In the face of all doubts, the owner of Taibai Town shrugged his shoulders and smiled bitterly. "Of course not. If the criminals in Taibai Town are suppressed, how can they have such a big fight? In fact, most of the repression in this dungeon is a violation of the rules and regulations. "
When this statement came out, everyone was surprised.
Lin Tianchen and Huang Zhen looked at each other and their hearts sank into the trough.
If there are dozens of brothers outside Taibai Town, forget it.
But in the face of dozens of Taibai Jianzong’s younger brothers …
Even if Li Xuandao can slay the elders of Wensong, I’m afraid it’s hard to support himself in the face of the siege of dozens of saints.
Besides, there are dozens of prisoners who are similar to Elder Wensong.
Li Xuandao …
Can you still win?
"Have you all said enough?"
Lin Tianchen and Huang Zhen secretly guessed that Li Xuandao suddenly raised his head and scanned the ten figures for a few days, with a faint murder in his mouth. "Now that you have walked out of the cell, don’t you die quickly?"
Dead silence
As Li Xuandao fell, the whole dungeon was silent.
Everyone can’t help but shut up and look at Li Xuandao.
"Ha ha ha smelly little if you don’t say I almost forgot you!"
The bald man suddenly laughed wildly and broke the silence first.
The remaining dozens of prisoners also laughed together, and their eyes and eyebrows revealed deep disdain.
"Smelly little things are still stubborn today?"
"Don’t you dare to talk wildly and don’t want to live?"
"Don’t say that you are alone, even if we add Taibai Town Master and a dozen saints behind you, are we afraid?"
In the face of the cynicism of the prisoners, Li Xuandao’s face did not move
He stared at a bald man with two lifelike dragons reflected at the bottom of his pupil and said indifferently, "Are you going to do it one by one or together?"
"This little … really want to try with us?"
"It’s really a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers and doesn’t know the little land!"
Dozens of prisoners were angered by Li Xuandao’s arrogant tone.
The first bald man even sneered at a thick sneer at his brow. "A man who just broke through the saint’s garbage just needs your brothers to start work?" Let me teach you a lesson today and let you know the truth of being a man! "
The sound just fell, and suddenly a sharp eye broke out.
Everyone caught off guard and closed their eyes.
When they got used to the bright light, they looked up and found that the bald man had already disappeared.
"Ha ha ha smelly me here!"
When they searched, the bald man suddenly appeared behind Li Xuandao.
He pointed to the light flashing at the fingertips of the sword as if it were flashing towards Li Xuandao’s back.
"Li Xuandao, look out!"
Mubingcheng hurriedly woke up, but it was still late.
Bald man right hand carrying all over the sky light and has come to Li Xuandao behind two meters.
Bald man eyes yoshimitsu even flash as if he had seen Li Xuandao scored by him.
At the moment when two fingers of the right hand were about to stab Li Xuandao, Li Xuandao suddenly turned around strangely.
Four eye contact baldheaded man with a shock.
Before his right hand stabbed Li Xuandao, he quickly held out his right index finger and held it against his double fingers.
"You said you would teach me how to behave?"
The cold sound suddenly exploded
The bald man couldn’t help but get a cold war, and his heart rose a little. He never had fear and wanted to retreat.
But it’s already late.
See Li Xuandao index finger suddenly broke out into a very terrorist force, which ran through his whole right arm, and then he flew out directly like an invisible hammer and hit the rock wall and was completely embedded.
Chapter 292 Old let you can’t even do ghosts.
Dead silence
Everyone looked at Li Xuandao dumbfounded, and his face was full of shock.
Li Xuandao with a finger saint four bald man was easily defeated.
How is that possible?
"I am arrogant in Li Xuandao, and you are such a garbage to teach me how to be a man?"
Li Xuandao slowly withdraw his right hand sharp eyes toward the shooting.
The prisoners who were swept by his eyes did not face big changes, and they lowered their heads and dared not look him in the eye. Some timid prisoners were shocked and almost couldn’t control their mana, and almost fell down.
"One of you will die?"
Li Xuandao stretched out his right index finger and let out a sigh of surprise.
It’s like just now, and the bald guy has got his fingers dirty.
"This, this …"
"This little Wei is too fierce. Even the bald head is no match for him."
"Is he really a saint?"
Dozens of prisoners caused a riot.
However, at this moment, a roar came at the same time.
"Smelly little you dare to hurt me?"
Several lights went up like a sword that nearly penetrated the whole cave.
A brawny man in the palm of his hand wearing a thunder armor stands in the sky with his feet in vain. Lei Guang sets him off like a mighty god, but his right arm has broken and swayed quite a bit.
"How can you challenge a person before I die?"
Bald man took a deep breath and Lei Guang suddenly disappeared.
As if just foaming at the mouth and the light has been swallowed by him.
However, Li Xuandao didn’t look at the bald man who swallowed mountains and rivers. Still, many prisoners scanned, "You have been dead since the moment you spoke ill of me. I didn’t let you die immediately because I wanted you to see my Li Xuandao life!"
Bald man growled a left hand and wanted to attack.
But his left hand just raised half of his body and made a dull noise.

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