get the fishing rod before Weishui, but something strange happened. They even managed to get close, even if there was a step away, it seemed that Qian Shan was thousands of miles away.
Fishing rod is waiting for the right person!
Soon the news came out here, and the middle earth caused a sensation, accompanied by the true spirit world, it also flew to the northern desert east island, the western sea and the southern Xinjiang, which made the young people in the waters boil.
Even some generals and officials are heartbroken and hurried to Kai Yu Station to try to bump into Xian Yuan.
Gradually, it has become a world-famous secret place, and several creatures on the bank of Wei River feel that they will be the one who is destined to take a chance, even if they fail to listen to the remnants of Xiang Guo and leave a message, it will be a big profit.
Li Yu couldn’t help laughing when he learned that it was wonderful to leave it behind.
He himself followed the Weihe River to the Yellow River tributary, the Yellow River, which is connected with the birthplace of Emperor Yan and Huangdi in ancient times and inherited the ancient culture of Terran.
Although the continuous ancient mountain range is not high, it exudes a desolate and long-lasting atmosphere. From a distance, the wind flutters and the hundred cores compete for glory; Peach is like fire, willow is tender, gold is drooping, myopia is budding, and the newly unearthed herbs have been discharged.
There are also stone tablets standing by the river, which record the deeds that happened here in the past.
"Twelve yuan Chen, my Terran ally, the strong, seems to have heard from them some time ago."
Looking at a stone tablet, Li Yu remembered that the ancient rats, ugly cows, yinhu, maotu, chenlong, sishu, wuma, weiyang, shenhou, youyou chicken, dog, and haizhu had helped the terran for years, so they had the title of 12 yuan Chen.
He left a robbery body with a phoenix, and this ancestor belongs to Xianlian to deal with his world affairs.
One leaf, one era, one turn, one amount of robbery
In the vast chaos, there are immortals standing day after day, and the heavens are dancing like the Ganges River sand.
Here, the heavens are separated and overlooking the river of time. The vicissitudes of the world have collapsed and revived, and it will never be detached.
Li Yu’s eyes on the undulating lotus leaves reflect the light and shadow of different worlds, such as bright red as blood, dark as ink, gloomy light or silvery white, echoing one ancient history after another.
He fished the heavens and covered the sky, and instantly returned to the strongest state of his true body. The two big bodies fed back and resonated with each other, and the reincarnation of the stone mill medicine garden reappeared, and the great medicine of the Yuan God and the fire king was drawn to help him practice.
Over the years, fishing flies by, and the sky feeds back the two preparations. The emperor’s light covers the whole body and covers every corner, and the cosmic community has also grown from a hundred to 999.
After Emperor Guang’s perfection, Li Yu’s strength has reached a new height, even if it is a 19-headed monster, it will not work. If there is a 999-headed monster, it may be able to fight one or two.
"Is there any feedback on the end of the immortal ancient times when time flies?"
His eyes lit up, and he felt the ancient history, and the touch echoed the stars in the whole body, but it was dim. Many ancestors’ handles were weakened, but the quality was enough to help him observe.
Hua! Shaped like an ancient coffin trilogy, a gorgeous long river rolled forward and swam out of the ripples, accompanied by Lei Guang reflecting a statue.
In the last years of the immortal era, the last immortal monk Wang and the violet Wang Nai Da Chi were deduced into various pictures in the future through reincarnation, and only a Kowloon coffin roared out to witness the end of the era.
In the virtual sea area of Yu Yutian Cave, there is a sudden wind, blue sea, white fog, mountains and rivers, beautiful fairy birds and flying beasts, followed by a strip of golden boulevard, and several figures come down to overlook this area.

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