The wind clan is long and heavy, and its face is awe-inspiring
Follow the orders of the elders
After the high-level officials of the Feng clan army gave a ceremony, they carefully retreated from the palace, leaving the Feng clan leader alone.
Blood flying commander
Although this person is now a little earlier than the adult’s command, it is also very likely that the adult ordered the arrest of foreigners for cultivation.
Whether it’s my family’s enemy or not, the old record reported that people will inevitably go to explore the blood flying. If it’s really foreign cultivation, waiting for you will be a mortal ending. Chapter one hundred and forty Prepare for war.
The dark legion’s martial arts field
Meng Fei looked awed, dressed in bloody armor, black combat boots, tall and straight back, calm and heavy, and quite a general demeanor.
Maybe 100,000 soldiers were all cold-faced in the emergency drill, and they fought fiercely and broke through the body. Although they were practicing in the same robe, they did their best to leave no hand.
Fan Tianchen, Meng Fei, urged the 10,000 th commander to approach the level of blood king and enemy. He once participated in a tribal battle and had a high prestige
At the moment, he led 10,000 soldiers, and Tim zhao led them to bombard the 20,000-man-made war. The scene was magnificent.
Cultivating combat, a large-scale killing of individuals, is important, but it is not an enemy on the battlefield.
A blood king needs ten elite soldiers to display a converging attack to be hostile. Although the law is applied, it can not fall into the wind.
At most, the blood king can resist a squad of 100 soldiers.
A thousand-man team of soldiers combined with powerful hands, even if the blood emperor is here, we should temporarily avoid its front.
However, the converging attack is not unlimited, and the converging attack of thousands of people is the extreme level of the army converging attack. Otherwise, the more people there are, the more they control it. Once one of them is now in a bad position, the power of converging attack will be greatly reduced.
Once you enter the real battlefield, a 100-person team is the most common way, and then a 10-person team is constantly interspersed and cruised, which can be flexible and changeable. When the battle is weak, each battle will speed up its advance.
Join hands to protect yourself when you are forced.
Yu Qianren’s team will temporarily change its array combination when hostility is strong.
At the moment, Fan Tianchen, Tim zhao, two people are fighting against each other, and ten thousand soldiers are divided into hundreds of groups, or a flurry of crazy attacks or ghost flashes suddenly attack ten thousand troops. In the hands of two people, it is like flexible fingers, and all kinds of wonderful tactics are dazzling.
Meng Fei nodded in the heart also can’t help but have a fear.
If he falls into the strangulation of the war, even the explosive force will take some measures to get out. If he is strangled by hundreds of soldiers, even the undead spirit will fall among them.
This kind of command and cultivation of the army to fight Meng Fei can be described as ignorant. He did not intervene in daily training, but let the five commanders practice separately.
Fan Tianchen, Tim zhao and others are all veterans. The blood king has experienced fighting and seen real tribal battles, but it is handy to train, which is why Meng Fei has formed a strong fighting capacity in a short time.
Meng Fei was watching in silence.
Instead of causing contempt in the hearts of all people, he secretly admired it.
Blood flying adults are broad-minded and inexperienced, so they will put in their efforts. Otherwise, if they are bossing around at will, although the Ministry will still obey orders, their hearts will be criticized.
The Dark Emperor saw Meng Fei’s performance in the near January, and he couldn’t help but nod in his heart. Meng Fei got hundreds of soldiers’ loyalty and blood madness, so that one in ten million strong physique will inevitably be arrogant, which also made him ready to secretly press.
After all, he is a deputy legion, and there is no doubt that the level of blood emperor is overwhelming.
But his heart also scruples don’t want to Meng Fei gap, otherwise don’t bother for the time being, don’t also have enemies in the future.
But get along with Meng Fei, courteous and courteous, and let go of the dark Lord’s heart. At the same time, I can’t help but value him more.
But I don’t know if the novice can adapt to this cruel fight.
The Dark Emperor shook his head slowly, and everyone has to step through this step. If this blood flies and the law is strong, then it can be said that he is not qualified to be a powerful soldier.
Blood fly and come with me to the army tent.
The sound of blood flew to the dark devil, and another leader looked up at the same time. Everything in his eyes could not help but be excited.
Is the imperial battle finally coming after waiting for so long?
In the army, the ten-party war emperor stood in awe and stood at the head of the tiger’s position.
The Lord of the army is still swinging, and the grown-ups of the Dark Legion still don’t show up when the tribal battle comes.
I’ve seen you, deputy head of the army.
Meng Fei and other leaders disguised terms upon.
So high-level officials are determined that the commander-in-chief is not qualified to participate. They are making final preparations in the emergency army at the moment and can be sent to the battlefield as soon as the order is reached.
Get up.
Today, according to a secret report, the Red Dragon Dynasty is experiencing an abnormal retreat of the border troops. According to previous years’ experience, I’m afraid they can’t hold back their readiness. Today is the day when our dark army pulls out to the front.

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