"Said earlier, be frank! What a mother-in-law! "David shook his legs. That’s what he didn’t like most. Chi’s family is a big family, and it’s not that he can’t afford so much money.
ChiHongYu some can’t see the past "you are so arrogant I doubt whether you are a real detective? Still a fake? " This David’s way of speaking is too arrogant!
David reached out and took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Chi Hongyu. "This is my business card!" Then he took out a small finger from his pocket and said, "This is my detective qualification certificate."
ChiXinLin undoubtedly nodded "David, I believe you! You are famous abroad, I know! " Then she tugged at Chi Hongyu’s clothes. "Stop it, big brother. We invited Mr. David to show him some respect!"
"…" The younger sister’s generation is happily married. Chi Hongyu endured silently retreating to his desk to read the documents in front of him.
David nodded to show that he didn’t mind. "Come on, who should I track?"
"This woman" Chi Xinlin immediately took out a photo from her pocket, and the photo surface was Chi Yao’s face photo. In fact, as much as a clear photo network like Chi Yao needs, after all, people are already famous now, and hundreds of thousands of search results come out after a name search.
David took the photo and looked at it carefully. "It’s beautiful."
Chi Xinlin’s eyelids jumped a few times. "Can a fox not be beautiful?" She disdained to say, "David, just help me find this woman named Chi Yao!" "
David put the photo in his clothes. "It’s gone?"
"Call me when you find her residence, and … there should be a man around her to help me check him." Chi Xinlin thought of the stylish man she met when she blocked Chiyao!
"There are so many men in the city that it is impossible for this man to appear around the woman named Chi Yao. Do you want me to track all the men who pass by Chi Yao?" David immediately smiled when he heard it, which revealed a bit of disgust and ridicule.
Chi Xinlin also described a scene of Muyun’s appearance when he thought about it. "He is very tall and should be one meter long and handsome with short hair …"
"Line line" David interrupted ChiXinLin words "I know" then he turned and walked to the desk and forefinger knocked on the desktop.
"What for?" ChiHongyu looked at him.
"Check," David said with a look of course. "It’s my principle to pay first and then do things. What if you default?"
ChiHongYu listen to my heart an anger just want to send saw ChiXinLin handed me eyes he pinched his fists "good! I will give it to you! "
David took the check and walked out of the office. Chi Hongyu couldn’t help swearing, "Fuck you!" Then he turned to Chi Xinlin. "Are you sure he is a detective like this?" This seems to be no different from robbing money!
"People’s names are very loud. Trust me, big brother!" Chi Xinlin breathed out a sigh of relief. Although the family lost more than 30 million yuan, it is still worthwhile to get back to her happiness.
That night, a stranger was greeted at Jing Muyun’s residence. When the door was hit, a short man generously walked in and looked around and sighed, "This is much better than one!"
Do you book an activity appointment on the 23rd?
☆, Chapter 121 Can’t run away
"This is much better than one!" The little man wandered around and saw the slender man leaning against the wall. He smiled and said "long time no see" to Jing Muyun in English.
"It’s been a long time." Jingmuyun stepped forward and personally poured him a glass of water.
The short man is David, who is less than Jing Muyun’s chest. He looks a little funny, and he has to wear a straight suit. But Jing Muyun is obviously used to his style.
David took the cup and drank it like a man dying of thirst in the desert. He sat on the sofa with a big thorn and a smile in his eyes. Then he took out a check from his pocket and waved it in front of his eyes. "I got the money!"
Jingmuyun’s shallow smile softened the original resolute face a lot. "You can take half." After all, the check was written with more than 30 million for David to take half.
David shook his head. "I’ll take 5 million because I already have a wife. I’ll leave the money for you to marry!" " That 5 million is his commission, and he is a famous private investigator. This 5 million is his appearance.
Jing Muyun didn’t nod politely to him, but he looked at David’s ordinary face and said, "Don’t wear a mask in front of me!" "
David laughed. "Ha, I forgot if you didn’t tell me!"
Then he stretched out his hand and touched his face and peeled off a layer of skin from the edge of Pakistan. Then he peeled off the "skin" of his face with a slight force, revealing a handsome face with deep three-dimensional facial features. Although it is not as sexy as Jingmuyun, the edges and corners are also unique and manly.
David shook his hair. "I’ve been used to this face for two months." Being a detective is actually very particular, especially when a well-known detective like him goes out to work, he should be more careful to disguise himself. If he is seen by a willing heart, he will be killed.
"Is your wife used to it?"
"…" David was choked. "She is used to it." David’s wife is an China woman who has become numb to her husband’s changing face from time to time.
"Oh, tell me what’s going on at Chijia’s house?" Jingmuyun also sat on the sofa tone slightly lazy asked
David slightly restrained himself and replied, "The woman said that she wanted me to track Chi Yao’s whereabouts and tell her when she found her residence … and she asked me to investigate you."
"Yes," David thought that it was a little funny when Chi Xinlin described Jingmuyun. The woman investigated Jingmuyun’s plot. "You didn’t know that her expression was like a cat in spring, and she got goose bumps."
The only impression that Jing Muyun, the woman in Chixinlin, has left is that the savage appearance of that bitch is not half as good-looking as he is, and he dares to shout over there!
Section 5
David knew what he was calculating when he saw Jing Muyun’s lips smiling! He shook his head slightly, but he didn’t feel sorry for ChiXinLin. Just don’t mess with Jingmuyun!
"When are you leaving?" Jingmuyun asked
"I’m leaving tomorrow, and the plane has been booked at noon." David smiled and said, "The main purpose of this visit is to see you … and your little girlfriend." Before Jing Muyun, he traveled around the world, and many places had his houses, and they were all high-level secret places. In the last three years, he slowly settled in the city, which must have something to do with that little girl three years ago!
Jing Muyun is noncommittal. David is indeed a competent detective. His brain analysis ability is no worse than his. "Shall I call her out?"
"Sleep?" David asked doubtfully.
"I’m not reciting the play."
Just as Jingmuyun was about to get up and call Chiyao, he saw that the guest room door was gently twisted with a slender and tall figure and came out. Chiyao came out with a glass of water to drink. Suddenly, he saw a foreigner with five senses sitting on the sofa. He was dazed for a while and then thought that it might be Jingmuyun’s friend, so he smiled politely and nodded.
David saw Chi Yao at such a close distance for the first time, and now he saw the real person, and suddenly he felt that he was amazed by this girl. The long waves hung straight down her slender waist, fluffy and supple, just like grass, and her small face with no rice and no makeup, a pair of charming eyes seemed to have autumn water flowing, which was very clever and softened the two contradictory words of innocence and sexy.
"Far away" JingMuYun waved to her recruit.
Chi Yao obediently walked over and was held by someone before he got steady. With a slight force, Chi Yao sat on his thigh.
This is still in front of the guests. Chi Yao’s pretty face suddenly turned red like a peach. In Jing Muyun’s eyes, it was lovely. Chi Yao struggled for two times and glared at him. What do you want?
Jing Muyun replied to hug you with a smile in his eyes!
Looking at Chi Yao’s stubborn little appearance, David pondered and touched himself, and didn’t get this sexy chick done yet? !
"Don’t touch" Jing Muyun whispered in her ear "I am a normal man"
Chi Yao was red in the ears when he heard this. Chi Yao was not a five-or six-year-old girl. She naturally understood the meaning of his words, so she was stiff and nested in his arms and did not dare to move.
"Don’t you introduce Jing Yi?" David said to JingMuYun
David is an English-speaking Chi Yao, who naturally understands. His face hangs a faint smile and says, "Hello, my name is Chi Yao, and I’m Jing Muyun … my roommate."

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