My wife, master, is this a big joke? Zhang Sheng stammered
Come with me. Zou Huang took a look at Zhang Sheng and walked towards those floating tombstones. Zhang Sheng probably knew that those tombstones were the memorial tablets that Shennongmen had always taught, and Zhang Sheng felt completely absent at the thought that he might stay here a hundred years later.
This is the memorial tablet of seven ancestors. My master, my master Zou Huang, mumbled a lot, but Zhang Sheng found several more problems.
Master, aren’t monks immortal? Besides, there are only seven tablets on this side. Didn’t you say I was the tenth generation brother?
I don’t know about immortality, but there is no ancestor in Shennongmen who can do this in the second question. Don’t you see that the second palm of Shennongmen is the ancestor Shennong, who taught Taoist medicine when he traveled in heaven. The first ancestor of Shennongmen is Emperor Yan, and the other is to find the bones of Emperor Yan.
Then no one in other sects will live forever. Zhang Sheng suddenly asked
As far as I know, Vu Thang, recognized as the first master in the monastic world, is in his 300 s. It’s still quite possible that Zhang Sheng will kick his legs one day and see his face showing disdain when Zou Huang arrives in Vu Thang. This expression makes Zhang Sheng wonder if this old man is really a big deal.
Kneeling Zou Huang said
Zhang Sheng obediently knelt in front of those tombstones, and Zou Huang also knelt down with a solemn expression, saying that Zou Huang, the younger brother of Shennong, saw all the ancestors.
Zhang Sheng followed Zou Huang and said it again respectfully, knocking three Xiangtou. Zhang Sheng also got up after Zou Huang got up.
Xiaosheng is strange here, isn’t it? Zou Huang turned and walked to the forest. Zhangsheng hurried after him.
But here seems to be another world.
When they walked into the forest, Zou Huang took a deep breath, breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and said, Buddhism is not the world of 3 thousand, so is Taoism. It is a strange thing here, and it is the great magical power of the second generation. Look, these trees are also rare trees in ancient times, and the outside world has long since disappeared.
Extinct Tree Species What are the trees here? Looking around the forest, I found that all the trees here really grow strangely. The trees radiate gorgeous light, and the trees can walk and the plants can chirp.
Nine ears, three mulberry, three beads, big tea, big toon and so on, many of which were given by Emperor Yan to Zou Huang, the second-generation ancestor, for many years.
Zhang Sheng is startled. He has never heard of any of these names, but Zhang Sheng is obviously more interested in this strangeness. Master, is this strangeness always here?
Of course not. He was carried around by every generation of palm teachers. I had to leave this at home temporarily because God’s arithmetic exhausted Daoism, and I will return when I recover Daoism.
Oh, hey, hey, Master, just now you said that Sister Zou would be my wife. Is that true? Zhang Sheng then asked.
It’s time to go and have dinner ready. Zou Huang grabbed Zhang Sheng and Zhang Sheng felt a gust of wind blowing through a scene and quickly changed, and then he was gone.
Grandpa came upstairs to Zou Yin after eating.
Two dishes and one soup are very delicate. I can’t think of getting into Zhang Sheng’s nostrils. Zhang Sheng can’t help sighing. After that, who says that beauty is a vase? He must be the first to blow that head off.
Try it, Nuosha. These are all made by girls. Zou put the dishes in Zhang Sheng’s bowl.
Zhang Sheng was flattered and glanced at Zou Zou. Zou smiled and looked at Zhang Sheng waiting for Zhang Sheng to eat her food. Zhang Sheng bowed his head and picked up the food in the bowl and took a careful bite.
Sister Shi, your cooking is delicious. It’s delicious.
You’re not complimenting me, are you? Zou wrinkled his lovely nose and asked, but his eyes were smiling
Zhang Sheng hurriedly waved his hand. No, it’s not a compliment. I said it was true. The food cooked by the elder sister was really delicious. I’ve never eaten such delicious food in so many places.
That’s great. Then you eat more. Zou became enthusiastic about Zhang Shengyi. He couldn’t stop smiling at Zhang Sheng’s bowl. Zou Huang looked at the two men without talking.
After supper, Zou went to wash the dishes. Zou Huang Zhang Sheng sat in the hall.
Grandpa, do you want to grow up with me or go to the pharmacy to work with you? Zou came from the kitchen and sat casually on a sofa and asked Zou Huang.
Well, I think it’s better to follow me at the drugstore and let Xiaosheng get something as soon as possible. Zou Huang thought about it and said
Son, you have to go to bed tomorrow, right? Zou Huang added
Well, I’m going to bed, grandpa. Good night, little brother. Good night. Zou winked at Zhang Sheng and turned and left the hall. Zhang Sheng watched Zou leave, but he couldn’t look back for a long time.
Hey, hey, what are you looking down upon? Zou Huang is on the sidelines and drinks a way.
Hey, hey, Zhang Sheng is embarrassed to smile.
Go to bed, too. Come to the drugstore with me one day. Zou Huang waved at Zhang Sheng.
Yes, master, but where is my room? Zhang Sheng asked.
Uh, hehe, people are just forgetful when they are old. Come with me, Zou Huang smiles to say
Zhang Sheng’s house is opposite Zou. It’s clean, with one room, one bed and two sofas. After sitting on the train for a day and one night, Zhang Sheng was extremely tired and fell asleep in bed for a while.
In the middle of the night, the world became quiet and poetic, and Zhang Sheng, pregnant with zhe, fell asleep, but Zhang Sheng’s body changed mysteriously.
Zhang Sheng’s body gradually became a mass of white fog. White fog slowly enveloped Zhang Sheng’s body. I don’t know when Zou Huang was already in Zhang Sheng’s room, frowning and looking at Zhang Sheng lying in bed.
However, the pure spirit is really amazing, and the physical strength is so great. Is it right or wrong for me to bring it here? Zou Huang’s words disappeared in Zhang Shengfang when the white fog dispersed from Zhang Shengshen.
Sleeping Zhang Sheng didn’t feel anything until dawn or Zou Huang knocked at the door to wake Zhang Sheng up.
Get up when you’re dead. Do you need magic?
In a daze, Zhang Sheng sat up with his eyes open, shook his head, got up and pulled the curtain after getting out of bed. Is it still early, Master? We have to go to the drugstore so early. Zhang Sheng knocked on Zou Huang’s door.
Nonsense. Monks remember to put an end to laziness. Wash my face and brush my teeth. After that, follow me to run for two laps. After Zou Huang finished, he went downstairs.
The teacher elder sister? After washing her face, she came to the living room on the first floor and asked Zhang Sheng to open her mouth
She’s gone. Let’s go and run two laps with me to exercise. Zou Huang said and walked into the living room.
Many middle-aged and elderly people are exercising in the community park, and many people are running in the morning. Zou Huang and Zhang Sheng are running side by side, churning the purple glow and half-hiding behind the poplar road to project colorful light towards the awakening earth.

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