Just two people stare at each other and stare at each other all the while, suddenly a call came from Longling Cuisine. When they answered the phone, there came a surprised sound. "Boss mouse is so big mouse, I am afraid that you will come quickly! Ah, help! "
Hearing the panic scream of Longling cuisine, two dog said in a hurry, "Pear fragrance, don’t let her get away from the door!"
"It’s the boss!" Smell speech pear fragrance quickly shut the door and guard it.
Deng Deng Deng Pi two dog ran out of Fenghongyu’s house and found that it was drizzling in the evening.
Bang bang!
In the cold, two dog suddenly heard that the iron manhole cover on the side of the road was pushed aside by something, and then a scene that made him stunned happened. When he saw a fat rat crawling out of the waterway, he stopped to watch for a while and took a closer look. It turned out that the big rat had stolen food in his mouth.
It didn’t take long for the second and third … Pi two dog saw a total of more than a dozen squirrels carrying their own things towards Fenghongyu’s house!
More than a dozen squirrels are carrying all kinds of food hard, even the marching route is uniform, which is like a marching company. It seems to hear them squeak, and the place where they March rapidly in the dark gives off a demon, and even cats and dogs nearby are afraid.
A husky ran away when he saw the Rat Corps.
Even the skin two dog is not a hair stand on end.
He was worried that a gust of wind from agaricus would run home and take the door, and he heard screams from the second floor.
Listen to the audio and video. The second sai-jo Shang Zukuo sent a cry and saw that the situation was not good. two dog didn’t dare to neglect to fly to the second sai-jo’s room. He was surprised to see dozens of rats as big as kittens go crazy and besiege Shang Zukuo. He had fallen to the ground. Dozens of rats came to bite him and bit his clothes into rotten cloth without two. Soon the rats began to chew his flesh.
"Ah, damn it, the mouse is dead!" Shang Zukuo fell into extreme fear, and kept scratching at the mouse, catching it and throwing it out. Some rats slammed into the wall and woke up in the blink of an eye and went into battle again.
Look at Stevia orientalis. She’s a little better. More than a dozen squirrels were stabbed to death by two sharp knives in her hand.
The smell in the air is disgusting!
"Name is Pi, help me-"Seeing that Shang Zukuo was bitten out of the blood skin by the rat legion, two dog suddenly made a tingle and a god cloud seal appeared. He put the god cloud seal heavily on the rat pile, and suddenly a white halo covered the dozens of rats and suddenly froze.
Then God Xiao Yin began to absorb the evil spirit of Shuo’s body and saw that Shuo’s legion smoked and twitched at the same time. It didn’t take long for dozens of Shuo to be killed on the spot!
A few slipped away quickly.
Pi two dog stripped off the clothes of the second ancestor and examined them carefully. After that, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. "Good timing!"
"Boss, you go and see the dragon spirit dish and leave it to me!" When Stevia orientalis woke up, he threw himself into the kitchen and was shocked to see a lot of mice popping up from nowhere. The kitchen jumped around and moved all the food that could be eaten. These squirrels knew as well as people that everything was rummaged, and even the refrigerator was opened. The food department moved inside, especially the rice jar, which almost became a paradise for squirrels.
Seeing so many rats ravaging Pi two dog is not a big headache.
Just as he was racking his brains, a sudden gust of evil wind swept up and saw the female ghost Xiaohong emerge from the seal of the gods, excitedly saying, "Master, these demon rats are mine and I want them!" Whoosh, Xiaohong drifted at a very fast speed, grabbed a huge squirrel and swallowed it. "Master, the demon mouse is delicious, I want to eat it!"
One, two, three … In a short time, Xiaohong swallowed dozens of rats. At this time, the head rat found something bad and gave orders to the rats. He wanted to run away. Xiaohong’s eagle-eyed hand stretched out his hand and the stout head rat suddenly seemed to be immobilized.
Poof-poof-poof Xiaohong rolled over and the huge head mouse became her belly.
The sudden scene blindsided two dog.
"Master, I’ve hired these demon rats. How about you going to Longling cuisine?"
"Oh," Xiaohong woke up, and he ran out to find the dragon food and rushed to the third floor. He saw five or six mice biting the dragon food crazily. The door of the villa was painted in mahogany. At this time, the thick door was bitten out by a mouse, but because the mouse was too big, some mice wanted to get in, but they got stuck. They couldn’t get in, but they couldn’t get out. Several squirrels next to them stepped up their efforts to bite the door and creaked.
Pi two dog’s lungs are burning with anger. There have never been mice afraid of people. How can rats chase people? These mice are like Xiaohong saying that they are not ordinary mice but demon mice!
Blow the mouse out with one punch, and the divine power of 2,000 kilos blew six Shuo rats into a bloody piece, and one of them escaped after being seriously injured.
"Long Lingcai?"
"Is the boss you?" Squeaking, the door opened, and the dragon food shivered. "There are so many mice in the kitchen that are so scary!"
"Have you been bitten by Longling cuisine?"
"I ran so fast that the mice didn’t bite my boss. How come these mice are still chasing me without fear of people?" Dragon food fear way
"These are demon rats. You are not afraid of me!"
"There are hundreds of mice in the boss’s kitchen. All the food in the house has been moved. Go and have a look!" When I talk about my beloved kitchen Longling cuisine, I feel a pain in my flesh.
"Those mice are given to Honghong, and she will get rid of them!" Red and red swallowing the demon rat is all about swallowing it in one bite-no one would believe it if they didn’t see it with their own eyes.
"Who is red? Listen to the name is a woman and a woman. How to deal with the big mouse? "
"Well, have you ever seen a ghost?" Longling has just joined his camp, and he is still a rookie in understanding ghosts and gods.
"Boss, are you seeing more ghosts in this world? I am not superstitious! " The asparagus shakes its head into a rattle.
"Do you believe me when I say there is a ghost?"
Long Lingcai saw him talking seriously about this product. "Boss, I used to walk at night and didn’t find any ghosts." Are you trying to tell me that red is a ghost? "
"Yes, yes, red is my female ghost."
"Isn’t it? True or false boss, you big bad guy, making up ghosts at night is scary! " It’s a sigh of relief after taking a look at Longling’s consciousness for four miles to confirm that there is no abnormality.
"I didn’t make it up! These big rats chasing you are demon rats. The demon rats in the kitchen should have been cleaned up by red by now! " It’s much easier to have red two dog.
"Boss, you’re lying. Unless I see it with my own eyes, I’ll believe you even if you say the flowers!" Dragon food killed unbelievers.
"Dragon food, my profession is to exorcise evil spirits and catch ghosts. I don’t believe in ghosts and gods in my family. I will show you what real ghosts look like now!" With that, two dog took the dragon spirit dish and went two to the kitchen on the first floor, where she saw the female ghost Xiaohong eating a big meal.
Hundreds of squirrels were swallowed up by Xiaohong and dried up. See this is the last one.
"Boss, you say she is a ghost at first sight?" Dragon food despise way
"Red Dragon Lingcai doesn’t believe that you are a ghost. Show her one!" Two dog laughed.
"It’s the master!" After saying his word, Xiaohong, a female ghost, suddenly turned into a whirlwind and disappeared.
Long Lingcai zheng big eyes way "boss where is she? God, am I dazzled? How can I be blind? "
"Dragon food, look behind you!" It’s okay not to look at the dragon’s food, but she screamed with fear. Suddenly, she turned her eyes and didn’t fall down and fainted.

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