Congratulations to Martial Uncle Dan Dacheng, a group of younger brothers, and no matter what Guo Xiaosi just said, they all bowed down one by one. For them, it is a desire and difficult for them to complete the knot.
Guo Xiaosi gave you all up, and then looked at Wu Jiao doubtfully and asked how these disciples could be here now. Is it Zongmen’s command?
Wu jiao in distress situation explained some kind of Guo Xiaosi heart to Guo Xiaosi. These bastards actually want to make a fortune in chaos. Unfortunately, how can Dan medicine be placed in this temple?
Joking and joking, a younger brother flew at a gallop, but also kowtowed first to congratulate Martial Uncle Dan Dacheng.
Get up. What’s the matter? Guo Xiaosi asked when he saw that this man didn’t want to take advantage of the disorderly hair.
The younger brother hurried back to Uncle Guo’s patriarch’s adult, Uncle Guo moved to the patriarch hall, and all the grandmasters were waiting for Uncle Guo’s hand.
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Accept punishment
At this time, Zhao Yang called him to the patriarch’s hall, which should be linked with this time. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an urgent matter at this moment. According to the rules of Changhuai Sect, he should inform Zongmen when his younger brother was preparing to knot Dan, and then the patriarch ordered ten grandmasters to escort the younger brother to Yingjie Valley to help him tide over the knot Dan. However, Guo Xiaosi didn’t inform anyone and finished the knot Dan in the Tianzihao alchemy room of Taixu Temple. I’m afraid it would be criticized.
But on this matter, you have to face it. You can’t escape for a while. Guo Xiaosi took a coat and wiped some stains off his face. He nodded at the younger brother and said, I know you. Go back and tell Zhao Zongzhu first and say that I, Guo Xiaosi, will arrive later.
Guo Xiaosi, the washware in the alchemist’s room, hurriedly finished washing and picked it up for Wu Jiao first, and then waited for him to come back to discuss the reconstruction of Taixu Temple. Since Ding Haihui Guo Xiaosi became his nominal master, he wouldn’t let him get some Dan medicine in vain on weekdays. At this moment, it is more appropriate for him to let Ding Haihui assist Wu Jiao in clearing up the ruins here.
After everything here, let the younger brothers disperse. Guo Xiaosi just rushed to the patriarch hall and met his master brother. He pointed at him and said something at a distance. Guo Xiaosi knew what they were saying, but he was too lazy to go and walked straight towards the patriarch hall.
Patriarch hall has reached dozens of grandmasters. Patriarch Zhao Yang sat in his seat and saw Guo Xiaosi. He got up and handed over and laughed. Teacher Guo made a great contribution to Cocoa.
This is something to celebrate for Zongmen. After all, the master of the Danmen period symbolizes the strength of Zongmen to some extent. Now Guo Xiaosi’s Dandacheng is also a thing for Changhuai Sect. A patriarch of Zhao Yang still knows something.
Guo Shi Jie Dan Dacheng Coco congratulates the rest of the masters, all of whom hand in hand and congratulate each other. Their faces are exposed or excited or despised or jealous, but their mouths are strangely consistent, including several masters who were very dissatisfied with Guo Xiaosi just now, and they didn’t say anything unpleasant at the moment.
Guo Xiaosi thanked him one by one, but he also knew that after these congratulations, I’m afraid he would be held accountable, so he made a ceremony without waiting for Zhao Yang’s mouth, saying that it was accidental for Patriarch Zhao Guo to bear the burden of Dan and destroy the temple of Taixu, but he still hoped that Patriarch Zhao should not be punished for favoritism because Guo didn’t know it. I’m afraid Zhao Yang and others didn’t even think of favoritism at all. This worry is simply unnecessary.
No, Guo Xiaosi expected Zhao Yang to be at a loss when he heard this. Teacher Guo didn’t know what was going on.
Guo Xiaosi should laugh back to the patriarch’s adult, Guo, who was practicing in Tianzihao alchemy room in Taixu Temple that day. He felt that the whole spiritual force kept surging at that time, but he didn’t want to get close to Dan, so he didn’t report to Zongmen, and the cloud had been robbed. Guo was forced to make Dan in Tianzihao alchemy room. Fortunately, it was pity that Guo was blessed by the ancestors of Zongmen, but it was also lucky for Guo that three days of thunder came to Taixu Temple, but it was also because of Guo’s Dan that Zhao Zong was attending Guo’s crime.
Zhao Yang paced a few steps to severely punish Guo Xiaosi, which was his plan, but now Guo Xiaosi took the initiative to make him do something difficult. The bigger Guo Xiaosi talked about his fault, the more difficult he felt in Zhao Yang, so he paced and pondered to destroy the Taixu Temple. However, Guo Xiaosi said that he was ignorant, and it was not good to punish him too much. But if he didn’t punish him, he would go to Zongdai again.
Since the merger of the two clans in the North and the South on the 21st, Zhao Yang has not taken any new measures to display its prestige. The fact that Guo Xiaosi is now a good place has given him an opportunity. He wants to take advantage of this opportunity to severely punish Guo Xiaosi for regaining his prestige among the clans. However, Guo Xiaosi’s position has made it difficult for him to make a decision and he can’t think of a better way.
Seeing that it is difficult for Zhao Yang to control Liu Yangdao to step forward and hand over to the patriarch, according to the patriarchal rules, Guo Zongshi should be removed from his position first and then put in some territories outside the patriarchal clan. Now Guo Zongshi has recognized himself and hopes that the patriarch will do it impartially.
Guo Xiaosi knew that Liu Yang Dao and Zhao Yang were wearing the same pair of trousers, and that he wanted Zhao Yang to be the good COP. It was not surprising that Zhao Yang borrowed Poe’s donkey to cough when he saw people’s answers. But Master Guo was a master of alchemy in Changhuai, and he could not easily get rid of the position of master. However, according to the patriarchal clan rules, Master Guo should take charge of the Taixu Temple and put it in the Jinshi Manor, 300 miles away from Shanxi, Yan. In this year, he had to leave the position of master Guo, Wu Jiao, to take charge of the Zongmen outside Yan Mountain.
Liu Yang Road surrendered to the patriarch’s great life, but the Taixu Temple was destroyed and needed to be rebuilt. I hope the patriarch’s adult will send someone to build it as soon as possible.
Zhao nodded. Taixu Temple is an important town in Changhuai Sect. We can’t rashly protect Liu. It’s also up to you to build Taixu Temple. When the Taixu Temple is rebuilt in March, I will lead all the masters to visit it.
Rebuilding the Taixu Temple is a fat job. Zhao Yangran gave this job to Liu Yangdao, and it is not clear whether they will install any hands and feet when rebuilding the Taixu Temple. However, it will take a year to check it. But just now, Zhao Yang said that he should not leave the Jinshi Manor without leave for one year. After half a year, he has made an appointment in Yan Hong Wu Ya Bund to ask him for magic weapons and array equipment. If Zhao Yang really says that, wouldn’t it be a breach of promise?
Guo Xiaosi was thinking about his own affairs, and everyone had already dispersed. Liu Yangdao walked up to him and patted Guo Xiaosi on the shoulder and smiled. Master Guo walked away. I’ll introduce you to the various territories of Changhuai Sect outside Yan Mountain, and you are about to go to the Jinshi Manor. You know, it’s a lot easier to do things there in detail.
This Guo Xiaosi said with a straight face that he also told the custodian of Liu a thing or two.
Liu Yangdao burst out laughing. Master Guo must hate me. Just now, I said to the patriarch that it was actually Master Guo. Hello.
Oh, Guo Xiaosi, ha ha, a smile. How do you say this?
Do you know that our Changhuai Sect still has many possessions outside Yan Mountain? Liu Yangdao said in a circle.
Guo Xiaosi nodded, but I heard that all the major doors have some possessions outside the territory. It is not surprising that it is not clear what kind of manor this Guinness Manor is.
Liu Yangdao said with a smile that there is something to do with the Taixu Temple of the Jinshi Manor. Because we cultivate immortality and rely more and more on Dan medicine, the materials of alchemy medicine are becoming more and more scarce. Master Guo must also know that the price of materials has been getting higher and higher in the past hundred years. Many small clans have declined because of the scarcity of materials. Ordinary materials are everywhere, but everyone wants to own them. Therefore, nine large gates have some possessions in various places. Compared with the Golden Manor, Taixu Temple, which is planted with some good medicines, gets less than half of the materials from Zongmen every month.
So Guo Xiaosi heard that this Jinshi Manor is probably a medicinal herb garden. The patriarch asked me to look after this medicinal herb garden.
No, no, no, Liu Yang Road shook his head again and again, saying, Look after this herb garden is the father and daughter of the Jin family, and Master Guo went there to protect the Jin family manor from foreign invasion. Today, look after the Jin family manor is Master Cha, who was put there last year for breaking the clan rules. Now Master Guo is going to take his place.
How can the devil clan dare to go there to plunder Guo Xiaosi? It’s a little surprising that if the devil clan invades the Guinness Manor on a large scale, it’s a big loss to stop the devil clan from wreaking havoc and losing the Guinness Manor.
And since many medicinal materials in the Guinness Manor are not coveted, don’t end up losing the Guinness Manor charge again. Guo Xiaosi thought of this and couldn’t help looking at it. Liu Yangdao felt that this guy was even more terrible than Zhao Yang, and it was more shrewd. Guo Xiaosi, a strongman, was not so afraid, but the most alarming thing was that he was all scheming and didn’t know when this guy would play what tricks.
Liu Yangdao still has a smile on his face. However, even the nine gates are full of bad feelings. However, Master Guo can rest assured that there are no forbidden opponents around the Golden Manor. It is difficult to break this ban without 30 experts in the repair of Dan, and the Golden Manor is not worth sending 30 experts in the repair of Dan. Therefore, even if people want to steal materials from the Golden Manor, they should be able to cope with the past.
Guo Xiaosi was a little relieved to set up a ban near the Jinshi Manor, which was reassuring. Even if the magic clan invaded heavily before they broke the ban, they were still completely sure to run away. Guo Xiaosi thought that it was absolutely no problem to protect the Jinshi Manor. That is another matter. The opponent sent more than 30 experts to protect the Jinshi Manor. I am afraid it is also a drop in the bucket. Don’t lose your car and protect your handsome. Let’s talk about it first.
Chapter two hundred and ten Nine-color flag
The Jinshi Manor is located three hundred miles away in Shanxi, Yan. It is a Jiuli Village in Fiona Fang. However, there are two people in this large manor to take care of it. One of them is over 50 years old, and the other is a girl in her twenties. Although she looks ordinary, she is diligent. What surprised Guo Xiaosi even more is that these two people are all mortals and have no mental strength at all.
At first, Guo Xiaosi also doubted whether the father and daughter could be in contact with him like a cloth hat. In the past few days, the old and young father and daughter were indeed a pair of mortals, but they were not afraid when they saw Xiuxian. According to Liu Yang’s saying, the father and daughter were the rulers of Changhuai Sect, who were responsible for planting medicinal materials in Changhuai Sect. Every year, Guo Xiaosi would send someone to pick up a batch of medicinal materials, and coming here was to protect this Changhuai Sect manor. If foreign enemies came to spy, they would drive him away.
Guo Xiaosi felt that it was unnecessary for Zongmen to send a knot Dan period to cultivate immortality here to look after it. Since the manor has been surrounded by a ban on non-Zongmen, his disciples are not allowed to enter at will, and this ban is stronger. Thirty knot Dan period masters may not be able to break this ban with one blow.
That is to say, the general pest can’t get into this manor, so it’s also something for him to stay in the manor during this period of knot Dan cultivation. Once more than 30 masters of knot Dan period gather here to break the ban, then he can’t be so many masters alone. Opponents who want to go to Guo Xiaosi think it’s difficult to explain, and there must be some conspiracy behind it.
But for now, this is not a threat to the father and daughter of the Kim family. It is rare for Guo Xiaosi to live in the place where Master Cha lived and practice his own kungfu. It is also rare for such a quiet place to practice when he is quiet, which makes Guo Xiaosi feel comfortable.
Although the aura in this Jinshi Manor is not as strong as that in Yan Mountain, it is still a good place to meditate and practice. After the alchemy, you can clearly feel the abdomen abdomen, and then the body is constantly sucked into the aura and quickly transforms these aura into spiritual power and sucks it up.

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