"Email, why do I feel that you are gloating?"
"Little master, I have some bad news for you."
"What’s the matter? Isn’t everything going well? "
"Miss Kerr put herself on the alert so that you can get all her memories, which means that her two personalities gradually merge and eventually become which personality or which personality accounts for a large proportion. There is no guarantee."
"Email! Didn’t you tell me this would happen again? What is personality integration? "
"Last night, the success of the email method was due to the lack of spirit of the young master, but today, the email can be determined because of the two personality opposites of Miss Kerr. Together, they have built a line of defense to prevent others from passing through. Now they seem to have reached an agreement, so the young master can know Miss Kerr’s memory."
"Do you know which of these two personalities has the wind now?"
"I’m sorry that little master email doesn’t know."
If email is a real entity, Longyou really wants to carry her over and give her a good beating. In case Chloe becomes that cold, he would rather that she can’t remember what happened all her life. He can just investigate slowly.
"We won’t know until Miss Kerr wakes up." Mei Er said with great koo that these things are legal avoidance. She didn’t mean not to tell the young master why she blamed others. Mei Er didn’t care!
"Well, we can wait until Chloe wakes up." Longyou has given up himself to explore secrets. This road is full of pits and he has jumped one after another.
Longyou loosened Chu Er and Kerr’s hand, and Chu Er opened his eyes as soon as he got there. "Did Brother Xiaolong succeed?"
"It’s not particularly clear that we will know when Chloe wakes up." Longyou doesn’t want to deprive Chu Er and Chloe of hope and of course himself.
So the night passed longer than the last, and Longyou imagined all kinds of possibilities. If she became the former Miranda Kerr, would she forget what happened after they met? Would she still be his Kerr?
Chapter 131 Fusion
Miranda Kerr felt like she was in an ocean, and there was another self floating next to her.
"Chloe, I’m Miranda" is Miranda Kerr’s personality before amnesia.
"Who are you? Why am I here? " Chloe seems a little afraid of her husband. Why not save her?
"I’m you, you’re me, and we’re the same person." Miranda sounded tired and didn’t seem to last long.
"I am you?" Chloe seems to be speaking in Miranda dialect. Are they really in common?
"I was you before you lost your memory, but I’d rather never show up."
"What? Are you having a bad time? "
"No, of course not." Miranda smiled bitterly. "Do you know how much the godfather’s daughter is responsible for? I have lived since I was a child. In my father’s training, he said that his daughter would die if she didn’t learn to save her life. I made myself strong day after day, but I couldn’t get him a compliment. He gave me nothing but cold eyes and words. "
"Can you tell him?" Chloe looks naive, but Miranda can’t stand it the most. She has no childhood, no innocence, and there is endless darkness and no light in her world.
When she lost her memory because of being assassinated and developed a second personality, she didn’t really disappear. She just watched quietly and watched Chloe. How happy she was to see that Chu Er and Longyou were good to her? What was that person in the dark? What, no one came to help her?
Miranda couldn’t help asking herself that she would appear in front of Chu Er, but she was able to accept Chloe and accept what she had. She really had to accept her fate. She was going to disappear completely and give Chloe control of her body.
"You don’t understand. You didn’t have me. You wouldn’t understand. I’m leaving now. I hope you can live better without me."
"Wait, I’m incomplete without you." Chloe quickly stopped Miranda. Actually, she envied Miranda, but she couldn’t do what she couldn’t do. Many times she couldn’t be strong.
"Do you want me? Your friends hate me. "
"They don’t hate you, they just don’t know you. When they know you, they will like you."
"Really?" Miranda finds it hard to believe that anyone still needs her? She’s gone, and those people will hunt her down. Miranda Kerr is not a father. She needs her daughter for so many years of training.
"Yeah, so you can’t leave. You have to stay and let them know what you are like."
"Thank you, Chloe, but I know they still like you more."
"Do you still want to go?"
"If you don’t want me to go, I’ll stay with you. I’ll show up to protect you when you need me."
"will I become as powerful as you?"
"We’re here alone, but you’re my eternal type."
"We are one person. You have to be with me all the time. You have to protect me, Miranda."
"Chloe, aren’t you pushing your luck a bit?"
"No, it’s not. It’s so hard to give it to you because you believe Miranda. Do you still live up to my letter?"
"Chloe, you know that’s not what I meant."
"And we have to work together to take good care of our husbands."
"Then you are the husband, not my husband."
"Didn’t you say that we are one person? Miranda, you can’t go back on your word so quickly. "
"Chloe, it seems that I really underestimated you before." I actually bypassed her. This Xiao Ni is really not simple.
"Well, we have to live in peace, Miranda." Chloe held out her hand to Miranda.
"Peace" Miranda took Chloe’s hand and made an agreement.
On the other side of the real world
"Is Little Dragon Brother Keer awake?" Because the former also consumed Chu Er’s spirit institute, she quickly fell asleep after returning to her room, and it was already the next morning when she woke up.
"Not yet." Longyou was worried about Chloe’s current situation, but Mei Er promised that it was normal, saying that there was nothing when personality integration was needed.
Chu Er looked anxiously at Chloe lying in bed. As a result, Chloe woke up with her eyes fixed on her.
"Brother Xiaolong, look at Chloe waking up."
"Chloe, how do you feel?"
"Husband …" Chloe threw herself into Longyou’s arms and burst into tears. Only after she merged with Miranda did she know how much Miranda had suffered as a child. She couldn’t help but feel sad. No wonder she became so indifferent.
"Chloe, do you still recognize me?"
"You are my husband. How can I not recognize you?" Chloe took a white look at Longyou, which finally reassured Longyou that he didn’t leave, and she was still his Chloe.
Longyou hugged Chu Er and Chloe. This is his woman. He once vowed to protect them.
"Chloe, have you recovered your memory?" Longyou carefully asked
Chloe hesitated and nodded. "Well, I already know my identity. I’m the little princess of the Ku Klan in the United States, the daughter of Riise, the godfather of the gang."
Chu Er didn’t expect Chloe’s position to be so big that he seemed to be unworthy of Little Dragon’s elder brother.
"Are you going back to America?"
"Chinese people don’t have a saying called’ marry a chicken, marry a dog and follow a dog’. You are my husband. Where can I go back? Of course, wherever you go, I will go. "After Chloe merged Miranda’s personality, she gradually changed to the style of royal elder sister, and her proud attribute became more and more obvious.

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