McGinley convened an emergency meeting to discuss this matter and find a solution.
But the great pressure is not only the American government, but the Diaz government is now facing even greater pressure. Most people are kept in the dark about this matter. It is difficult for American public opinion to control the American world. It is hard for public opinion to make a sound against Americans. This information has long been filtered. Unexpectedly, Mexicans began to get accurate information from abroad and feedback it to the country. Plus Sevakins published the evidence one by one.
The Mexican Ministry is angry and angry. It is reasonable to give some compensation if the American died tragically, but it is entirely the fault of the Americans that they dare to fight back. The most irritating thing is that the Diaz government has accepted such humiliating conditions! It’s tolerable!
Angry students began to pour into the streets, and groups of them attacked the courtyard wall of the presidential palace, demanding that the Diaz government dissolve Diaz and resign immediately!
The protest movement, which had just subsided, surged again and became more violent than before. Diaz is now in a panic. If students really rush into the presidential palace, they will tear it up for fear of anger! We must suppress them, and we must suppress them by tough means. At this time, we hesitate and fear that our own end will come!
Diaz roared, "People will immediately mobilize troops to suppress me by force. Dare to attack the presidential palace, whether it is workers, students or farmers and businessmen. If you dare to attack our department again, shoot directly!" Shoot! "
The captain of the side guard did not dare to neglect and hurriedly called to worry about the police support of the garrison to carry out armed suppression of the protesters!
Diaz was still a little uneasy and shouted, "Send a message to all military generals immediately and ask them to lead the army to Mexico City to strengthen their vigilance. Once the rebellion broke out, they would suppress it at the first time!"
Chapter one thousand five hundred and eleven Massacre
Tens of thousands of students and workers are demonstrating outside the presidential palace, and the crazy crowd is pounding at the gate of the presidential palace. More than 100 policemen are desperately blocking the crowd, and the impact is almost unstoppable.
At this time, a truck came from a distance, a pretty heavy machine gun, a truck with a car on its top and an army full of live ammunition!
An adjutant set up a megaphone and shouted, "The president has ordered all the demonstrators to disperse for ten minutes, and if they don’t disperse, they will continue to besiege the presidential palace and punish treason and kill them!"
When the students and workers around heard the shouts, they were even more indignant and crowded towards the trucks. The police around them took a long breath, so that they were afraid that the team they organized to maintain order would be dispersed by the crowd in an hour. These people were already crazy, so the No.100 police could not stop them!
Look at the crazy surging crowd, the adjutant was shocked. This is … This is a rebellion. Even the troops dare to attack!
Who cares if you are a policeman or an army? They’re all * * * * * idiots. We’ve all been bullied by Americans in Mexico. It’s terrible. You’ll be in trouble. You’ll really shoot. Otherwise, get out of here. Today, Diaz, that bastard, must be found out!
The crowd stunned the adjutant. This man is not a good crop, but a grandnephew named Gluck of Dias. With Dias behind him, he has always been bullying. He is used to seeing at least hundreds of people rushing towards the army. Gluck turned green when he cried.
It would be a disaster if they rushed to the car and took themselves!
Gruk gritted his teeth and roared, "Order to open fire immediately and kill this group of bandits. * * * * * Don’t give them a little power to see if they don’t know Ma Wangye’s eyes!"
As soon as Gluck ordered the truck’s heavy machine guns to roar, Commander, the truck side by side with four heavy machine guns started shooting wildly!
The demonstrators around never dreamed that this group of soldiers actually dared to shoot them! These are all students, workers and legal demonstrations! Even Diaz would never dare to shoot!
However, Gluck did this with a fierce roar of heavy machine guns, sweeping hundreds of demonstrators in front of him into a piece of casualties!
Gluck roared, "Order all the military and police to dispatch immediately and arrest all the troublemakers, especially the leaders."
The demonstrators are in a mess now. It’s terrible that they have dispatched troops and moved heavy machine guns. This is a massacre!
Just blink of an eye, more than 300 people have fallen in a pool of blood, and the demonstrators have fled in a hubbub. Facing the huge threat of heavy machine guns, unarmed civilians dare to continue to attack!
Behind them, the military and police began to act, waving their weapons and seeing an arrest in a blink of an eye. At least a hundred people had been handcuffed by the military and police. Almost everyone was bloody and shot, and some were injured by batons or gun butts.
The student workers were completely dispersed, and the whole presidential palace was cleaned. Gluck shouted coldly, "Send a letter to the president immediately, saying that there are no demonstrators outside the presidential palace. What should I do for the time being? Ask his old man for instructions!"
presidential palace
Diaz mercilessly dropped the glass and roared angrily "Gluck, you * * * * * are an asshole! That’s hundreds of lives, hundreds of lives! "
Now Diaz is in a state of death, and the situation is so turbulent and sensitive that this Gluck dares to publicly order the number of shooting deaths and injuries, even the street outside the presidential palace has been dyed red! It’s so bad that it’s so bad that who can resist the next demonstration like a storm?
A person may have to be abruptly ousted by this group of people!
Dias kicked Gluck, who had just walked in, in an somersault. "You’re a loser. You’re going to drive your old dad to a dead end. Who told you to shoot? If you are still so daring to shoot, it won’t be an hour or two before the whole Mexican will know. One day later, the whole world will know that we have slaughtered hundreds of demonstrators! Can you afford such a responsibility? "
Now Gluck is dumbfounded. I didn’t expect things to be so serious!
Gluck muttered, "President, no, Grandpa, isn’t this your afternoon order? Someone immediately shot and bloody suppressed without listening to advice …"
Dias strangled Gluck now, and his mind was full of hate for iron and not to produce. "You are so stupid! That’s always angry words! Don’t you understand? Is this bloody massacre in the cultural society to arouse international attention or to slaughter our own unarmed compatriots? You, you just wait! "
Gluck also began to tremble in his heart and quickly asked, "Grandpa, what shall we do now?"
Dias looked at how Gluck’s own hero I met such a waste descendant! Compared with his father, it’s much worse!
Diasnay said, "If it weren’t for our family, you’d be a direct grandson. I’d kill you now. Some people are angry! Now get out of Mexico City and flee to the north as far as you can. You’d better run to your father’s place and hide there. I’ll take care of the rest. If you show up, you’ll die! Get out! "
Now Diaz’s nephew Felix is the governor of New Mexico, and tens of thousands of troops are in charge in northern Mexico. Diaz’s right-hand man is there, and Felix is the local tyrant. No one can care that he ran to New Mexico and stayed away from Mexico City, so that Gluck could escape with his father’s protection!
Gluck didn’t dare to put a fart now. He hurriedly took a team and didn’t dare to stay for a moment and ran out of Mexico City.
Toluca, the capital of Mexican state.
Now Sevakins is going crazy with anger. He has just been reported by Mexico City that Diaz government suddenly sent out hungry, and the army massacred the demonstrators. More than 400 people were killed or injured, and hundreds more were arrested and imprisoned!
"Bastard! Diaz, you bastard! These are all Mexicans! My compatriots! "
Chapter one thousand five hundred and twelve Emergency response
Zhang yi returns
Just as the war in the three directions of northeast, southeast and northeast of the three northeastern provinces was rekindled, Zhang Yi rushed back to Fengtian by ship. This time, Zhang Yike took blood and rented a whole passenger ship from the British caravan. It took less than four days to get back from Guangzhou to Jinzhou as quickly as possible.
Zhang Yideng went to Jinzhou and even gave up the train directly. Jinzhou took two batches of Xiongjun steeds all the way back to Shengjing and directly entered the general office. Now Xu Huaijin is the only one left in charge of the overall situation. Zhang Yihu and others have been sent out. Now the situation is too tight.
Xu Huaijin was overjoyed to see Zhang Yi return and hugged Zhang Yiyin. "The instructor finally came back …"
Zhang Yi saw that Xu Huaijin was deeply immersed in the eye socket, and there was a burst of bitterness in his heart. When he left, Xu Huaijin was alone for three or four months. It was hard to defend the three provinces. This can be faced with the attack of two powerful countries. Even if he were himself, he would never feel relaxed.
Zhang Yi patted Xu Huaijin on the shoulder and sighed, "Huai Jin really worked hard, but he can finally relax when he comes back this time."
Xu Huaijin quickly told Zhang Yi about the current war situation. Zhang Yi’s frown is too serious. At present, Heilongjiang has already married 70,000 troops of the Russian Far East Army. Now only the first division and the sixth division in Heilongjiang add two towns and border troops, but 40,000 people. Ba Gen also rushed to Fengtian Road. Jilin has now entered two reorganization divisions, more than 30,000 Japanese troops, and North Korea is close to 50,000 troops. Now the army has arrived in Kuandian, ready to attack. Zhang Yihu only led the third and fourth divisions to defend; There are more than 30 thousand Russian Cossack cavalry in Yushan overseas, where Zheng Hao’s fifth division is now defending.
So distributed to four battlefields, except Jilin, one battlefield has a strategic advantage, and there are many differences in strength. The six divisions plus artillery divisions and cavalry divisions to which Fengtian belongs are only 134,000, but now the Russian army alone has exceeded 100,000, and the Japanese army has also made 10,000, and the gap in the trend of increasing troops is too obvious.
Zhang Yi frowned. "Huai Jin can’t arrange troops like this. Our strength is scattered. Except for Jilin, a battlefield has an overwhelming advantage, and the strength is weak. It is difficult for us to win this battle."
Xu Huaijin wry smile "way, once this group of bandits enter Lu Shao to kill and rob evil, it may not make the three northeastern provinces weakened. We just laid some foundations and can’t just be destroyed by the students. We are preparing to set up two divisions to put the students in the armament school into the battlefield, so that our chances of winning will be slightly better."
Zhang Yi shook his head. "No, military strength is the only way to protect our vitality. Some bottles and cans have been smashed. We can rebuild them, but our elite will be ruined, even if we stay in the family business."
Zhang Yi grabbed the map. "Huai Jin, look at the fact that the Heilongjiang army is too close to the border now. The sparsely populated here can guarantee the value of giving Wu Peifu and Zhao Shixiao orders to fight and surrender. It is necessary to be able to hold off the Russian army and protect the two big cities of Qiqihar Harbing; Ordered Ba Gen cavalry division to temporarily stop going to Heilongjiang and turn to Yanbian, Jilin, and March to Yanbian in the shortest time. Tang Keqiang’s eldest brother joined forces to gain firepower advantage, and the two Japanese divisions will annihilate a tiger. The Japanese army must face each other across the river for ten days and a half, and the Japanese army will not be able to endure our third and fourth divisions. Shanhaijian City can defend a fifth division in Zheng Hao. The small ability is good and the problem is too big. We must work hard to deal with the Japanese army in Jilin and then make room to deal with the two battlefields of Shanhai and Russian troops. Once we win, we don’t have to worry about the Russian-Japanese military pressure! "
Xu Huaijin nodded. "Instructor Yu Shixiao’s pressure on Heilongjiang is not too great. Follow-up support is like this. Finally, I don’t know how many people were killed in this war …"
Zhang Yi smiled. "What is Huai Jin afraid of? Our first division has come from the Korean battlefield, and its elite combat power is absolutely capable of withstanding."
Xu Huaijin’s eyes flashed, "Instructor, it is better to directly transfer a tiger to Heilongjiang. After all, the first division is more handy to command. Wu Peifu is transferred back to defend Mukden."
Zhang yi nodded "good just do it? Let Zhang Yihu rush to Heilongjiang immediately, and let Wu Peifu return to Fengtian immediately after Zhang Yihu arrives to prepare for the formation of the seventh division and the first division! "
Xu Huaijin nodded. "Well, let Kuandian Li Gang Mo Qi preside over Feng Tianfang first. I believe that there will be no big problem under our noses in a short time. However, the Japanese army in North Korea has been sending more troops like this, but we are worried about it. According to Japanese intelligence, the Japanese army intends to make six divisions in North Korea, and now two divisions are going to enter North Korea. We are under too much pressure."
Zhang Yi smiled coldly. "It’s time for us to make the first order. Cang Lang’s first team immediately sneaked into Japan in disguise to assassinate senior officials of the Japanese Ministry together with Commander-in-Chief ōyama Iwao, so that we can’t press the province! On the first day of two dog, Lingqing, how many arms have we shipped? The troops are all supported and given to 2,000. Let’s immediately start to mess up Taiwan Province, unite with Liu Yongfu to attack Taiwan Province, and attract the follow-up army to Taiwan Province! "
Xu Huaijin this just rest assured that this arrangement can finally make people sleep a good night’s sleep. Zhang Yi answered "Huai Jin informed the armament school to inspect the armament school and issued a general mobilization order to form the seventh division and the first division; Wu Peifu, the commander of the seventh division, was filled by the students of the armament school; The division commander is selected from the armament school! Let the elites of this armament school really experience a war! " Xu Huaijin mused, "Instructors will arrange for people to post notices in Fengtian to announce the general mobilization so that you will openly inspect the news of the armament school. This time, we will make a vigorous patriotic upsurge among ordinary people!"
Chapter one thousand five hundred and thirteen Roosevelt
A stone stirred up a thousand waves of Diaz’s government. A massacre in Mexico City caused hundreds of casualties and hundreds of arrests, which caused an uproar.
Sevakins was furious, you son of a bitch! He Diaz really has to do it!
On the same day, Sevakins directly issued a strong condemnation of the bad behavior of the Diaz government. Diaz is no longer worthy to represent Mexico and call on the people of the country to unite and oust Diaz from power to re-elect a new president.
At the same time, dozens of professors at Burns University, including President Baines, jointly signed a strong condemnation of Diaz’s bad behavior.
Not only that, Yang Du encouraged Baines to unite with more than a dozen Mexican university presidents or well-known professors to launch the anti-Di movement and urged Diaz to hold a general election to elect a new president.
At that time, Diaz became the target of public criticism, and everyone pointed their finger at Diaz, who had been in charge of Mexico for more than 20 years.
The president’s office hasn’t stopped reporting since Diaz drove Gluck away. Almost everyone condemned Diaz, and now even Americans don’t want to support him on this matter. It’s too bad. Americans who have always advertised freedom and democracy don’t want to slap themselves in the face on this matter.
Diaz has a headache now, and he keeps explaining to the outside world that the massacre was not out of his intention, but that the face of the people made decisions privately, and there was absolutely no intention from him! Yu Da ordered Gluck to abscond from the presidential palace, and it was the first time that Gluck was wanted. He must be tried in public to explain to the people!
But are all others stupid?
Gluck is Diaz’s nephew. Did he acquiesce in Gluck’s shooting? Even without Diaz’s acquiescence, Diaz can offer Gluck? That’s an only child of the Diaz family!
Mexican governors from all walks of life angrily rejected Diaz’s explanation that Gluck must be called out at the first time and that Gluck must resign and Mexico should elect a new leader!
Diaz was completely pushed into a dead end, not only forced by the country.
On the third day after the incident, Zhang Yi, President of the Republic of China, delivered a speech strongly condemning the Diaz government’s bloody repression regardless of people’s lives, and at the same time condemning the American government’s troops in Hufei, Mexico, which caused strong indignation among the Mexican people. The US team should withdraw from neighboring countries and truly improve Mexico’s image as a world power!
No sooner had Zhang Yi’s speech been delivered than it was echoed by his country.
German emperor William II first jumped out and expressed his concern about the bad behavior of the US team in Mexico. He hoped that the US government could handle it correctly and not take a big blow.

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