All right, everyone said to me that the second brother is here, and our four brothers are burning yellow paper and sprinkling blood to form brothers. From then on, I will enjoy my happiness and they will resist.
What do you think, idiot? The stars curse and then say that heaven is in front of the second brother. The four of us are here to burn yellow paper and swear to be brothers with different names. From then on, it is difficult to share happiness and be brothers. Even if we go through fire and water, we will not complain at all, but we will be born on the same day in the same year, but we will die on the same day in the same year.
The stars are reading the fire, and the yellow paper is burning here. Why isn’t it over yet, mom? How can burning yellow paper be like sweeping a grave?
Well, we finally finished a long passage by sprinkling blood on the stars, and then the shadow wind took a bowl filled with water and the wind blade said that after the blood, we were brothers. At the age of 19, the cloud was the boss, and at the age of 10, the stars were the second child. Then I was born in a month that was smaller than the stars, and I was the third child with the smallest ranking in the fire month.
The shadow wind blade drew blood in his hand and dyed the blood in the bowl red, but the blood continued to fill up from the bowl as if it could not stop.
Don’t you think you have too much blood? The fire saw that the bowl was full of blood and asked
Wow, the stars saw the shadow wind, their eyes turned black and shouted, you idiot. Who told you to cut off the aorta and try to kill it?
Brother San, we said we would die on the same day in the same year. Don’t die now.
Oh, my God, why on earth should I do such a ridiculous thing?
In this way, the four of them had an absurd knot. Chapter 5 was the worst encounter.
In the past few days, Yingfeng has been talking about everything, and it is not easy to wait until Zhang Liexing Jian Gong is not so busy. Today, Yingfeng immediately went to them to ask them about their childhood.
Uncle Zhang Lie, how do you know my dad? Shadow Wind asked curiously at the wooden table.
That was many years ago. I can’t remember. Zhang Lie said with a smile, but it was as bad as it could be.
Fang Chen Liu Yue, do you know that Zhang Lie asked Ying Feng to nod and said that he often heard Dad say that Aunt Liu Yue was his childhood friend, and Uncle Fang Chen was his best brother, so he just ordered lewdness.
Haha, indeed, at that time, we were all freshmen. Just one day, we wandered around the school and got lost at first sight. At that time, Liu Yue also ran over to strike up a conversation knot, which angered Chen Feng. The worst thing was me. I went to stop the fight and got caught in the middle.
Haha, that’s how you met each other. It turned out that it was only after hitting on women that you met. It was really a bad encounter.
Of course, I didn’t pull Zhang Lie to reminisce about the wildness and grin when he was a teenager. He said that at that time, we were at odds with Chen Feng, and we had a fight almost every day. I remember that Xingjian met in the second day of junior high school. At that time, our school saw the bad copy of Liuyue’s knot and forced her to take it away. It’s a pity that Liuyue went to the old factory and wanted to bully her hard bow so that she could be seen by Xingjian, who had just entered junior high school.
Zhang Lie said goodbye. At that time, I thought the hero saved the beautiful knot and was beaten miserably. He was almost sent to Taiping Xingjian. I’m sorry to laugh. He was a good student at that time.
Don’t look at this little boy, he was bullied by his class when he first entered the school. He often bought things for those people, but one day when he was seen by Chen Feng, he severely taught those people. After that, Xingjian always admired Chen Feng. Zhang Lie took Xingjian and laughed, saying that he immediately rushed to inform him of the fight in our school after seeing Liu Yue being kidnapped. Chen Feng Chen Feng Fang Chen also went to the old factory without saying anything after I heard that Liu Yue was kidnapped.
Zhang Lie suddenly stopped smiling and recalled the scene at that time. He continued, That time was really dangerous. The three of us rushed into the old factory and saw a dozen people around Liuyue still tearing her underwear. We were so angry that the three of us sent all the dozen people to the hospital, but I didn’t expect that the boss in the school actually called for fifty people, each with all kinds of weapons, such as iron pipes, mallets, metal bats and so on. So the three of us just took some things at random in the old factory and they started to fight. Although they fought happily, they finally won a group of small thugs.
Don’t listen to Zhang Lie’s eldest brother bragging about the star building and making fun of it. It’s simply impossible for people to do it. The three of them were beaten to pieces beyond recognition, and they all got up and fought to protect Liu Yuejie’s delinquent teenagers. After watching it, they were scared to death and shouted that the monster ran away. After that, the three of them were hospitalized for half a month. Of course, I was in the same ward because I was also badly repaired at that time.
"No discord, no concord, no concord, and being in the same ward." So we met. Although it was a bad encounter, we left a memory that we will never forget. Zhang Lie laughed.
So did Uncle Fang Chen catch up with Aunt Liuyue?
When asked by Shadow Wind, Zhang Liexing was shocked. Xing Jian smiled and said, of course, they lived a happy life in heaven.
In heaven? Xiaomei should be waiting for me in heaven, waiting for me to live with her in heaven. Suddenly, it feels like a fairy tale, and she can’t help laughing at her naivety.
By the way, Xiaofeng Xingjian said that Xiaoyun doesn’t even have a mobile phone, so let the stars, the moon and the moon take you to buy it. Didn’t you say to chat and it’s convenient to contact later?
Or shadow wind finished and ran to the office to call Yunnan Gongjian.
Because the rabbit went to Zen Buddhism to treat the problem and Meng Degang went to the different corps together, the shadow wind found Su Chenyue, the sword star of Yunnan Palace, and took them to the street for a walk.
Then I came to the mobile phone store in Tiantian. Although the store is not big, the mobile phones inside are so beautiful that the shadow wind doesn’t know what to choose.
Chen Yue said to Ying Feng that Tian Company is the largest company in the world, and the letter of the world is also the same from generation to generation. If it is stuck in Tian Xin, your mobile phone can be in all parts of the world, and the words are the same. What’s worse, the model and function of the mobile phone in Tian Company are much better than other mobile phones, and of course the price is not cheap.
However, our Star City is too small, and good mobile phones won’t come to us in the sky, so we are now in this store. The old models of mobile phones in other big countries have already been eliminated. As soon as Starry said this, the store staff immediately changed their faces.
I don’t understand all this, or you just decide the backhand function. Shadow Wind looks at many mobile phones in the glass cabinet and gets dizzy. She says to Chen Yue

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