Autumn, a face of vacant nodded.
"I was born in July."
"There is another way to get out, but Qiu Nuo will wronged you!" I have some difficult feelings to say.
Qiu Nuo smiled and said firmly
"There is nothing wrong with being able to help everyone out."
"What on earth do you want with Qiu Nuo?" The thousand ling also curious to ask
I silently looked at Qiu Nuo bass said
"Borrow Yin soldiers!"
☆, Chapter 37 Yin Bing borrow way
In the middle of nowhere, I suddenly uttered these three words, and even Xiao Lianshan, who was not afraid of anything, was stunned. Three women looked at each other and looked at each other, feeling cold in the back.
I am very resistant to say.
"The three-hole magic spell here is effective. We must find someone who has been out of here to lead the way, so that we can go out."
"You just said that no one can walk out of here and find someone to show us the way?" Yue Qianling asked timidly
I looked around and said meaningfully.
"Of course others can’t get out, but some people can."
"Who can?"
"In those days, the soldiers who were responsible for transporting treasures were brave. They had been to the Fourteenth Mausoleum and had to go through this forest. They had walked out of the highest heaven array."
"In those days … the soldier yong? !” Xiao Lianshan was stunned for a long time and didn’t react. "How many years have passed since it turned to ash? Where can I find it?"
"Didn’t you say that these people could never go back, knowing that such a big secret would be silenced?" The thousand ling also surprised to ask
I casually said as I took out the paper and cut it.
"Yes, they will not kill them, but think about it. From Zhu Yuanzhang to Chongzhen’s national subjugation, it took almost three hundred years to deliver the treasure once a year, and at least three hundred times. How many people did you take part in the delivery?"
"Who knows? Anyway, there should be a lot of treasures, not to mention the fact that when the former troops delivered supplies at one time, they had to have two rows of 100 people." Xiao Lianshan said seriously
"One hundred people at a time and 300 times is 30,000 people. It is troublesome to bury so many people." I asked while putting the cut paper away neatly. "If you are responsible for handling these soldiers, where do you suggest to bury them?"
From entering Taibai Mountain to now, it is a high mountain. The stone layer of Qinling Mountains is hard to dig. It is not easy to bury so many people according to the least slaughter.
Qiu Nuo suddenly turned pale and slowly looked down at himself. The surrounding sounds trembled and said
"This virgin forest is soft and easy to dig, and it is the only flat place passing through Taibai Mountain. Are these people slaughtered here?"
I didn’t look up and continue to be busy with my own things. I said softly
"Our feet are mass graves! In those days, the soldiers who were responsible for transporting treasures buried their faces. "
A few girls are frightened to disgrace and can’t help but get together in the middle of the night. I’m afraid no one will feel better in the middle of the night.
"Brother … you …" Xiao Lianshan pointed to his feet and asked, "Do you want these people to lead us?"
I reached out and said to Yue Qianling
"Give me a piece of money."
The thousand ling stiff took out a piece of money to sound trembling to ask
"What do you need money for?"
"Money makes the mare go. How can I lead the way without money?"
I finished printing the money, holding my head up on the paper I had just cut, and said seriously
"No matter what happens later, you can’t keep your eyes open! Don’t open your eyes, Qiu Nuo, you go first, others pull another person behind Qiu Nuo, and don’t get lost. "
"I … I go first?" Qiu Nuo sipped her mouth and looked scared.
"I’ll do it, brother. Qiu Nuo is timid."
I shook my head and said, "Qiu Nuo is a girl born in July, and a girl born in July is a vagina. If you want to find someone to lead the way, you must lead the way. You are a child and have killed people, and the yang is extremely strong. How can you lead the way?"
Gu Anqi suddenly react gaping asked
"Brother Yan Hui, do you want to … do you want Yin Bing to borrow?"
I nodded calmly and said
"Now there is this way."
"What do you mean, Yin soldiers borrow the road?"
"There are two ways for Yin soldiers to borrow. The first way is that after the defeat of the ancient or modern army, these Yin soldiers are often United and their thinking stays at that time. At that time of the war, they all recognized that they were not dead and continued to fight to safeguard their military honor." I said calmly.
"What about the other one?" The thousand ling blanched to ask
"The other is the death in vain and on a large scale, such as being slaughtered. These soldiers are brave and these Yin soldiers often appear. Some remote people have seen very few people in the dark." I pointed to my feet and said, "The unique plough array is set here because it is a kind of array in daoist magic. The so-called unique gate is full of dead people in Men Yang!"

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