However, the endorsement activities failed to run a few times because Wu Liang was quickly recalled to Chang’ an, and this time he was looking for the Central/Propaganda Department.
The Song Club of the Three Kingdoms is coming soon. The Central Propaganda Department has completed the selection of the participating singers. Before that, everyone needs to have a meeting, mainly to let everyone know each other and discuss the details of participating in the Song Club.
Of course, Wu Liang’s team leader can’t be absent.
The meeting was held in the auditorium of the Central/Propaganda Department, so Wu Liang dressed himself up early in the morning and came to the office building of the Central/Propaganda Department.
The parking lot has already been full of all kinds of vehicles, among which there are many luxury cars, which are rare in China.
Wu Liang saw many people dressed more brightly than him coming in and out of the office building. There is no doubt that these are the stars who came to attend the meeting.
Think about all the people, it seems that one of them is renting Wu Liang, and suddenly feel a little embarrassed.
Well, is it time to buy a car?
He walked in from the door of the office building while thinking.
Just out of the revolving door, suddenly there came a low voice and exclaimed, "Hey, aren’t you that … Wu Liang?"
Wu Liang turned his head and found that he was talking to a middle-aged man dressed in fancy clothes like a turtledove. The funniest thing was that his hair was tied in a bun.
Wu Liang didn’t recognize who he was, but considering that he must be a famous star today, he still respectfully asked, "Are you …"
"Hum, I’m Du Yihuan’s agent. Why haven’t you heard of me?" The middle-aged man proudly raised his nostrils, but I didn’t know that he looked more like a turtledove.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four See if someone is not angry
"Oh, I’ve heard so much about you!" Wu Liang quickly grabbed the old turtledove hand.
Du Yuhuan? He seems to have heard that the name should be some second-rate or third-rate star who can’t get popular.
But even so, people are more familiar with the music scene than Wu Liang, and he is not going to offend his agent.
However, the old turtledove’s attitude was unusually arrogant. After being shaken by Wu Liang’s hands for two times, he stared at Wu Liang for a while and then shook his head. "I don’t know what those people think, but you are such a brat to be the leader?"
Wu Liang looked at him and asked Gherardini, "What should I do or I should give you the position of leader?"
"Huh?" The old turtledove seems to have never thought that Wu Liang would speak so quickly and suddenly frowned crossly. "What do you think I underestimate you? I’m telling you, I’ve been in this circle for 20 or 30 years. What kind of people have I never seen? You’re a semi-crane, and you don’t know who got such a good position. Hum, I kindly advise you not to monopolize the porcelain work without Jin Gangzuan. If you lose, it’s our big face! "
"How do you know I don’t have that Jin Gangzuan?" Wu Liang stare big eyes asked him
"Because I’ve never heard your name in the old music world!" The old turtledove said disdainfully, "Why don’t you tell my husband what songs you have sung, what awards you have won and what programs you have won?"
"Oh!" Wu Liang "suddenly realized" and nodded. "So that’s it. It seems that you are really ignorant."
When the old turtledove saw him speak, he would say something soft and immediately nodded, "Of course …"
But it suddenly occurred to him that this seemed a bit wrong!
Did he scold me for saying that I am ignorant?
As soon as the old turtledove’s hair fell, she stood up and shouted angrily, "What do you mean, you stink?"
Wu Liang patted his wrinkled shirt and said with a smile, "I mean, it’s no wonder that your news is so blocked that it took 20 or 30 years to get mixed up like this. Save it and go home to take care of your grandchildren. Isn’t it a shame to return it when you are old?"
On the poisonous tongue, Wu Daguan is really not afraid of anyone.
If you squint at me, I’m sorry, but I don’t have to stick my face on your cold ass.
If this old turtledove speaks a little better, he doesn’t mind making a good marriage with him, but this guy is old enough to seniority, so he doesn’t have to make a pretence.
Some people are always afraid that they will make him put up with it, but they don’t know that they are talking about quality and don’t want to lose their identity. If they suddenly don’t want to talk about quality with him …
Wu Liang is not in the mood to talk about the quality with this old guy now, because many people have stopped by to watch when they are at the door.
Some of these people he knows and some he doesn’t know, but he knows very well that they should all be stars or photographers who are here to attend the meeting.
And if he is the leader of the Chinese delegation this time, he will be refuted by an old turtledove at this gate, then what face does he have to occupy this position?
It’s not that he doesn’t want it, but that he can’t.
But he didn’t know that this old turtledove was blocking the door just to cut his face.
Does the old turtledove have a grudge against him? certainly not
Do you have a grudge against him? Not really.
Then why did he do it?
It’s very simple. The boss just wants to give his flag star some benefits.
This old turtledove seems that Wu Liang is young, junior and has no profound background. He should belong to the weak type, and he relies on his decades-old status and qualifications in the music world. No matter how to say it, this little guy dare not contradict him.
Ask him to block the door, cut the little guy’s face first, wait for him to soften, and then he can ask for more benefits from him.
What benefits?
For example, better appearances, more resources tilt, and so on, and so on.
But he didn’t expect Wu Liang to be a bachelor although he was young.
Of course, this bachelor is not a bachelor like single dog, and Wu Liang is not a single dog family. At least five girls have been with him for more than 20 years
This bachelor said it was Wu Liang’s temper.
Wu Liang is the kind of stubborn donkey who insists on eating soft and not eating hard and holding back. Yes, this temper has inherited his old age.
He has worked in the old factory for decades, and the workers have either retired or been promoted at the same time, but he has a grass-roots position that he has worked silently, that is, he has been promoted to the team leader at the highest level for a generation, and then he has been removed because of his contradiction.
Wu Liang, on the other hand, knows that the current music scene has gone downhill, and his music dream may not be realized in a generation, but he still persists in running from entertainment company to entertainment company and has been rejected for more than 200 times, even with his family for a time.
So the old turtledove can crush him with a little seniority?
I have to say that this is really a pattern of Tucson’s broken old turtledove.
Wu Liang’s soft words with a knife-top of the old turtledove was panting like an ox, but suddenly he didn’t know what to say to fight back at him.
To say that he has never heard of Wu Liang’s name?
That’s obviously impossible
Even though he has never heard of it before, Wu Liang has been appointed as the leader of the Chinese delegation of the Three Kingdoms Song Club. Didn’t he ask about it?
But he just bragged in front of Wu Liang and asked him what songs he sang, what awards he won and what programs he participated in, which means he doesn’t know anything about Wu Liang.
Since I don’t know what qualifications he has to evaluate Wu Liang?
The old turtledove threw herself into a dilemma because she was angry for a while. It was really embarrassing.
Fortunately, at this time, a staff member of the Chinese/Propaganda Department suddenly broke in.

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