Hong Tianxiao, the patriarch of Tianchimen, is here.
Hong Tianxiao suddenly heard his name, and his body tensed instantly. The first thought in his heart turned out to be that he turned and fled directly, but he hesitated a little. He still saluted in a disguised way one step ago. Hong Tianxiao is here to see your honor. This strange voice is absolutely disguised.
When Meng Fei Road Block first entered the dead sea area, he needed a topographic map of the dead sea area and the distribution map of Zongmen’s power. He didn’t ask for it at all, but ordered his strong will not to change.
This toughness is based on absolute strength.
But at the moment, I’m afraid people know that in their eyes, Meng Fei, who is overbearing and tough, is at his weakest moment.
Destroy the world, Lei Zhu, but it can seriously hurt the statue. How can this fierce thing, Meng Fei, be bombarded by his face without any harm?
At this time, his physical skills have already been completely exhausted. He is in a strong state of mind to make himself behave calmly and not show any different colors.
At this moment, the Yuan God is concentrating on refining the Lingshi, and his strength is rapidly recovering.
But at this time, even an ordinary junior true gentleman will make Meng Feifa parry.
However, his action of lightly killing Baoshan old man with a smiling tiger has obviously deterred people from thinking differently about him without practicing.
This is Meng Fei’s plan, and he has obviously succeeded.
Hong Tianxiao was slightly silent, and his hand flashed slightly. He took two jade slips, and his hands served the road. The map of the dead sea area of the adult was distributed, and both of them were depicted and explained.
Giving Meng Fei these secrets is bound to be a crime, but he has no choice or waiting for him will be the rage of Meng Fei Thunder.
Choose the lesser of the two evils. He should do it at this moment.
Meng Fei whisked a recruit to start with two jade slips and put a hint of knowledge into them to check them silently.
He doesn’t dare to leave, but he can bow his head in the distance.
A moment later, Meng Fei nodded slowly and told the jade slips that the dead sea area had been practicing for several years to get away from Tianchimen, and it was necessary to get a copy of the information seat.
For the first time, Hong Tianxiao’s performance is even more simply to take several jade slips directly.
When Meng Fei looked at it again, it was longer than the last time. He looked up and frowned slightly.
Tianchimen has found a lot of information, but most of them are catching shadows, and nothing is credible.
He waved HongTianXiao disguised terms upon this just back.
It is found that at this moment his heart is slightly relieved.
After this period, the buffer Meng Fei’s physical strength has gradually recovered to a few percent, and he has passed the most dangerous moment with the addition of the demon armor and black sword.
And then he suddenly looked up to the distant sea, where it seemed that the road was very frightening and the breath was coming here, and it seemed that he could not stay any longer.
Start with Baoshan old man’s smiling tiger ring, then step directly into the white light and disappear in an instant.
Hong Tianxiao watched Meng Fei go away and the figure gradually disappeared in the line of sight. Suddenly, with a low mouth, Xinghe immediately called the elite gate elite to take refuge with Zong, and let the city practice horse separation.
The dead sea area is turbulent, but any ability will prepare you for your retreat, but Tianchimen is also ready
It’s good that Tianchimen offended the cat door today, but Yun Feng will never let them go if he doesn’t leave, even it will be late.
Gu Xinghe disguised terms should be turned to control the light and hurried away.
Looking at the surrounding exit in haste, Hong Tianxiao’s eyes are full of worries and sighs, mumbling that the dead sea area will even set off a bloody storm again.
Some abandoned island, the wind roared and the yellow sand covered the sky, bringing a harsh whine.
Over-exploitation of cultivation resources has caused the island’s spiritual power of heaven and earth to be exhausted, which has made the climate of this huge island in the sea extremely bad. Except for the life of a few low-level cultivation ordinary people, the ability migration has left.
Today, however, a stunning rainbow is roaring overseas, and its speed is extremely fast, and it directly enters this abandoned island.
The man with blue robe and black eyes is Meng Fei.
His eyes swept away and raised his hand slightly. Suddenly, several swords and mans were lasered and shot into Fang Gufeng, and a simple cave foot was chiseled, and the figure directly entered the backhand cloth ban.
Sitting cross-legged in the cave, Meng Fei raised his hand and looked at the palm of his hand. His face was extremely gloomy.
After the blood symbol is integrated into his body, it sends out a faint breath of yin and cold from time to time, which obviously plays a certain role in pointing out his whereabouts.
In cloud flying, the practice of runes is obviously said by Baoshan’s old population that the chief of Tianjizong can be comparable to Zun’s super-strong practice in Yun Feng.
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