Xiao Yu Hua Ku Ku Ku "That’s not necessarily. Maybe it’s not a road idiot, so it detours a lot of wrong roads."
Sun Hao smiled at Xiaoyu Huaku. "So today, Aquilaria will give you a word."
Sitting cross-legged and dressed in golden light, Sun Hao gave his brother a monastic experience for the first time in a hundred years.
Sun Hao’s voice is not very loud, but it is clear and clear all over Guiyixian Mountain.
Sun Hao-yin is not very passionate, but it makes the monk feel that his ears are buzzing.
And Sun Hao’s eloquence made the monk agarwood’s heart suddenly clear
Where there is a cure for Ye Fu; Every husband has a ditch and every husband has a donkey … Every husband has a river and a road to Kyrgyzstan.
Call the road from each foot and each side.
Sun Hao said slowly, "Our monks are struggling to climb the avenue."? Daofang? Fang Youdao? The so-called master of Tao often can’t tell the truth. The ignorant know that the ignorant don’t know that, don’t they? Our monks are blind in seeking Tao. Aquilaria sinensis or … "
Sun Hao Kan Kan talked about the sound like a clear spring flowing slowly in the hearts of scholars.
Sun Hao "rode on a gallop to my guide to find the way first, and my monks to seek the way first;" Road, road, road? The road leads to the road? Walk on all sides, walk on all sides, walk on all sides, and keep walking. Just find your own way. Go along the road, and maybe you will find your own way … "
Cultivation is confusion.
Many monks can’t see their own way clearly, don’t know how to go, and don’t know that they are pursuing more monks for the sake of seeking Tao. It’s not clear how to seek Tao.
Sun Hao said that the core meaning of road is a walk.
The road should be boldly taken and boldly practiced.
If you don’t go, if you wait and see, everything is talk.
Of course, you have to look at the direction when you walk. You can’t just walk around and get lost.
Since Sun Hao called his brother here, he will naturally give some directions and some alternative roads for everyone to choose from.
Virtual painting
A big "nine" appeared in the morning sun. The golden light of Sumeru condensate tower shines on Sun Hao. The "nine" is covered with layers of sunlight, which makes people unable to look straight.
Sun Hao pointed his finger at Jiuzi’s mouth and said softly, "Practice this agarwood, sum up and recognize that there are nine ways for monks in this world to climb the peak of the avenue. This is the mainstream of the mainland to drive a balanced and suitable for the public monks; Second, the refined body is a monk’s device … "
Sun Hao has arranged his own cultivation path twice in Daqingshan, and gradually formed his own cultivation nine veins.
During the centennial sermon, Sun Hao taught his monastic experience for the first time.
Gas God Array Soul Heart Dan Symbol
Each training foundation of the nine training veins constitutes the precautions before and after each training. Sun Hao explained them from simplification to simplification.
Sun Hao’s brothers have been exposed to nine contexts, and they have proved many puzzling problems one by one by themselves. Suddenly, many cultivation bottlenecks have been solved.
Even those monks who are not Sun Giants have benefited a lot. Many monks come here for nothing and encounter bottlenecks. The reason is that they don’t know that one of the disciplines failed to meet the promotion requirements and hindered their progress.
According to Lord agarwood, he is standing still on all sides and doesn’t know how to go.
At this moment, I may need to take a little detour from one road to finally break out.
There were quite a few listeners in the first sermon, and Sun Hao-jiu didn’t really cover the details. They all talked about the truth and gave examples to demonstrate, but they didn’t teach the practice method.
The sun gradually shifted as Sun Hao told it, and it was noon before you knew it.
Sun Hao’s face is still indifferent as before.
At this time, Sun Hao has finished talking about the characteristics and characteristics of the Nine Veins, and also talked about the key points and points of the Nine Veins practice. At the same time, he also talked about how to take good care of these nine roads. "Today, I displayed nine roads to repair, and Taoist friends can choose one as the main one, or they can go hand in hand with each other like agarwood. However, if agarwood chooses Taoist friends, it is necessary to tailor them according to their own characteristics, and sometimes more monks need to find a suitable road to go straight to the avenue."
Guiyi Fairy Mountain is very quiet. All monks listen to Sun Hao’s sermon quietly ~ ~
Chapter one thousand three hundred and seventy-three Things have changed four
The wider the road, the better.
The longer the road, the better.
Even the road is not as flat as possible.
There is one kind of best road, that is, it suits you best.
Sun Hao said leisurely, "Even if a rugged path is suitable for you, you can still climb to the top of the mountain and reach the avenue, but if it is not suitable, even if there is a tongtian road, you will be blinded by the roadside scenery and forget your original intention of stepping on the road …"
Aquilaria sinensis has nine veins that blend and interweave with each other, and at the same time, each has its own emphasis.
Sun Hao, "Chen Xiang’s nine brothers should cooperate with each other to promote each other, and at the same time, each school should be independent and develop freely. Come back to me after a hundred years to review the past and sum up the success or failure of the sermon …"
When Sun Hao finished his last sermon, the crimson light of the sunset shone on his face, making his whole body look tall and solemn. Sun Hao said softly, "A hundred years have passed in a blink of an eye, don’t you understand?" Whether people are evil or the road is different, but they cling to evil thoughts. "
Those 30% to 40% monks in Guiyi Fairy Mountain who have not been freed from the demonization state suddenly have a violent mental shock like the beating of a drum and a bell.
More than half of them couldn’t help kneeling and piously saying, "My brother is willing to join the immortal Sect and listen to the adult’s teaching to become an agarwood."
Sun Hao bathed in the sunset and sat cross-legged with a faint smile. "It’s been a hundred years since Aquilaria gave an Amnesty today. You all go …"
Speak to a fairy mountain was imprisoned monk suddenly feel a loose body.
On whether there is a magic thought in the heart, the monks looked at the fairy mountain outside Sumeru Tower in order.
Aquilaria sinensis Amnesty means that they are free now, but birds can enter Lin Long and return to the sea
But at this moment, many monks who are still possessed by demons find that they should go from it in a hundred years.
Chen Xiang’s adult imprisons himself in a fairy mountain, and at the same time, it is not to protect himself.
What will it be now that you are out of Yixian Mountain and waiting for yourself?
Confusion flooded my mind
Sudden happiness is at a loss.
Sun Hao has left them alone.
In the sunset, Sun Hao’s eyes looked at the Sumeru Tower, and he looked back at the suppression of the magic abyss. He said softly, "A hundred years of hard ice has become an eternal friend. Today, the first layer of the new ice prison will not be thawed soon?"
Sumeru condensate tower rotates gently.
The golden light shines in the dark, and the black seems to have a metallic luster. The black light and golden light scour quickly fades, and the white pattern appears in the dark Dojo, and the whole black is much lighter.
The Dojo was frozen, and the first floor of the ice prison was revived. It was once put in the custody of a monk, and the prisoner gradually woke up after a hundred years of freezing.
Sumeru tower layers of golden light brush past the hard ice and melt it gently.
Monks with various expressions seem to wake up from the ice just after an instant.
However, after all, it’s been a hundred years, and even in the frozen state, all their physiology has almost ended, but after a hundred years of vicissitudes, a large number of monks wake up and fall asleep directly.
All the monks imprisoned in the first layer of ice dungeon were advanced generations in the later stage of the foundation, but even so, after the freezing was lifted, nearly 20% of the monks fell into the hundred years of freezing.
The strength is relatively good, and it is barely possible to establish a monk.
Zhong Sun Haoqing said, "You Taoist friends don’t have to panic and wait for the treatment of mental retardation, Luo Mei organization to rescue Guang Jia, and He Qili to cooperate."
Today, Sun Haozao has arranged to get orders, and the monks act quickly.
Xuanyuanhong and Yunyew looked at each other with their bodies slightly prostrate forward, and said in a high voice, "Defending the mainland rescue is a shining agarwood compassion …"
XuanYuanHong agarwood behind a vein monk belongs to a fairy monk qi qi knelt down and said "bodhi old zu compassion bodhi old zu compassion".
Even those confused monks who have just been pardoned by Sun Hao are no exception. They knelt down and shouted "Aquilaria Resinatum Compassion".
As they kneel, their hearts gradually settle down.
Maybe you can still stick to your own path, but you can also stay in Yixian Mountain.
The bodhi old zu Chen Xiang’s generous return to the immortal Sect is his own way to live.
Maybe you can have evil thoughts, but if you don’t hurt the mainland, Lord Aquilaria will be merciful to yourself.
One-hundred-year sermon network Amnesty magic repair
Golden light shines on breaking the ice and saving lives.
Sun Hao and Sun Chenxiang, who have been silent for a long time, have once again developed in the mainland, showing their unpredictable side.

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