You really dare to fight a real fairy.
If you want to hold the immortal, I can urge you to come to the Xuan Huang Da Array in Archaean. The defense of the Xuan Huang Da Array is still in Buddhism. If the true fairy can’t break Jin Xian, it can only be broken by the boundary gap.
But how can I trust you?
Master Bai, I can join Elder Qingmenwei.
Leitian was very surprised by the words of cherishing fish, because he joined Qingmen and grew old, but Keqing was different from the elder Penglai of Chengqingmen. Penglai would cancel him to give half of his resources to his life before he could flee back to Penglai for asylum.
You don’t regret it
I will never regret it. Elder Qingmen, I hope you will advance and retreat together to deal with the catastrophe of heaven and earth.
Leitian silence for a moment, saying, How many brothers are you in Penglai?
Zhang Xiyu doesn’t hide the truth, saying that although we are looking for a way, we are allowed to do so.
Almost thousands of Jin Dan brothers and hundreds of false immortals will come to look for opportunities.
Leitian knew that the big sects would always prepare many ways to retreat. This piece of precious little fishing would be agreed by the elders of Qingmen. Although it is said that Zhang precious little fishing represents Penglai, Penglai may also send false immortals to intervene when Qingmen is attacked in the future.
This is fragile, but it is of great benefit to Qingmen. It is also very embarrassing for Penglai brother to be a Qingmen elder. What’s more, there are also four sects in Leitian Keqing.
Since then, Qingmen will not be remembered by small sects, and there will be a lot of friction.
Ok, brother Zhang, then write seal script, and I will grant you the position of Qingmen Elder.
Zhang Xiyu took the seal script and read it again to write his name.
Leitian Road No, you go to Qingmen Deputy Head Lian Yi. I’ll give you a token in the door. Leitian said, I took a piece of Yu Pei and gave it to Zhang Xiyu. You will give this Yu Pei to the deputy head. He will inspire this Yu Pei into a token of Qingmen. After that, you can also command some Qingmen brothers. You can also recruit younger brothers to expand the sect. 4 Zhang Xiyu took over Yu Pei and entered his equipment.
Master, I’ll go. If the Yefan River is easy again, you must be careful of him.
Why leitian is curious about this piece of fishing and thinks the Ye Fan River is a problem?
When I first met Ye Fanhe, he was more indifferent than human breath. This time, I don’t know what it is, and suddenly I feel a little warmer, as if I had changed from a devil to a Taoist.
Leitian became more and more strange, but he didn’t ask because Luo Xiu saw the opposite situation.
That piece of precious little rain didn’t find the door until after fishing left, and it was the cloud Mo Ran who came to Leitian together to see the look of YunMo Ran Kenai and knew that it was coerced by light rain.
Rain will always be the naughty girl in your own eyes, but in YunMo Ran, she is Kunlun Rain, and the whole city can practice folding eyebrows and swords to slay true fairies. This is a person who must not offend, especially when he is leitian. This is not easy to let people know casually.
Rain city followed him to death, and he went on easily, but he didn’t dare to hand over the rain city.
The master of Rain City, Kunlun Sumei, is a star killer. If you offend her, even if you are a brother of the four sects, there is no good scene. Why did you come to Rain City? Luo Xiu didn’t look good this time. No matter how good her leitian is, she should have some scruples. Stick it like this to make Luo Xiu angry.
Brother Yun asked me to help. Why don’t you meet him?
Luo Xiu remained, of course, she didn’t meet, but then she thought of driving away the whole rain and the whole city would try her best to destroy Leitian’s cloud Mo Ran Yi.
Cloud Mo Ran, what do you say? Luo Xiu asked coldly.
The rain elder sister said that if you don’t let her join you, no one can succeed. Yun Mo Ran has come to this point. Just offend the whole rain and you can’t let Luo Xiu feel ill first. After all, it depends on Luo Xiu if the Leitian Dan medicine fails.
You’re right. If I can’t get involved in this benefit, no one will get it.
What can you do? Luo Xiu asked.
This time, when I saw that the master gave me a golden umbrella, it was a combination of attack and defense, and my means of fighting the enemy would change a lot.
Luo Xiu is stupefied, but the golden umbrella is a famous fairy instrument in Kunlun and a self-defense weapon for Su Mei. Did Su Mei advance to Jin Xian?
Otherwise, how could she give this baby to her apprentice?
Yun Mo Ran Road, we will go to the cave for a hundred days, and there will be many battles. The biggest advantage of Du Tian Golden Umbrella is that it is strong, even if it is broken by people, it will not be damaged. Moreover, there are many means of attack by this fairy device. I know what Du Tian Golden Umbrella is. Forget it. Let’s leave Luo Xiu and interrupt Yun Mo Ran. We are in a bad mood.
It must be awkward for the whole rain city to shine like a sun on one side.
However, the Golden Umbrella is divided into twelve patterns, and each pattern is equipped with a set of attack fairy arrays corresponding to different attributes respectively. This attack is launched at the same time, and the enemy is the most uncomfortable to attack that attribute. The Golden Umbrella will mobilize the enemy to fight the attack.
Three people entered Yun Mo Ran’s portable abode of fairies and immortals. Compared with Leitian Qing Di’s abode of fairies and immortals, it was too shabby. There were some fairy jade piled up in it, which Yun Mo Ran sucked when he was walking outside the blessed land.
Immortals have to carry fairy jade when walking in Kyushu like this. In addition to Leitian Leitian, the hole is Qinglei Xiangang.
Leitian unceremoniously put all the fairy jade in the bag and sent it with equal value. This fairy jade is a malleable equipment, and the biggest thing of Qinglei Fairy Gang is to restore the immortal power.
In combat, it’s best to do this in Leilei Xiangang. Although it’s overbearing, Mo Ran doesn’t suffer. Leitian doesn’t lack Xiangang. What he lacks is Xianyu. Other immortals are also very important.
Cloud Mo Ran is more than expected. He asked Leitian carefully outside. Can you return this fairy gang?
A lot of fairy jade
Well, when I wait for half a day, Mo Ran said, he returned to the Luofu cave and returned to his old practice. He took a piece of equipment in the Taoist Palace, but it was a fairy jade carving box. He sent the box to the abode of fairies and immortals and changed the middle road.
Leitian hit the box and saw a box of purple fairy jade slowly.
Unique fairy jade that cloud Mo Ran must have got the treasure of Jin Xian’s abode of fairies and immortals. The external size of this box is more than two feet, but it is more than sixty feet square. So multipolar fairy jade that cloud Mo Ran can’t be divided even by the most important brother in the door.

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