Blue Yan’s display of this type of soaring drill is the cracking method of cracking the fingerprints of the heavens.
However, when the two are about to collide, the handprints of the heavens suddenly shake up. I don’t know if the handprints are as big as marginal handprints. By shrinking them by ten thousand times, they become the size of a door panel. Soon, the handprints and five fingers are together and suddenly they are clenched to form a joint.
Blue Yan was surprised that the fingerprints of the heavens were fierce, but the biggest disadvantage was that the scope was too large and the power was scattered. He could easily break the power a little, but he never thought that Li Xuandao could compress the power into a fist print.
The power of this fist is concise and extremely powerful, and the skyrocketing line simply shakes the earth!
"this damn Li Xuandao is so cunning!" Blue Yan wants to dodge, but he can’t come. He looks at the explosion and punches his heart and feels wronged once!
A loud noise
Blue Yan screams that a huge body is like a comet’s sinking valley, smashing out a 100-meter deep pit in Fiona Fang. It looks self-effacing, and its hair is broken and its blood is dripping. Even its fangs are broken. Two of them have long gone down a peg or two.
Li Xuandao fell from the cliff and looked down at the earth like a god. His eyes were contemptuous and he sighed faintly. "Ant!"
"Li Xuandao, I am not an ant!" Green Yan Shen’s eyes flashed violently and he was seriously injured. His momentum soared again and his body jumped out of the pit and flashed towards Li Xuandao.
"I said you are an ant! You are an ant!"
Li Xuandao corners of the mouth sneer at this time he didn’t cast fairy magic avatar suddenly clenched fist and red light shining until blue yan came before he brazenly punched like a dragon out to sea like a fierce snake bite stung blue yan bridge of the nose.
A subtle fracture sounded, and blue Yan let out a scream. When she came, she flew back faster and hit just the right position.
"garbage, you are not only an ant, but also a poor ant who has been trampled on!" Li Xuandao slowly back right hand eyeful despise way
"I’m not an ant!" Blue Yan rushed out again.
"I said you are!" Li Xuandao’s fist attack once again smashed the blue face into the ground.
"We Godsworn brothers burn rivers and cook the sea, and the power of idolize to catch the moon is comparable to that of the ancient fiend. Who dares to say that we are ants!"
"I dare!"
"Worm, worm, worm!"
Juegu seems to have lost its former calm and resounded with great roar everywhere.
Those animals who live a unique life are shivering in every corner like encountering the catastrophe of heaven and earth, hiding behind rocks, Han Tiandong and the old man who drinks blood are even more shocked and open their mouths.
"This … is Li Xuandao’s strength?"
For a long time, the old man smiled bitterly. "Godsworn brothers are rampant in the boundless state, and people dare to provoke them. Even the Shuguang Empire and the Temple are in awe. Three points have been withdrawn from the boundless state to show respect for the ancient gods. However, today, the ancient gods of twelve wild gods, Wei Yiqing, were completely crushed by Li Xuandao. It is unbelievable if they didn’t see it with their own eyes."
"No wonder the holy man has been awake. Don’t underestimate Li Xuandao. He’s a monster. His flesh is green and his face is stronger. I don’t know if he should be equal in prestige after becoming a dragon."
Listening to the old man drinking blood, Han Tiandong shook his head with a dignified look and also smiled bitterly. "What you saw today is just a part of Li Xuandao’s strength. This guy is not only physically strong, but also hidden. He also holds several powerful fairy magic powers."
The old man who drank blood was shocked and unbelievable. "Holy Lord, you mean … Li Xuandao didn’t try his best in this battle?"
Han Tiandong shrugged his shoulders to reveal a nai expression. "He didn’t try his best. He didn’t look at the blue face. You know, Li Xuandao is from Taibai Jianzong. He is best at fencing. Although he always makes the earth body and the fairy avatar crush the enemy, he rarely uses fencing, but I have the honor to have seen it once."
Speaking of which, Han Tiandong suddenly closed his mouth and his eyes flashed with fear, as if he had remembered something horrible and kept silent.
The old man, who drank blood, couldn’t help asking, "Holy Lord, since you have seen Li Xuandao’s swordsmanship, I don’t know how powerful it is?"
Han Tiandong took a deep breath until he was frightened, and then he said solemnly, "A sword goes out of heaven and earth to stop the gods from killing the gods and blocking the dry buddhas!"
The old man who drank blood was instantly shocked.
"I can put my foot on Li Xuandao when I practice to refine my mind, but until now I don’t know that I have improved and Li Xuandao has grown, and his growth rate is still so terrible!" Han Tiandong shook his head down in the dumps.
"So, your honor, are we going to kill Li Xuandao?" The old man asked cautiously.
"Kill a fart!"
Han Tiandong suddenly and violently punched the old man’s forehead with blood. "You still don’t know Li Xuandao’s other people? He obviously found out that we were weak and wanted to lead us out! Let’s run while he fights with Qingyan. If he solves Qingyan, it’s too late for us to run! "
Chapter 619 It was you!
Chapter 619 It was you!
"You poor and humble worm dare to offend my Li Xuandao majesty?"
"Who gave you courage!"
Li Xuandao’s eyes are full of blood and look like madness. He punches, punches, punches, punches, and violent blue Yan jumps up from the pit again and again and flies back again and again at a faster speed.
"get out!"

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