It’s hard for me to walk in different shades, so if I have any thoughts, I will answer, "Well, I did know there would be zombies, Ying Long, and the plague god Yujiang, but he didn’t know it clearly …"
"Ha ha, you say it’s all big things. How can you manage big things regardless of small things?" Uncle Sun pulled a stake out of the ground and sent it to the side. "You forgot an omen when Hiderigami appeared."
It turns out that Uncle Sun thinks this thing is a fat legacy!
It is said that the fat residue is a strange snake that lives in the foothills of Taihua Mountain. It has a head, two bodies, six legs and four wings. It is also said that the fat residue is a yellow quail with a red beak. It is said that eating the fat residue can cure diseases and prevent parasites-but this thing has disappeared for many years, and we have never heard of it or seen it in our generation!
But in any case, the master said that the fat legacy is a feature, and it means Hiderigami omen!
People say that there is a little difference between fat and heritage.
People Zhu Guozhen’s "Reciting a Small Building" Volume 31 Records In the fourteenth year of Wanli, Jianchang County (now Yongxiu County, Jiangxi Province) met a serpent with six feet in the forest of the ancestors. It is very likely that the historical records of Wanli in 156 meant that the villagers in Jianchang were firewood on the mountain, and the head of a giant snake was six feet away from the chicken. Seeing people, they didn’t bite, and they didn’t panic. People didn’t dare to hurt because of the crowd. Huashan Records said that the snake had six feet. I’ve already seen the ugly omen.
According to Guangxu’s "Jingshan County Records", a strange snake with six feet as long as a chicken’s distance was also found in the ditch of a residential building in Jingshan County, Lake běi at the end of the generation. In 1633, Pengyang saw a snake grow six feet in the ditch of the people’s home, and it was red and green, and its feet were as long as a chicken’s distance. Hao Chuwang said, "The fat legacy does not bite people."
For many years, the Sun family has obviously known more about these things than our Zhuge family. Is this a specialization in the art? Since he said it was a fat legacy, he must have made his own way. What else can I say?
So I gave it to Uncle Sun in a low-key way. "It turned out that you said it was a fat legacy. I really forgot-well, what shall we do now?" Speaking, we have reached the door, and now I really want to know what Uncle Sun is going to do, whether to catch the fat legacy or follow it and see what happens.
"We don’t care whether the fat legacy is a sign of drought or not, but now it’s mainly in the face of this kind of thing. It’s better to deal with it early." Uncle Sun drew a stick from the bag behind him, pieced it together and waved it a few times. "This estimate is called by the ancient beast again
Look at the posture, I also pulled out the killer blade-the M5 didn’t know where to melee.
Uncle Sun took out a tube of copper whistle from his arms and blew it out in waves, while his left hand spread out and his right hand held a copper stick, and his tail pointed to the front of the sky and pointed to the ground.
I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I’m holding the blade to kill God and waiting behind it-I really want to see what he has seen in advance, and I can arrange something in advance.
Judging from the fact that he was knocked unconscious by a few imps, I really don’t know how much uncle Sun weighs!
It’s just that I learned that there were some sounds in the cave where there shouldn’t be a stereo. Suddenly, a sleek head appeared at the mouth of the cave-when the head came out, a scarlet rose from the mouth, a few blows from the core, and a scream from the hair-
The sound was harsh in the wind, like a death warrant Sanskrit, and it got into my forehead, and the whole temple was sore. I clenched my teeth and took a few breaths, which abruptly suppressed this feeling!
At this time, the fat legacy has emerged from the power!
Section two hundred and twenty-five Sang Yu missing.
The fat legacy slowly emerged from the cave, and then a black claw reached out.
Sure enough!
The fat sample is almost the same as what the people say. It really is a snake with horns on its head, which is more than one meter long and its abdomen is quite dark, slightly like cowhide scales, thick as sandpaper, and six feet as clever as chicken feet.
The fat legacy crawled slowly along the stone at the entrance of the kiln, and a pair of triangular eyes stared at us intensely, and the anger was beyond words.
Uncle Sun stood still, and his stick and tail were ready for the battle.
Uncle Sun and I are both practitioners. Naturally, we have a taste that can ward off evil spirits and avoid evil deeds. We are not stupid or dare to move around the turning point in the snow. We don’t know if we want to escape or suddenly hurt people.
Uncle Sun didn’t do it coldly in the face of the fat legacy. Instead, I was anxious to get close to Uncle Sun’s ear and quietly give advice. "Uncle Sun, we …" "Wait, my idea of taking the initiative was interrupted by Uncle Sun before it was exported." The more the fat snake is frozen, the weaker it is at night. It has to hide in the cave and act at noon during the day-this time it will never come out if it is not for my whistle.
He corners of the mouth slightly become warped up a smile "hum wait for good! The longer we wait, the weaker it is, the greater our chances of winning … I immediately understood that Uncle Sun wanted to wait until the fat legacy became dull before starting work-I just don’t know if the fat legacy would be so stupid to wait!
Seeing that the fat man’s footsteps are getting slower and slower, his face seems to be less fierce, and his eyes are shining and hiding as if he is about to escape-my heart likes "Hey, Uncle Sun, you are really …"
"get out of the way
Uncle sun’s face suddenly changed, and his left hand slammed me and roared out with a stick!
I was pushed a few feet away by him and sat down to turn my face. I saw that fat legacy had rushed over!
Uncle Sun swept this stick to stop the fat body from rolling briefly and let it pass-it suddenly slammed into the snow with six feet and actually flew more than one meter high to gain momentum from the middle school!
"Be careful!
The fat legacy came as fast as lightning, and my heart seemed to jump to the side of my throat. It felt smarter than that-it seems that this guy is not stupid. Everything was an illusion before!
As far as I’m concerned, uncle Sun moved, but he didn’t retreat. He rushed out like a left arrow, kicked out a back-sweeping foot in the snow, kicked out a Peng snowflake and turned to stick the waist like a snake … "Shout" was broken, and the fat was actually twisted and turned, and a sharp disguised form wiped the stick and fell to the snow.
When the fat falls to the ground, it rolls around and shoots out again!
Uncle Sun’s stick won’t come back, and the end of the stick will press a pile into the sky, so he can pull himself up and pedal his right foot toward a pile-listen to the fat legacy that was actually smashed into the snow by the snake head in the middle of the foot!
What a heavy foot!
Snowflakes scattered suddenly appeared a snow pit.
Uncle Sun hit the ground as soon as the stick turned, reaching out and patting the copper rabbit jumped up. He reached out and grabbed the sunken copper stick and lifted it over his head and chopped it off!
Coming! !
Shit! Unexpectedly, Uncle Sun has gained an advantage in minutes! I can imagine that this rock-breaking blow can smash the fat legacy into paste-but there is something strange in my heart that I always vaguely think it should not be that simple, right?
Sure enough!
A snow bag suddenly bulged in the snow and swam along the snow snake!
The fat legacy is really not simple. Immediately after the blow, I hid in the snow. Walking close to Uncle Sun can not only keep warm and hide, but even it is much harder for us to make moves.
This snow is more than a foot thick and fat, and it’s hard to find a trace of it. It will be much warmer if you add it inside, and it will become more and more brave. Then we don’t know who will die!
I’m in a hurry. I don’t know if it’s okay. Don’t say that if I rush, it will hinder the display of the stick. Even my best eye has no place-what should I do?
It suddenly occurred to me that I reached into my pocket and touched the ink paper to prepare the symbol-can you stop being so sad? Shit, it’s frozen!
This is fucking!
I used my quick wits to pour out the whole ink and bite it off … the ice contains a strange smell that makes me want to vomit badly!
In just three seconds, I suddenly found myself stupid-Uncle Sun obviously had a plan, and he actually closed his eyes with a stick in one hand!

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