Don’t dng this sinkhole, my dear. It’s such a saying that the face is red. This is where the bodhi old zu rose from the grave and where he cultivated. If it weren’t for the ghost fairy, he wouldn’t let outsiders in.
Miss Bai Gongluo, this side is also a lot of dangerous reincarnation discs. We sent the bodhi old zu to leave things. We assisted in the attack, but we can’t control it. I don’t know what will happen to other prohibitions.
Well, I want to go to the underworld, father
Why don’t you come with me for nothing? I’m very grateful for being original and giving gifts.
Leitian Luo Xiu saw that it was also a courtesy to kick down the ladder by kicking down the ladder, and that the sinkhole was someone else’s N-pie.
Zongqian is also Naiji N school, and now it is withered. He doesn’t want to offend Leitian Luo Xiu, but he has prepared a heavy gift.
This gift is the Yellow Sect. Some yu bamboo slips are ancient alchemists who returned them to the Yellow Sect. The other is some yellow stones that can be refined. Most of the yellow stones in the world have been brought together by the Yellow Sect. Even if they can meet the quality in other places, they are not so good.
This is the advantage of the big N faction as a backer. If Luo Xiu does this, then Zongqian will pay in return.
He wouldn’t dare to default, otherwise Luo Xiu would go back, not to mention that even if Master summoned one with N, he would be able to gather hundreds of monks in the golden elixir period.
Many alchemists in this big N Sect can threaten the false fairy.
Luo Xiu longitudinal that weapon longitudinal thousand also peeped at him and didn’t think he could stop the slaughter Yang Ji blow.
That thing is fierce and overbearing, and it will die if touched.
Unless you are a fairy, even if Luo Xiu’s strength is lower, it is possible that he will be killed by this Yang Ji.
Luo Xiu still didn’t readily prepare for this battle, and many means vanished before reaching the enemy.
Senior, then we won’t leave Luo Xiu more impatient. It’s really petty to live in a place where ue is mysterious and it’s not a blessed dng day.
It’s also my intention to wait until March to give birth to two people when I see Luo Xiu unhappy.
Luo Xiu smiled and said nothing.
It’s all right. I saw Cui Yu’s eyebrow spear technique, and jing Qi also wanted to discuss it.
For the sake of white, Luo Xiu’s expression is ambiguous. Knowing that things make Luo Xiu still tempted, he promised to leave Cui Yu’s eyebrows. Luo Xiu is also a leitian. She is a great person in the gas refining in the then period. ji will be a huge one.
Will leitian Luo Xiu back to the courtyard Zhu Tiandi asked brother leitian to solve it.
Whitehead, his plan is to let the devil devour five ghosts and gods, but three ghosts and gods are sucked away by the reincarnation plate, and he gets two, but this is also a huge gain. Only when the strength of the ghost and gods grows can Gu Yue be completely commanded
The ancient monk who knew that there was no way to escape from the list of deities accused that the breeze was bewitched by Gu Yue and Leitian didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of the breeze.
Zongqian also knows that Leitian wants Luo Xiu to say something private. Take Cui Yu’s eyebrow away first and let two people discuss it.
What makes you willing to delay another month?
Of course, it took several years for the holy water to condense a little bit, and it was only on the third day of March that I could get it. I have long known about this thing.
What is that?
Can make people reincarnate and still preserve the memory of past lives.
Actually, why didn’t this thing become famous? When you listen to it, N Pai Leitian knew that this thing is as effective as reincarnation. The problem is that reincarnation is hard to refine. Now I’m afraid there are less than ten, and this yellow holy water sounds like it can condense some yellow people in a few years. Will it be a lot for so many years?
The life of the sacred water in the dead is very short, but nothing can be effective at that time, but it is extremely rare. It is rare for us monks in the golden elixir period. The most important thing is that I have to coagulate the halberd and I have to soak in the sacred water in the dead.
You want Yang Shen
Yes, it’s a great harm to me to share the Yang God’s spirit, but it’s not a harm to lose the holy water, but to create a doppelganger
Leitian thought for a moment. It seems that I can’t do this, and I have been reborn to wash my heart. This yellow water effect is really ji rib for myself.
If you die and want to be reincarnated, you will have ten elixirs and keep this life memory.
Leitian thought of a sudden shock in his heart. He was cautious about Luo Xiudao Luo Xiu. What would be the knot when I entered the reincarnation plate?
Of course, it is to wash away your memories of this life. If you don’t want to die, your younger brother will enter the reincarnation plate. I’m afraid that Cui Yu Mei’s talent has been reincarnated many times. The memory experience of several generations has been continued in her body, and all the mistakes in cultivation have been removed, and she will start all over again.
Leitian exclaimed, that yellow bodhi old zu is a strange man
Hum, I dare not enter the reincarnation plate, but I don’t know that I am a powerful Qingcheng Sect. I can practice Yangji without losing my memory and being reincarnated in the reincarnation plate.
I want to go in and see the excitement in Leitian’s heart.
If you want to be reincarnated, that’s impossible. I can’t take care of you, this guy, and wait on children. I won’t
Leitian shook his head and said, I can end this practice in one hundred days by practicing Taoism.
Leitian, you don’t want lun. If you are in my hands, your brother will get angry. I can’t afford Luo Xiu’s serious tunnel
What? You’re Qingcheng’s brother, or I’ll let you practice this skill. Hey, Leitian, the more you think about it, the more excited you are.
The tenth chapter of Qing Lei’s true solution is Du Jie Daoism

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