Yuan Ye, but no one believes that Yuan Ye will save him. Tian Gen is very determined to kill Yuan Ye. There is little evidence to say goodbye to saying that saving Yuan Ye will kill him.
Yuan Ye is in people’s eyes, but he rushes directly to provoke and grabs Tian Gen’s inverted ankle. However, Yuan Yetian Gen, who is flying here by law, has been pulled by the channel range.
Cracks around Yuan Yetian Gen suddenly show that even Yuan Ye will be injured, but Yuan Ye will block the damage for Tian Gen, and directly pull Tian Gen back at the moment of landing.
Yuan Yetian Gen fell on the Ann channel, but he didn’t die. He just stared at Yuan Yetian and didn’t breathe.
Why do you want to save me? We are enemies. Tian Gen said with difficulty.
Then what is the enemy’s root? Yuan Ye’s hand was very resistant, and then he squatted beside Tian Gen and smiled proudly. Now that I’m talking to you, you don’t have the strength to let me talk. I’ve heard about that, too, but you can’t hate human beings just because one or two human beings have done great harm to you. Even you monkeys can help human beings, and so can we human beings.
In fact, Tian gen wants to explode, but he doesn’t have the strength to explode and quarrel. He can stare and listen to Yuan Ye.
Again, I didn’t want to help you monkeys, and I didn’t want to harm you. Now I’m going back to Mystery Star to warn you not to bother me.
Tian gen one leng he doesn’t believe in human words, but Yuan Ye’s practical actions will not threaten them from here. What else can Tian Gen say? At this moment, others also came along. Tian Kangtian Su once again helped Yuan Ye in the artifact field.
Tian Kangtian Su is also a monkey family. Yuan Ye helped them. It was not hostility, but friendship was a very friendly side.
Wrong, wrong, Tian Gen’s head is hanging down.
Suddenly, a phantom is indistinguishable from the naked eye, and then the phantom suddenly stops to show a man with a black beard and a sharp mouth and a monkey face. He is a Chinese ape and beast. Compared with Tian Gen, the appearance of this Chinese ape and beast respects Tian Rongyuan. Compared with a thin and scary one, the contrast is really strong and accurate. It is said that the blue-eyed water ape and the golden-eyed fire ape are completely different from the highest level sub-god beast, a strong fighting skill and a strong fighting skill.
Attend the animal statue. When adults see the bearer Tian Kangtian Su and other monkey masters, they all bend down and look uncomfortable.
China ape beast took a look at Tian Gen on the ground and then bowed down to Yuan Ye in the surprised eyes of all. It’s been 20 years since we met our human friends.
The posture is low, and it is generally regarded as a salute to meet people of different generations. Who is the statue of China’s apes and beasts? Although the strength can be behind in the 25 th statue, it is absolutely strong, even in the mysterious world, which is also the peak figure. But Yuan Ye’s strength is low. Now it seems that the root is insufficient and the beast is equal.
Tian Rongyuan, do you dare to come here again? Some Yuan Ye looked at the statue of China’s apes and beasts and was very depressed, but his name was that one by one, and all the masters of the monkey family lost their souls.
What’s his name? Tian Rongyuan, the name of the salamander, has been respected for many years. Who dares to call China Ape and Beast?
And China ape beast statue like this told him that he should generally apologize and smile. Twenty years ago, I went back to sleep. You also know that I, the god beast, the god beast, mostly slept and played. This was not only awakened by the great changes in the attribute power of the light artifact for a while, but you are here. Compared with Mr. Light artifact, Mr. Light artifact has been in the bag, and Mr. Power has recovered a lot from the day when he beheaded Lei Yuan Zun.
Ah, except that I don’t know what the concept of Yuan Zun Beast Zun is, the eyes of the little monkey masters are going to stare. Lei Yuanzun died in Shenqi Star. Many people are surprised that Lei Yuanzun is so strong. Who can kill him? It turns out that it looks like ordinary human beings in front of us after a long time.
Thunder Yuan Zun, however, Yuan Zun was much stronger than the statue of China’s apes and beasts, and was killed by human beings in front of him. What is this concept? Will you talk about a group of five attributes and seven attributes and tell a lie?
It’s no wonder that Tian Gen’s intestines are so regretful that even Yuan Zun can kill them, and China’s apes and beasts have to be put on the shelf.
Forget it, it’s just a misunderstanding. Now I’m going back to the mysterious world. You monkeys don’t bother me again, otherwise I’m really angry. Yuan Ye will leave as soon as he waves his hand and pulls Xiao Xiao.
When people come suddenly, they can’t get up on the ground. When Tian Genli called me straight, I was reckless. I’m sorry, but thank you for saving me just now.
Yuan Yegen didn’t stop and didn’t look back. He waved his hand and stopped seeing me. Don’t miss me.
Take the channel to Yuan Ye small fly directly to the high and small, which stabilizes the mind and suddenly draws the little hand from Yuan Ye’s palm.
Er, Yuan Ye is one leng behind the artifact field, and it seems that it is very common for two people to hold hands, which is acceptable.
Since we are friends, what do you mean, you are a man, not afraid of me, but also afraid of being blathered. Looking at Yuan Ye’s eyes is definitely unhappy and resentful.
It’s not good to catch Khan Yuan Ye after being said that he doesn’t know what he has to say. It’s bad to laugh and talk about beauty. Is it not handsome for me to be beaten in the face?
At this time, Yuan Ye’s face was black and blue and swollen, and there was still a little sample. Seeing Yuan Ye’s cynicism, he couldn’t help laughing.
pig’s head
Hehe, Yuan Ye smiled and pointed to the sky. It’s noon now, and the huge planet in the Xuanji boundary is still clearly visible. Yuan Ye pointed to where is my hometown Xuanji boundary. Seeing you in the Xuanji boundary, Shen Shao’s star is as small as a firefly, but it’s big here. Let’s go to the place where I killed Thunder Yuan Zun, and then we will go back after I get a treasure.
Small don’t talk, my heart is full of expectation and mixed emotions of hesitation and loss.
Once again, I came to the huge pit. Yuan Ye lamented that the pit was thousands of kilometers deep, and it was more than a thousand kilometers. This huge pit has been drenched by rain for 20 years, and it has become a huge six lakes. Yuan Ye did not expect that it was because of a violent collision twenty years ago. Many powerful people here are the ruins of the myth. It has become an adventure paradise, especially those big powers who want to find one or two treasures from the sky. People here are gradually increasing.
When Yuan Ye flew here, Yuan Ye was surprised.
Beauty, wait for me here for a while, and my horse will come back. Yuan Ye smiled back and rushed directly into the bottom of the water, but he knew the specific location with a drop of blood in his armor.

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