However, an alchemist needs materials for an alchemist, and the quality of materials for an alchemist will directly affect the quality of the alchemist. The temperature of the three alchemists is very different. Although Guo Xiaosi has never been to the Tianzihao alchemist’s room, I guess the alchemist there must be dozens or hundreds of times more than the three alchemists.
After the blast furnace, you have to wait for the materials. Like general Jin Chuang Pills, pyrotechnics need materials. Generally, you need some hemostatic drugs. Mountain grass can be successfully refined. This is very effective for general trauma. Guo Xiaosi was attacked by Jin Miao, but it was an ordinary dagger. If it was a high-order multiplier, then Guo Xiaosi would not be sitting in front of an blast furnace and looking at an alchemist at this moment.
I’m afraid Jin Miao didn’t want to move the instrument at that time, because once the instrument triggered psychic force, Guo Xiaosi would be alarmed. To be on the safe side, he decided to use an ordinary dagger, which was sharp enough, although it kept breaking the stone, but Guo Xiaosi’s vigilance was never released, so he failed to get it.
Guo Xiaosi looked through more than ten methods of refining some common elixirs. The method of refining extremely elixirs is a method of refining nothing. I didn’t find any information about finding elixirs. I saw that he wanted to throw these alchemists all over the place into the blast furnace to let these Hwa-Sung Do ashes.
But he still patiently came back to the Tibetan pavilion and continued to look through it.
Guo Xiaosi couldn’t help exclaiming that his face had been exposed for a long time and he didn’t smile. If it weren’t for the small cabinet, he would like to turn it over twice.
This thin film tells the essentials of the method of refining and finding elixir
But after seeing a little bit of Guo Xiaosi’s crazy expression in front of him, I’m afraid it’s not so easy to find an elixir. It’s just that the materials are numerous and precious, which makes him blindsided. The rest of the medicinal materials are easy to say, but the three herbs are extremely difficult to find.
One thousand-year-old Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. is one of the main drugs, and the number of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. is relatively rare. It is extremely difficult to find human figures. I’m afraid that a shop with such a large medicinal material as Ximenqi’s family can also be scaled up.
Yu Yulu Pill is even more rare. This body is made of sable eye, wolf head and Dendrobium candidum. Needless to say, wolf head is a rare material, and Dendrobium candidum is even more precious than extremely hard to find.
In the end, it is hard to get the main medicine, red scorpion powder, which is scraped from the pliers of red scorpion. The pliers are even smaller, but it is more difficult to refine an elixir, which requires red scorpion powder but needs pigeon egg size.
No wonder it takes a long time for Master Bai Tianya Bai to find an elixir every time, and it takes half a year to collect the materials. In the process of finding an elixir, the failure rate is as high as 30%. Master Bai, an alchemist like this, still has a failure rate of 30%. Guo Xiaosi can’t imagine how long it will take him to find an elixir.
Seeing the difficulty of finding the elixir, Guo Xiaosi backed down. He picked up this book and went back to the alchemy room to turn over the materials. The human-shaped Polygonum multiflorum Thunb was not ready-made. However, some Dendrobium officinale with sable eyes and wolf heads can be refined into jade dew pills. The method of refining jade dew pills. Guo Xiaosi has already seen it in another book. Although he is not familiar with it, it should be no problem to turn it over and take a closer look.
Finally, a part of the materials in the storage room with red scorpion powder the size of an egg are enough to refine three elixirs. Guo Xiaosi’s blood is boiling and he can’t wait to start refining elixirs immediately.
However, he knows the success rate and proficiency of alchemy medicine, and he still knows something about alchemy. At present, Cheng Ji came to alchemy, but he didn’t refine the demon soul Dan once. When he barely moved, he absolutely enjoyed it, but there was no shortcut to refining the elixir.
Don’t move, Guo Xiaosi turns over the sable eye and wolf head, Dendrobium candidum is equipped according to the middle proportion, and then put it into the second blast furnace of the local name blast room. These three blast furnaces are different in workmanship, and the blast medicine is very particular about pyrotechnics. If the time is up and the temperature is less than the temperature, then the Dan medicine method is a pile of soft mud, on the contrary, it is a useless one.
And the mastery of time and temperature must be mastered by an alchemist. Even an alchemist may not be able to grasp Bai Tianya every time. Such an alchemist will also fail in refining and finding an elixir, but Guo Xiaosi has not seen him succeed once yet.
Everything is ready. Guo Xiaosi will equip Dendrobium candidum with sable eyes and wolf heads according to the medium proportion and put it into the second blast furnace of the local alchemy room, then pour some clean water from Longyan Waterfall Pool in Yan Mountain, and then light the blast furnace with the cover of the blast furnace, and constantly inject mana to set off the fire.
Nine hours later, Guo Xiaosi hit the Dan furnace cover and saw a blue smoke, followed by the scattered fragrance of medicinal materials. Guo Xiaosi looked into the furnace and saw a Dan medicine the size of a perfect pigeon egg lying obediently in the Dan furnace.
When Guo Xiaosi reached for Dan, he crushed it.
What Guo Xiaosi Xin’s expression solidified? It seems that the temperature is not in place. This high curative value pill has become a waste Dan.
It took nine hours to refine a jade dew pill, and it took a lot of mana, but in the end, it was still a draw with a sieve.
The success rate of this alchemy medicine is too low, which is probably because everyone knows that alchemy medicine helps spiritual practice, but few people are determined to come to alchemy.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Zhujichong
What are you doing? You come to the door of an alchemist’s house.
Guo Xiaosi looked up and saw that Bai Tianya had reached the second blast furnace. When he smelled the smell, he frowned and shouted, "You are refining high curative value pills."
Yes, it’s in the refining of Yulu Pills, but the temperature is a little worse. Guo Xiaosi also said with distress that he knows that these materials are hard-won. They are all obtained by Bai Tianya Bai’s master Lingshi, in other words, Bai Tianya Lingshi bought them, but the price is cheaper.
Bai Tianya shook his head with a painful face. Hum, you are taking my medicine as a snack. Do you know how hard it is for me, the sable-eyed wolf-headed Dendrobium candidum?
When Guo Xiaosi saw this picture, he knew that Bai Tianya’s refining of elixir must have ended in failure, and the refining of elixir was successful. Then he would never pay attention to these sable-eyed wolf-headed Dendrobium candidum.
However, without much trial, he can improve his ability of alchemy. Guo Xiaosi argues that he can’t watch the alchemy behind him without actually trying it, otherwise he will still be a layman even if he knows everything about every kind of alchemy material.
Bai Tianya went back to Guo Xiaosi with no more sighs. He knew that he was sighing because he didn’t feel bad about those materials, but that the elixir failed again.
However, it also gave Guo Xiaosi a warning that some materials should be found or some medicinal materials should be planted. However, when it takes too long to plant medicinal materials, this idea is also a flash. It is the most convenient way to get medicinal materials or let them reach the rotation period, so they can be hung up for those new brothers to pick up.
Thinking of this place, Guo Xiaosi hurriedly chased after Bai Tianya, regardless of whether he was in a good mood or not. He directly said that Master’s younger brother’s fetal interest sutra had reached the seventh floor, so he could enter the preconditions and ask the master to reward him with an elixir.
Bai Tianya was slightly taken aback and said that he had reached the seventh floor after more than a year. Heheheran is a novel with excellent talent. Here, he touched a porcelain bottle from his arms and poured a pale yellow pill from the bottle.
Guo Xiaosi knew that this was the search for the elixir, but Bai Tianya stopped. You know that this search for the elixir is really hard to come by. I also told you before that you should take care of the waves that you can’t give up when you rush.
My brother knew that Guo Xiaosi nodded respectfully and took the elixir-seeking point from Bai Tianya, and held it in his hand excitedly. Looking at it carefully, the pale yellow color elixir powder seemed to have a faint herbal aroma, which seemed to be similar to the taste of refined waste elixir just now.
After the waste elixir was refined, this elixir was a waste of time. Guo Xiaosi went back to see the elixir he had refined. Although the medicinal materials were not found by himself, he felt distressed. After that, he went to find some medicinal materials first, and then tried several times to grasp the temperature, so he could be refined into the elixir.
Guo Xiaosi’s plan to refine the elixir is not for his own consideration. It should not be a problem for him to break into the foundation. But in the future, refining the elixir is as common as alchemy and pill creation, so it can be sold or exchanged for some instruments to refine the elixir, which can simply become a rich man.
Get back the elixir. Guo Xiaosi eats a few pieces of dry food in a hurry, and then simply lives in the alchemy room. It’s a good place for ordinary people to get in.
Generally, my brother needs the assistance of the master when he doesn’t find the elixir, but Guo Xiaosi has already found the elixir and failed, which means that it is enough to find the elixir, so he simply hides in the alchemy room here and rushes with great concentration.
When looking for an elixir to go to Guo Xiaosi and rush to build the foundation according to Bai Tianya’s telling method, either the master will urge the mana to help out or the body mana of the elixir will suddenly multiply and impact the card in front of him.

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