Du Tian is a place where Li Tianhe makes friends with large and small families. Du Tian is also a frequent visitor to Li Tianhe’s family. Today Du Tian came to Li Tianhe’s mansion, the duke of Donghua County, because the situation of Du’s Donghua County has become more and more difficult recently. Before that, there were some businesses to do, at least to maintain the basic living problems and add Du’s local business. They are naturally a large family in Donghua County.
However, the situation has changed these days. The business in the county has been closed, and even the money house is closed to the Du family.
Not only did the money house send food to Du Fu, but also the Du family had to go to the city to buy it in person. It’s a pity that sometimes they couldn’t buy any fresh vegetables.
Du Du’s family is in a very embarrassing situation in Donghua County. Du Tian came to Donghua County today to see if Li Tianhe can show him the way. If Li Tianhe can’t help him, then their family will really move out of Donghua County.
"Now I can’t help it. Before that, the friars of the floating Yunshan couldn’t stand Xu Jiaxian. I’m afraid there is also a floating Yunshan. The Lu Shanzhu personally came forward to eradicate the Xu family. This time, I was stared at by the Xu family. After all, it’s not a fact in Donghua County. Du family will move out of Donghua County first. When I have settled Xu Jiaan, I will find a chance for you to come back." Li Tianhe looked at a face of bitterness. Du Tian now he couldn’t think of ways to help the Xu family. Even if he is a Daning Tang Dynasty court official
"Gone with the wind Yunshan these people really didn’t have such a good chance. Why didn’t they destroy the Xu family? What is even more incomprehensible is that they not only failed, but also alarmed the Xu family. If anyone wants to target Xu Jiake again, it will not be so easy to get it." Du Tian hated the itch of his roots, not only the Xu family, but also Brother Gone with the Wind Yunshan.
"Who would have thought that the Xu family would grow so fast in recent years? Not only Xu Tianlong and Qin Mengru have cultivated the skill of coagulation, but there are also three experts in coagulation at home, and this person is so strong one by one. Where is everyone? There is a leapfrog challenge. This is not a county and city family that can do it. I think the mountain gate is very immortal behind them." Li Tianhe now has some regrets and regrets that he should not listen to Du Tian and turn a blind eye to the attack on the Xu family by floating Yunshan.
"This hateful Xu and other brilliant children get more efforts. I must completely kill the Xu family." I hate Xu Jiashi Du Tianxian Du’s family is different from the past, and Donghua County is still struggling even with the support of Yunhai Xianmen.
"Du Guzhu is not angry. The Du family background must have a chance to win back all the losses before. In addition, I think that the strength shown by the Xu family is not necessarily a good thing for the Xu family." Li Tianhe said after a moment of meditation
How do you say "the duke? Is the overall strength of the Xu family still bad for them? " Du Tian is very puzzled by what Li Tianhe said.
"What do you think is the trouble that Piaoyun Mountain came to Donghua County to find the Xu family this time?" Li Tianhe looked at Du Tian and asked
"It won’t be because of me. I don’t have that face. I’m afraid this Xu family has offended Piaoyun Mountain. They will be so busy to find Xu’s trouble." Du Tiandao
"There must be your Du family’s reasons in this, but Xu Jiaken certainly made Piao Yunshan suffer. Judging from the strength of their dispatching monks this time, they must have thought highly of Xu Jia, but even so, they failed. That said, Xu Jia’s strength is higher than they thought. What would you do if you were Piao Yunshan?" Li Tianhe asked again
"Nature is to uproot the Xu family. If the Xu family continues to grow, it will be in big trouble." Du Tian seems to understand that Xu Jiaqiang’s greatness on the one hand is like being born, but at the same time, they have provoked more trouble. Piaoyun Mountain will definitely take new actions against the Xu family. At that time, they will send out stronger forces. At that time, it is time for the Xu family to perish
"It is so floating Yunshan must not be willing to let go of the Xu family, and they will never let go of the Xu family because they let go of the Xu family." Li Tianhe finally smiled when he saw Du Tianjiao’s face.
"Since that’s the case, I’m not in a hurry. We’ll leave Donghua County for a while, and the Xu family will be wiped out by the floating clouds. I’ll just move back." A family based in one place doesn’t mean that it can be separated for many years, and it’s not so easy to take back the management and emotional and energy investment. It’s a naive move, but I always think that I will come back one day.
"That’s right. The Xu family is sharp-edged. Now we can avoid sharp-edged. You Du family also have business elsewhere. Let Donghua County be given to the Xu family first. The Xu family was wiped out by floating Yunshan. You will still be a big family when you come back." Li Tianhe came to Du Tian and patted the latter on the shoulder and said.
"Then I’ll thank the Lord for ordering to stay in a county town with the Xu family. I’m really not practical, especially now that the Xu family has come up with so many monks. I always feel that there is a nail behind it that will kill me at any time." Du Tianshi had planned to leave Donghua County to avoid Xu Jiafeng’s mountain, but he was reluctant to leave Donghua County. He went to the duke Li Tianhe here to see what Li Tianhe said. If Li Tianhe was willing to help a Du family, the Du family might still have to stay in Donghua County, but today Li Tianhe’s attitude made Du Tian white.
Du Tian was not satisfied with the result, but he didn’t dare to offend Li Tianhe. He didn’t dare to offend Li Tianhe and couldn’t compete with the Xu family, so he could leave Donghua County. Well, Li Tianhe also gave him a promise that the Du family could return to Donghua County when the Xu family was wiped out by floating Yunshan.
"Du Guzhu won’t be polite to me. Without me, the Xu’s Donghua County will have to count on Du Guzhu’s support." Li Tianhe’s performance in Du Tian’s face with a smile still made him satisfied, no matter what the new idea of Du Guzhu is, but the surface is still passable.
"I’ll go back and pack my bags now and leave Donghua County for another day. I’ll wait for the duke to give me good news." Du Tian is a scene person and he won’t get stage fright if he says the scene.
"Then I wish Du Guzhu a pleasant journey. I still have some things to deal with here, so I won’t send Du Guzhu." I feel sorry when I hear that Du Guzhen really wants to leave Donghua County, Li Tianhe, and at the same time I feel slightly relieved. He is now an official family, after all, or a family of different sizes is too close to contact, especially because the Xu family is not easy to handle. If the Xu family sees him, Li Tianhe’s Du family may get into trouble.
"Don’t bother to fight with the duke. I’ll leave quietly from the back door." Du Tian knows that Li Tianhe’s mind is five points, which is the reality of the Xu family. He doesn’t want to blame the Xu family for the Du family’s departure. He can only explain to the Xu family that this is the size of the old fox in officialdom.
Du Tian is already the top master of Guiyuan Mirror, but now it’s different. The Xu family has produced so many experts. What can a Guiyuan monk calculate?
Du Tian left the castellan’s mansion through the back door, but he was still stared at by people, and it was Xu Ren who sent three enemies.
Now, the mulberry enemy has not only achieved the second level of condensation, but also mastered the hidden breath, so as to monitor other people’s affairs, Xu Ren will not go out in person
The mulberry enemy appeared quietly and left the roots quietly, and no one found him.
The Xu family in Xu Ren was not idle. He redeployed the Xu family array method, which not only strengthened the early warning, but also increased the attack ability.
In addition to the law, Xu Ren also re-tempered the imitation Zhu Xian Jian array, which made the lethality return to the peak.
In addition, Xu Ren released the tree demon in mustard hand and planted it in his own yard.
Now this tree demon has lost a lot of strength, but it is not difficult for Xu Ren to restore strength.
After making these preparations, Xu Ren was also slightly relieved, regardless of whether Piaoyun Mountain would come again or not. With these arrangements, Xu Ren was almost invincible.
Chapter two hundred and six Find a way to
The tree demon is quite satisfied with the environment of Donghua County. Although there is no aura here, there is no monster fighting for aura here.
There are no monster monsters around Donghua County, and the spiritual power consumed by monks is very limited. It is really suitable for the tree demon to take root and practice. It would be better if it could kill some people at will for nourishment.
However, the tree demon’s brain is not stupid because it knows that Xu Ren will never allow it to kill a human at will, which makes the tree demon feel a little sorry.
However, the little legacy in the tree demon’s heart soon disappeared. Because the tree demon took root, Xu Ren arranged a huge gathering law for the Xu family in a few days.
Xu Ren’s arrangement of this huge gathering spirit array is very high, of course, it consumes a lot. He has made several arrays of treasures, which are divided into various places in the Xu family to help the Xu family gather huge spiritual power.
With the support of the large array of gathering spirits, the Xujia people can clearly feel that the spiritual power has become very full, and the cultivation speed of all monks has increased to varying degrees.
The most obvious feeling is that if the tree demon talks about repairing the realm, this tree demon Xu family is the top one, and even the five-fold Qin Mengru is not as good as it, even if its current state is not good, its fighting capacity is also Qin Mengru.
The tree demon with rich aura has a very good healing environment, and its strength has recovered to July 7th in just a few days.
The strength has recovered almost, and the Tree Demon is also steadfast in his heart. The scope of the Xujiaju Spirit Array is full of spirit, and he no longer wants to absorb human blood to improve his strength. It is also considered that the Xu family has completely stabilized and has become a great guardian power for the Xujia in Donghua County.
Xu Ren spends most of his time practicing other disciplines every day, and he has completely entered the realm of gathering spirits.
Although the realm is still not high, his cultivation speed is not slow, which can be said to be very Uber. Generally speaking, monks can break through from the gas realm to the spirit realm in just two or three months.
On this day, Xu Ren received the news that the Du family in Donghua County had moved, and there was no one inside except the house.
This time, the Du family also went completely. The door was locked and no one was left.
Du’s family left Xu Ren’s first step of planning was completed, but he was not happy about it. Now the Xu family is still worried about foreign invasion, mainly because the Xu family’s background is far from enough. Maybe it is not inferior to the general mountain gate, but the gap is still relatively large compared with the mountain gate like Piaoyun Mountain. He must also strengthen protection in the face of the impact of Piaoyun Mountain.
Xu Renyue thought more and more uneasy, so he took the initiative to go to Jingdan Pavilion. He had an idea and wanted to see Jingdan Pavilion’s opinion.
"The xu younger brother now the xu things are in order? What are you going to do? It’s still a big trouble to get into Piaoyun Mountain. "Liu Danyang was quite surprised by the arrival of Xu Ren, because when the Xu family was in a mess, there should be many things that need Xu Ren to arrange the Xu family in Liu Danyang’s heart. It is Xu Ren’s theory of mind or strength. Xu Ren is a decision maker.
"The Xu family is fine for the time being, but I’m afraid it’s hard to completely eliminate hidden dangers. After all, the strength of the floating Yunshan is good. Even if they can’t resist the Xu family and want to deal with them, it will be very difficult. However, if the floating Yunshan does not destroy the Xu family’s situation, there will be no change." Xu Ren clearly understands the Xu family’s situation, and now it can be a temporary peace of mind to prepare more.
"So after Xu Xiaodi what are you going to do? There will be no good life even if the Xu family is soft. "Liu Danyang is worried that it is notoriously unreasonable to fix the true mountain gate in the floating mountain, but it is also unreasonable to attach unreasonable resources to the fairy gate of the sea of clouds, which is a super power. Their cultivation resources are much more than ordinary gates. Generally, the fixed mountain gate does not dare to provoke the sea of clouds in Xiamen.
"Who’s the truth? I don’t have a good way to deal with the threat of floating Yunshan, especially waiting like this is very unfavorable for our Xu family. This time, I came to see if the cabinet owner can help the Xu family to eradicate floating Yunshan in the future." Xu Ren didn’t beat around the bush with Liu Danyang. He came here to ask Liu Danyang Jingdan Pavilion for help.
"Xu Xiaodi, although I don’t know what contradiction you have in Piaoyun Mountain, I know that it is difficult to resolve this contradiction. It is not easy to target them because Piaoyun Mountain is backed by the fairy gate of the sea of clouds. In addition, Xu Xiaodi, I find it very difficult to deal with Piaoyun Mountain. I know that I can’t do it, and I want face-to-face people to agree with you to jointly deal with Piaoyun Mountain. I think the success rate of this matter is not great." Liu Danyang is also a wise man, and he already knows Xu Ren’s orders from Xu Ren.
"It is against the rules for the Xu family to deal with Piaoyun Mountain in Jingdan Pavilion, but if the people of Daning Dynasty deal with a demon clan, there is nothing against the rules." Since Xu Ren came to Jingdan Pavilion, he was ready, even if he asked Jingdan Pavilion to help him, he had to let Jingdan Pavilion know the true face of Piaoyun Mountain.
"The devil? Although it is reasonable to deal with the devil Sect, there must be enough evidence to prove that Piao Yun Shan is the devil Sect, otherwise, the Jingdan Pavilion is still in the hands of the law. "Jingdan Pavilion belongs to the court of Daning Dynasty. In addition to helping Daning Dynasty establish prestige, they also have the mission of monitoring the sky. If it can be proved that Piao Yun Shan is the devil Sect, then things will be easy.
"There’s really no evidence, but I believe that the Piaoyunshan people will still come to the Xu family. When the time comes, the Liuge master will see that those Piaoyunshan people exert their The Hunger skills, and everything will be clear." Xu Ren also knows whether it’s the Jingdongge or the Wanbaolou auction house and the temple. Their rule is to try not to have a conflict between monks, especially the monks at the mountain gate. But if Jingdongge can see the Piaoyunshan people make bloodthirsty magic skills with his own eyes, then things will be easy. After all, bloodthirsty magic skills, an evil cultivation method, will be rejected throughout China.
"The science of uniting the The Hunger work? This is no joke, Xu Xiaodi. Are you sure? " After listening to Xu Ren’s words, it was very unexpected that Danyang was not only rejected by the Daning Dynasty in The Hunger, but also by Shenzhou Tian.
"I once claimed to be the monks of Piaoyun Mountain, and they fought in The Hunger at that time. I hope that Piaoyun Mountain will plan to go and see it in person when the Xu family moves again." It is not easy for Xu Ren to completely bring down Piaoyun Mountain. If Liu Danyang can promise to visit the Xu family, it may become a reality to jointly deal with Piaoyun Mountain.
"Well, I can promise that someone in Piaoyunshan really cultivated the skill of transforming The Hunger, and it will be justified for us to deal with Piaoyunshan face to face." People who eat imperial meals are generally different, and they pay more attention to safeguarding the interests of the imperial court and more ordinary people. Of course, not all people who eat imperial meals are selfish like Liu Danyang, but Liu Danyang hates transforming The Hunger’s skill.

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