The shorter the freezing time.
If Liu Yuan lets his pet beast join the fight.
When the time comes, there is absolutely no way for her to freeze so easily
Even if it is frozen in the end.
It will also pay a very heavy price, and it is not necessarily possible to defeat Lu Yuan during this period.
But good Liu Yuan was still too confident, which gave her a chance.
Think of this month, the ice has aggravated the attack in the hand.
Finally, Liu Yuan’s domineering Kirin armor covered with armed colors was completely torn by her moon blade.
Then there was a lot of blood in Liu Yuan’s chest.
Then month ice lifted his freezing before a face of calm looking at Liu Yuan.
But soon the moon ice found something strange.
Due to serious injuries, Liu Yuan was very calm and looked at himself.
And his chest wound actually recovered in a short time.
This is beyond the cognitive scene, and suddenly the moon ice has some doubts about life.
Then she ignored the vice and made herself freeze again.
But the same scene is again.
After being attacked, Lu Yuan was still unscathed.
After several times, Moon Ice also found something was wrong.
Then she suddenly looked around and found that the audience around her became blurred
At this point, she didn’t know that she was under illusion.
There is nothing wrong with freezing the moon ice when it was first cast. Before the operation, Lu Yuan launched his own sharingan illusion.
Repeated close combat is not due to Liu Yuan’s support.
Doesn’t he know that the moon ice is sometimes frozen?
He got into it knowing.
And after he knew this, he had to choose close combat to create an opportunity for sharingan’s illusion to control the moon ice.
Eternal kaleidoscope sharingan opponents are unprepared.
Even the moon ice is like this, the white gold beast will still be recruited.
And the illusion in the ice that month, the result of this battle … is already doomed.
Chapter 737 Win
In the ice, sharingan’s illusion is imperceptible except for two people in the venue.
Even when the moon ice is launched many times, the freezing operation will be noticed by outsiders.
Sharingan took control of her before the freezing of the real moon ice when it started.
And in the illusion of ice did not find himself in the illusion for the first time.
In this case, the moon ice is still conscious of launching its own time freezing operation.
Although she was frozen, she controlled Liu Yuan.
But under illusion, she can’t attack Liu Yuan.
So it seems to outsiders that the two men suddenly stopped to look at each other over there.
This scene is very strange and makes the audience somewhat puzzled.
But just because most people don’t understand doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t understand.
The first thing to react is Tam’s pet animals 2.
Lu Yuan pet animals, but they know a lot about Lu Yuan’s means.
Outsiders know the most about Lu Yuan, and others have outstanding skills in animal defense, food, terror and swordsmanship, which is comparable to the fighting capacity of beasts.
But they are not clear about the specific means of Lu Yuan.
Tam, it is very clear that one of Lu Yuan’s housekeeping leaders is the eternal kaleidoscope sharingan.
They know too well how overbearing this eye is.
Although sharingan was rarely illusioned in the battle before Lu Yuan.
But that doesn’t mean that Lu Yuan won’t be illusionist.

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