For me, when I encounter a monster, my choice must be to stay away from it or get rid of it. Apart from these two choices, I have never given myself a third choice.
Dan Tai glass nai look at me and then exchange eyes with grandma without saying anything more.
Silently, after lunch together, I returned to the hotel road, and it was only in Dan Tai that I realized the matter of keeping white fox again.
I asked my grandmother that the Dan Tai glass discussion was very good.
Look at grandma’s United front with Dan Tai glass. I barely nodded. I should pay more attention to the fact that I’m not a demon catcher and I can’t keep a monster.
At the moment, my grandmother and I are sitting around the round table in Dan Tai, and the white fox is lying quietly on the table.
There is sunlight coming in through the window, which just covers the white fox’s body completely.
I looked at the white fox indifferently and asked if the white fox would like to follow me. The white fox kept quiet and nodded slightly for a while.
Look at the white fox nodding. I look at Dan Tai Glass. I don’t know anything about keeping monsters. Naturally, I need further instructions from Dan Tai Glass.
Dan Tai glass got up from his seat and a sharp dagger appeared in his hand. He came to my side and decided that the dagger would scratch my right middle finger.
After the blood overflowed from the wound in the middle finger of my right hand, Dan Tai Li put her left hand around my waist and her right hand held my right hand to point out the position of the white fox’s forehead and heart, and Dan Tai Li immediately recited the Yong long spell.
As Dan Tai Li recited the spell, I felt very dizzy.
When this dizzy feeling struck, I saw me and Dan Tai Li Baihu holding Dan Tai Li’s left hand around my waist and my right hand holding my right hand to point out the position of the white fox’s forehead and heart, and Dan Tai Li’s body shape quickly rotated around the white fox into a ghosting image.
As the blood of the middle finger of my right hand seeps into the white fox’s forehead and heart, the white fox body suddenly generate has a strong need, and the snow-white hair emits a bright blue light at the pupil, and the looming blue streamer appears.
The white fox burst out with a strong demon spirit, which made it difficult for me to breathe. The strong dizziness made me feel sick on the spot.
Just when I felt that I was about to lose it, I saw the white fox burst out with a strong demon spirit and quickly came back into the body. The hair gave off a bright light and gradually faded at the pupil, and the blue streamer that appeared was looming again.
With such changes in the white fox, Dan Tai and I surrounded the white fox and slowed down a lot.
When the white fox burst out with a strong demon, the hair came back into the body and gave off a bright light, and I felt dizzy and scattered
At this time, I saw that Dan Tai Glass and I were holding the Dan Tai Glass by the round table, and the left hand was holding my waist and the right hand was holding my right hand, pointing out the position of the white fox’s forehead and heart, and the posture remained unchanged. The white fox was lying quietly on the table, and grandma was sitting at the round table and noting me and Dan Tai Glass White Fox.
Everything is as illusory as what I saw and felt when I just encountered a whirlwind.
When my dizziness disappeared, Dan Tai Lisong imprisoned my waist, and my left hand took out a three-centimeter-long blood-red jade pillar from my pocket, then pinched my right index finger and squeezed the wound of my right index finger, spilling blood from the wound again and dripping it on the jade pillar surface.
At this time, the white fox automatically leaned toward the Dan Tai glass to head. The Dan Tai glass dagger broke the skin of the white fox’s forehead and heart, and then the blood flowing out of the white fox’s forehead and heart also dripped on the jade column surface.
Yuzhu suddenly generate light moment that light disappeared again.
Dan Tai glass handed me the jade pillar and said that it was the white fox’s body after the jade pillar.
Know that I and the white fox servant should have reached an agreement. I took the jade pillar and put it on the table. Give me a small bottle of powder to stop the bleeding of the white fox before Dan Tai glass.
I just sprinkled the powder on the center of the white fox’s forehead when I suddenly heard a roundabout way of saying thank you, master.
When I heard the sound, I knew it was made by the white fox at the first moment. I was so shocked that I shivered directly by spilling the powder in my hand all over the face of the white fox.
Dan Tai Liangliang spray smile grandma shook her head and smiled. White fox and I looked at each other.

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