The Hunger heart breeds all doubts this thought.
It was in The Hunger’s heart that such an idea flooded him with horror. Once again, the colorful bird body actually went into the lush foliage. No, it was not into the foliage, but into the tiny branches
Oh, my God. Is it that a terrible name flashed through The Hunger’s mind? He never looked into the field to practice Situhao, but looked for it.
At this time, his heart was full of anxiety and annoyance. He asked himself in his heart what would be a ghost form now?
But on second thought, if it’s not a ghost form, can he really see the other person and see the sacred thing?
Of course, The Hunger embraced himself before he saw the sacred object, and he would be desperate to accept it.
The Hunger four miles after scanning for a long time, but also didn’t find the other to see the colorful bird. His heart was full of loss, and he turned his head and looked at the field to practice Situhao constantly.
Situhao’s figure is still as fast and flickering as before, and every time he appears in an instant, heavy thunder will roll and break.
Situhao is full of excitement about this assassination technique. The speed of this technique can now make him comparable to the attack power of the order force, and I am afraid it will not be lower than that of the seventh order force. The comprehensive strength of lightning strike can make him a match of the order force.
However, this lightning strike is based on pure force, and it can’t be continued for five minutes, and the more it goes to the back, the weaker the attack power will be. In a comprehensive calculation, Situ Hao can’t get rid of a martial artist in two minutes, so he must flee quickly before losing his self-interested strength, otherwise he will be killed by a martial artist.
Situhao has been practicing lightning for more than a minute, which should be said to be the time when his strength is at its peak.
A flash Stuart Hao came to Li Xu again, just outside his body, but suddenly a colorful light shot from the ground and came to him.
Situhao practiced here for three months and was not attacked. Suddenly he jumped up with such a colorful light that he couldn’t help being frightened to disgrace.
The colorful light is not very long. His figure is much smaller than that of Stuart Hao, and when the colorful light is in the middle, it also drags a long tail.
Things happened too suddenly, but Situhao’s reaction was also quite rapid. It was in this instant that he split the thunder blade in his hand and split it into that colorful light.
Sharp and harsh, a powerful Gangfeng came rushing forward, but the colorful light roots were not afraid of those Gangfeng shapes, and they still came rushing forward.
Blink of an eye day crack ray blade that colorful light hit a place is not ringing, but in the sight of a strange scene is to let SiTuHao heart with eyes wide open with horror than to see the brothers weirdo look.
The colorful light of the split-day thunder blade didn’t ring in an instant, and the colorful light didn’t get blown to pieces, but it was tied to the split-day thunder blade. It was also at this time that Situhao saw that the colorful light was actually a small snake. He curled up in the split-day thunder blade and swam forward, holding his head high and spitting black letters at Situhao.
This scene is quite scary. Situhao’s scalp is numb and his body has got a layer of goose bumps.
It’s a terrible thing that this powerful attack force didn’t blow a small snake so hard that it was tied to the lightning blade.
While the small snake is cruising forward, it seems to attack Situhao. Chapter 1 The small snake enters the body.
Situhao was shocked by the scene in front of him, and The Hunger in the flying body was also shocked
Small throw away day crack thunder blade flee The Hunger sent than scary to wake up.
The Hunger shouted to Situhao through his mind. It happened in the instant The Hunger. Situhao immediately followed his words. His right hand slammed directly and threw the lightning blade in his hand forward.
But at this instant, a colorful light flew from the sky to crack the thunder blade, and the colorful snake came to SiTuHao again.
Situhao shouted with a flash of his body and disappeared to Lixu, but just as he was landing, the colorful snake was also haunted by ghosts and continued to pursue him beside him.
Situhao didn’t know that colorful snake was faster than his flash speed at this time.
Blink colorful little dizzy from SiTuHao body less than ten feet.
Situhao at this time also can not consider of the seven seven one right hand into a fist, fenglei crazy volume strength to attack the small snake.
Wind and thunder, the little snake was not afraid to directly meet Situhao’s fist.
Situhao didn’t expect the little snake to react like this, but in this fight, Situhao is also quite clear. This little snake is not afraid to attack it with a powerful lightning strike technique. What’s worse, it has a pair of fists.
I want to know this. Situhao quickly shrinks his fists and slightly bends his feet. He quickly displays the flicker method. By disappearing, Situhao has reached Lixu.
But at this instant Situhao saw a flash of colorful light and a heavy fist in his right hand, and the colorful snake immediately disappeared in the middle.
The Hunger exclaimed in shock.
Situhao saw the colorful snake suddenly disappear in front of him, and his heart was full of doubts, but he was afraid that the terrible colorful snake would once again use several flicker methods to pick up the lightning blade from the place, and then he flew back to the field and looked around the lightning blade.
Small sky crack thunder blade
Grandpa, that little snake will come back to attack me again. Situhao said in shock.
The Hunger can be described as a crafty old scoundrel, but Situhao is also ashamed and skinless. Although they have been in trouble because of this incident, how did these two guys get along with each other before nothing happened? How do they still get along now?

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