In an instant, ten thousand arrows were fired at once.
It’s as if the sky is full of misty rain, and I can’t avoid it. I can’t avoid a few silver needles and I’m paralyzed. Looking at these arrows, she feels funny and smiles like that, and then she turns to laughing. Cass, she clenched her fists, closed her eyes and shouted that a cave stone was shaken and rolled off. A few drops of bright red blood accidentally splashed on Cass’s small body.
That cry in the sky, but I don’t know, penetrated his ears and formed a huge shock wave, like a huge wave sweeping through the wind
All over the sky, the arrows and rain are rushing like Mercedes-Benz waves are desperate to shoot at them. The cold wind blows all over the sky, and the silvery white hair is accompanied by bloody customs. Half kneeling on the ground to cover the chest, the old disease is bleeding, looking back, the cold eyes are sorry.
I’m sorry
He struggled hard, his mouth was bloodshot, and he fell slightly to the ground, revealing his slightest hope in his beautiful eyebrows.
amorous feelings
At that moment, Han curled up and swooped down to protect the amorous feelings. The flesh and blood blocked the cold arrow and shouted at the sky. The bun was loose and rough. Zhu Chai slipped along the black hair to the shoulder blade and then got involved in the dress. When she heard the crisp jingle, she closed her dark eyes and opened her arms like a slender bird waiting to be pierced by a million arrows.
The cold arrow pierced the flesh and blood, and a drop of cold things splashed. The petals of romantic roses burst into tears, and then the bow and arrow broke off like a firewood stalk and fell to the ground, and they were plunged into the boots of the guards.
Beautiful melodies rippled and crisp strings seemed to fall from the pipa. like a pouring of large and small pearls into a plate of jade’s charm opened its eyes slightly, but there was a storm that hit his cheeks and the yellow sand swept the dungeon into a roar.
The screams rose, but her body seemed to be covered by the rotating storm, barely holding her eyes to see the chaotic scene in front of her. Only then did she suddenly learn that the blood was not her, but the hazy white gauze playing the pipa slender palm floated to his palm, which was quickly stained with blood, purples and colors. Mo Xie’s lip was as hypnotic as the same, and her long and narrow eyes slanted into a dungeon.
The half-ring storm gradually stopped, and the pipa was casually turned over. Mo Xie’s tall body was like a towering mountain to block the nasty wind and rain, the cold and bloodthirsty ox hair arrow.
Staring at his white palm that blocked the arrow for her slightly, the residual scars of several arrows were clear, and the blood gradually penetrated until the flesh healed endlessly.
It looks slim but tall and straight, which makes her look up. It looks enchanting and charming, but it looks deadly and neutral. It looks cold-blooded, but it is absolutely awkward. At the key moment, it can block the arrow for her and set off a raging wave in the dungeon. He seems cynical, arrogant and evil, but occasionally he is so serious. Just like at this time, he looks at her with a bone of satisfaction.
He was dressed in a fiery red brocade, slightly dragged and pulled, and the bright crystal ring buckle set off his noble temperament to the fullest. A blue flower cluster in his front was inlaid with seven agate robes, and the dark lining was embroidered with a faint real dragon pattern to deter the four rooms.
Black and supple long hair is worn to the waist, but it is different in the past. It is not half-gathered to the right shoulder, but the tip of the hair is slightly bent to form a wave-like temptation. Liu Hai Qi Mei’s peerless elegance can’t hide his burning temperament, feminine and neutral, which is not fascinating
Mo Xie provokes eyebrows, turns around and stretches slender fingers to caress her eyebrows, gently wipes off the residual blood, and raises the corners of her mouth. She is accustomed to Gherardini and can’t tell whether she is pregnant or mocking. Only with his gentle offensive, she realizes a kind of feeling called creepy autumn waters. The king is glad that you are still alive. He puts his fingers on her cheeks and studies Han’s expression with interest.
His/Your Highness
All the guards fell to their knees and bowed respectfully to him. In view of the disaster just now, everyone must know that this report is well-connected.
Yan gonggong
Mo Xie is very charming. The pink tip of the tongue draws a perfect arc at the corner of the mouth. The sound is pleasant to listen to, but it also has a little dissatisfaction.
The report slave didn’t know that the report arrived and the report was injured. The slave slave slave died in apology.
Do you really want to die?
Mo Xie asked coldly, joking tone dispelled his unrealistic apology, and it was very pleasant to lift a wisp of hair and gently blow it at the corner of his mouth.
Slave slaves don’t want to die. Slaves do things according to the instructions of the sovereign. I don’t know if the sovereign will save them again.
The king changed the rules of the game. A gust of wind blew his hair, and the curved waves also blew his mouth. He sneered at the bloody robe and flew like that. His eyes seemed to be like everything. How could the king be willing to give up this interest? The little girl left me. He couldn’t hear clearly whether it was good or evil. He seemed serious but tuned to be humorous, but he really looked at it. He was like watching the reflection of the moon in the water in the mirror. It was never his Mo Xie’s heart. This was the Dragon Palace’s game rules. He manipulated confusion, plundered greed, even the dragon king couldn’t understand
It’s terrible. Han Bian mumbles, and his heart is trembling. This kind of person is in danger of dying at any time. He says that you can block a gun and an arrow for you. He says that you can pierce you with an arrow if you die. Mo Xie, what kind of Uber are you? I can’t guess. When you don’t know him, he will act as if you can see through his emotions. When you think you know him, you feel that everything is an illusion. He can only manipulate you all the time without escape. If Cass meets him, Han Bian can’t help but fantasize, I’m really worried about Cass
Your majesty should be a slave.
I don’t need to teach you. I want to keep her Mo Xie cold, hook Han’s shoulders and stroll outside. After being in the back, I will wander in a pool of blood, regardless of who dies and who lives. He especially doesn’t want to keep her husband, a waste that annoys him.
Slave Bai Yan’s father-in-law got the message, waved the dust and got up from the ground, tearing his throat and ordered him to kill them. Don’t leave them alive, they are tall once more in the spring wind. This is a famous saying of immortality.
Korea curled up and struggled to push Mo Xie’s arms and trotted to the front of the amorous feelings to pick him up and point the acupuncture points to stop the wound for him. If the blood report can let the handmaiden go, let them go, too. This matter is my own way to bring trouble to Gu Gen’s amorous feelings, Yan Yi.
I’m not interested in taking care of men’s lives. Mo Xie’s cold hum refused. It’s cruel to smile at the corners of two bloody men’s mouths.
Your majesty, handmaiden, let them go
what makes you
If I want to keep her, I want to keep them or kill them together. She seems to be telling him that your game and your rules will be completely effective, so it’s over. Go to hell.

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