Four copper box covers blew a dozen plants of black mantis grass and sprayed a lot of poisonous fog at the same time.
Qin was shocked. The black mantis grass larvae sprayed with venom, but they sprayed a lot of poisonous fog.
The coverage of poisonous fog is farther than that of Qin Dynasty.
In a short time, I heard birds falling to the ground outside, scratching like rain.
Suddenly, I leaned out of the copper box array and gently picked the dark leaves of one of the dark mantis grasses.
Qin put the leaves in his mouth and chewed them up, then fed them to Qin Huaiyan’s lips in a coma.
I hope it’s right there. The black mantis grass poison can be chewed and swallowed from its leaves.
Finally, it became sad all around. Qin destroyed the spirit and stretched out his hand to put the copper ring on the object. When you look around, the ground is dark and large pieces of bird carcasses are horrible.
Qin destroyed the heart secretly surprised that the toxicity of the dark mantis grass was really terrible, but these bird farms were too tragic. Alas, who told you to mess with me?
Although the birds were solved, it was not easy for Qin to destroy them. The exhaustion of physical strength was nothing. The key was the spirit. This kind of head was aching and splitting, and it was simply painful to be in the torture of thousands of needles.
Qin destroyed and struggled to help Qin Huaiyan walk towards the edge of the forest step by step with disgusting and thick bird carcasses. Even if the tide disappears, it is still very dangerous for two people to stay in the forest without protection.
Qin destroyed an idea in his heart, and he must walk. Even the tide of beasts can’t be killed. If he dies in the mouth of ordinary beasts, wouldn’t it be a big loss?
With a strong obsession, Qin Zhi went back to Huai Yan, and the mentor walked through the forest with one foot deep and one foot shallow. Every step took him a great deal of physical strength, as if he had extracted the last energy from his body. Qin Zhi ordered him not to fall down because he could not guarantee that he would have the strength to get up again after he fell down.
The headache is almost exploding. Whenever Qin Chu feels that his consciousness is about to be completely swallowed up by the pain, he will shake his arm through the inertia of movement and let the bottom of his fist knock hard on his head to facilitate external blows to anesthetize the pain.
Qin’s bosom friend has been a spent force, and he has tried to add holy light therapy to his body, but the effect is not obvious, because his condition at the moment is not a physical injury problem, but his excessive spirit has been amazing for so long.
I ran all night behind Qin Huaiyan’s back in the forest. When the light in the forest gradually lit up, Qin’s willpower was almost exhausted. Suddenly, I found that the trees in front of me became sparse and the forest was approaching.
Qin destroyed a wide foot in the heart and stumbled over a sudden root and fell to the ground.
What’s the matter? I’m really upset.
Qin destroyed the head like a hundred thousand needles at the same time when he was deeply asleep in his consciousness. At the last moment, he made a very wise move, turning his palm slightly and hitting a holy light condensate gas bomb into Qin Huaiyan’s body.
After about twenty seconds, Qin Huaiyan woke up and turned around.
I found that I was in good condition and came to the edge of the forest, almost one step away from the forest, and then I saw Qin Huaiyan, a teenager who was dizzy and unconscious, recalling the scene at that time, and everything was white.
I’ve reached your heart. You’ve worked very hard. Then give it to me. Qin Huaiyan, with tears in her eyes, tried her best to help Qin destroy on her shoulders and walked toward the outside of the forest. Even if thorns cut her skirt, she was completely unaware.
With two people’s physical strength, they can go far. When they are together, it seems that even luck has become much stronger.
When Qin Huaiyan appeared in front of the rescue team of Qin Wuyuan, everyone was excited by this miracle.
Four escort instructors sent them back to the hospital for in-depth treatment as soon as possible.
As is known to all, Qin Huaiyan’s mentor is knowledgeable, but he is not capable of actual combat. The strength of Qin extermination is important. Plus, he is actually fighting with a gravity charm ring and fighting at the last moment. Undoubtedly, after this battle, Qin extermination reached its peak in Qin Wuyuan, especially among the students, and no one can compare it.
Reading novels is fast, and there are many novels.
Chapter 27 Challenge the storm
After a day and a night, the Qin dynasty woke up from a deep coma, and he woke up to make many people around him finally relieved.
Strange to say, the Qin dynasty’s dark examination found that its mental strength had even risen slightly. It seems that the kind of near-limit consumption can bring about a breakthrough, but the premise must be that it can survive every time.
After the spirit rose, Qin destroyed the feeling that he had mastered the fifth layer of dark-winged flying tigers.
However, before re-entering the Tibetan Pavilion, it is another troublesome thing that Qin Miao still needs to face.
Qin Huai-yan, the famous Qin Dynasty, has become a new leader, and this time he has saved the beautiful enemy. Qin Huaiyan’s mentor has attracted envy and jealousy from some people.

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