Bai Lixuan said in a low voice, "We Taibai Jianzong want to regain the first place in South Manchuria and lead the major sects to rebuild their glory. Today, we Taibai Jianzong challenge the heroes of heaven, but any practitioner who has doubts about Taibai Jianzong can try it on Taiwan."
"I wonder if you Taibai Jianzong can have any rules?" Xuan sent the main cough suddenly asked.
His whole heart was stirred up by the palm of his hands.
They are afraid that Taibai Sword Sect will try to live and die like Lijiang Sword Sect, which is not good news for every Sect.
Bai Lixuan smiled slightly. "Of course, there are rules. We Taibai Jianzong are saints and sects. We have always been Germans. This pilot will not hurt each other’s lives. If anyone dares to violate the rules, don’t blame us Taibai Jianzong for being rude."
Hearing this, many factions secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
However, Xuan Chongpai still vowed not to give up. "I wonder if there are any restrictions on the candidates for this war?" Li Xuandao … Will he take the test? "
Li Xuandao’s strength is so strong that everyone has witnessed it.
Kill the three tianjiao of Lijiang Sword Sect with one sword, and nullify two eternal powers, not to mention the brothers of the major sects, but the masters of the major sects can be his opponents.
If Li Xuandao takes the test, it won’t work.
However, Bai Lixuan seems to be ready. He has answers: "Whether a sect is strong or not depends on the strength and qualifications of its younger brother. This time, I will try to allow my younger brother to learn from Zhang Jiao and the elders not to intervene in Li Xuandao’s body. I, Taibai Jianzong’s acting patriarch, of course, will not take part in the test. Not only Li Xuandao but also Li Muyu and others will not take part in the test."
"The practitioner who participated in this test is our new brother of Taibai Jianzong."
This public can’t help but talk in a low voice.
Zhao Furong, the four tianjiao of Taibai Jianzong, was killed by Li Xuandao. Chu Jingtian betrayed his master, los ice, and the fairy disappeared. Now the whole Taibai Jianzong also has Li Muyu who can support the facade.
If Li Muyu and Li Xuandao don’t make moves, who can crush many sects?
Everyone looked at each other and saw each other’s doubts, but they talked for a long time and no one could know the real answer.
"Li Xuandao, are they really good?" Lin Tianchen looked at two men and one woman behind Li Xuandao and asked in a low voice.
Lin Tianchen got Li Xuandao News two days ago and led Taibai’s younger brother back to Taibai Jianzong. He supported Li Xuandao’s facade and sent several experts to punish the city.
There are many young leaders such as Huang Longyan and Lu Jue Pang Ruoxian.
But Li Xuandao said that he didn’t want these outsiders to do it. He wanted Taibai Jianzong’s brother to crush many sects in South Manchuria.
One of the three people behind Li Xuandao knows Lin Tianchen.
The young man named Xuan Tianyu looks cold and informal, holding an Excalibur with a handle. Li Xuandao is reposing behind him. I heard that he is Li Xuandao’s younger brother. His amazing fencing strength has been borne by Li Xuandao, but it is then the strength of the layer.
But another man and another woman really puzzled him.
That man is a teenager, and he is as powerful as a tiger with a long knife. If he is in front of a teenager, it is like being stared at by a tiger, which makes people feel very dangerous.
Like if you don’t hide, you will be attacked by tigers.
Another girl, her face is round and her eyes are beautiful, but her eyes flash from time to time, revealing a unruly and obviously not easy to deal with. The scarlet skirt is like a flame floating in the wind, setting her off like a fire elf.
But the most striking thing is that this woman is holding a huge sword.
This giant sword is three meters high, even higher than a girl’s, and its one end is engraved with numerous complicated lines, giving off a very heavy breath.
Lin Tianchen can’t imagine how a weak girl can lift such a fierce sword.
Chapter 124 Taibai’s brother Li Duanqi!
Chapter 124 Taibai’s brother Li Duanqi!
"Tianwu Congress is now!"
With Bai Lixuan’s voice falling behind Li Xuandao, the boy with a knife couldn’t wait to jump to the podium. The sound was like thunder all over the venue. "Taibai’s brother Li Duanqi challenges the heroes of heaven. Who dares to question our Taibai Jianzong majesty? Come and challenge!"
Li Duanqi!
Everyone was unfamiliar with the name, but Li Xuandao revealed a faint smile on his mouth.
This is his reincarnation to make his first close friend. When he left the Li family, he even instructed Li Duanqi to go to Fenghuo Island to practice and get a great opportunity.
However, he didn’t even think that he didn’t see Li Duanqi in just one year, but he was still high in uniting to the three layers of strength in all ages.
But it’s nothing. Li Xuandao glanced behind her and the woman shook her head.
If there is a Lin’ an city practitioner field, it will definitely recognize this girl’s identity.
Thousands of dollars and thousands of dollars stop autumn!
Now, the strength of Wanqiuqiu is even more horrible, and she has cultivated to the fifth floor of the ages. Her body faintly exudes momentum and even Li Xuandao secretly loses it.
But I can’t help but feel relieved at the thought of Li Xuandao, the cold and biting old hag on Yinming Island.
It doesn’t seem surprising that you can cultivate to the fifth floor of the ages in a short time by cruel cultivation methods like the old witch.
At this moment, Taibai Square is sinking.
The various sects looked at the fierce momentum of the challenge ring, and Li Duanqi faintly raised an illusion, as if the challenge ring was not a person but a tiger with its teeth bared.
"What a fierce momentum"
Zhang Hongtai’s eyes flashed with a horror and said, "This young man’s cultivation is also the peak of the elixir. It is very likely that the practitioner is so powerful in the eternal world. How can he worship Taibai Jianzong?"
Hearing this, everyone was gloomy.
Xuan Chongpai is even more somberly. "You Li Xuandao has given us a Mawei momentum with the reconstruction of Mogan Peak. If we can’t kill him, I’m afraid we will be suppressed by Taibai Jianzong. We must not lose this battle."
"This battle must be won."

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