See what didn’t Yuan Tianding Xiao Ji two people sitting in front of each other at this time in a huge mirror when Song Yun was fighting. Song Yun was on the battlefield at this time.
Every sword seems to be simple, but it contains a sword. I can’t do it. Although Yuan Tianding is feeling with emotion, his face is full of surprises. He is satisfied with Song Yun now and can’t be satisfied any more. Such a talented brother is not strong in China.
However, I am alarmist. This Song Yun not only knows the basic importance, but this swordsmanship is really amazing. It is not difficult to pass through the third floor of Lingyun Tower by virtue of this. Xiao Yi is also quite impressed. He already thinks highly of Song Yun, but he never thought that Song Yun’s strength would be so strong.
This time, Song Yun will enter Lingyun Tower, but it is Xiao Yi’s idea. Song Yun doesn’t need to worry about Xiao Yi’s cultivation. Song Yun can meditate and try to dredge acupuncture points. He has been able to say many problems. Xiao Yi’s worry is that Song Yun’s martial arts is Song Yun’s actual combat experience. Now it seems that Xiao Yi’s worried.
There is no doubt that Yuan Tianding Xiao Yihan will not worry about this, but martial arts cultivation is not a foundation, and Wushu is also very important. The foundation is better. Xiao Yihan is not worried about any problems when he is guided by Song Yun, but Wushu can rely on Song Yunji.
There are many advanced martial arts in Huatianzong, but it is not necessary to give Song Yun advanced martial arts. Song Yun will certainly be able to practice it. When it comes to low-level martial arts, it is more important to understand it than to practice a martial arts successfully. Now Song Yun is already exposed to some kind of kendo.
Wushu is more important than combat experience. If you have never fought for the first time, it is impossible to exert some strength. Many people will tremble when they kill for the first time. This is the way.
Now Song Yun looks like Yuan Tianding is worried about the situation after many battles, so Xiao Yihan will say that Song Yun can get through the third floor now and Song Yunran can get what he wants then.
This time, it seems that it’s really a blessing for me, Hua Tianzong. Yuan Tianding found himself in Song Yun’s body, and there is nothing to ask for to have such a younger brother, even if he sleeps, he will wake up laughing.
Song Yun at this time is don’t know secretly also two people observe yourself killing Song Yun has reached the first floor of Lingyun Tower. Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Easy.
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven The first floor of Lingyun Tower is almost no more difficult than Song Yun’s first realm of Warcraft. No matter how much Song Yun is a sword, he will never drag his feet all the way. He hardly met any obstacles and stopped Song Yun from coming to the end of the first floor.
The end of the first floor is also the path to the second floor, but if you quit, you can leave Lingyun Tower. Song Yunran has nothing to hesitate to walk directly into the passage to the second floor. Song Yun’s goal is the third floor.
However, after entering the second floor of Lingyun Tower, Song Yun found that the passage to the first floor did not disappear, which means that once people can’t resist it, they can return to the first floor of Lingyun Tower and leave it.
Being able to pass the first floor of Lingyun Tower is a good achievement, and Hua Tianzong can’t really kill his sectarian talented brother, but it’s no wonder that others are besieged to death by several Warcraft.
Didn’t walk a few steps Song Yun met Warcraft. At this time, the strength of Warcraft has become half a step. Song Yun has the same strength at this time. However, this level of Warcraft still didn’t make Song Yun’s second sword over the fairy sword. Once again, there was a corpse of Warcraft in the Lingyun Tower. The second floor and the first floor seemed to make no difference to Song Yun.
Moving on, I met Warcraft with the same strength, but the number was increasing. Finally, Song Yun’s face was smiling with enthusiasm. The increase in the number of Warcraft did not seem to cause too much trouble to Song Yun. Two Warcraft were this three Warcraft, so was this even five Warcraft.
Song Yun floats like a sword fairy in the dust. The root of Warcraft can’t touch Song Yun’s skirt. Song Yun never stops moving forward. Every step will be a death of Warcraft. It’s still a sword. When it’s really ten steps to kill one person, it’s not a trick. It’s just that the level of Warcraft is so fragile in front of Song Yun.
It was later that Song Yuncai felt a little bit of pressure. At the same time, the powerful force is now overwhelming to Song Yun. This time, Song Yun’s show is not his own ghostly speed. Song Yun didn’t flash, but raised his hand and waved his sword forward.
A dozen half steps since the level of Warcraft at the same time, the powerful hand will just step into the level of Wu flooded, but Song Yun’s face is not afraid of the whole fairy sword in his hand, but this sword is a wave of his hand, which embodies the strength of Song Yun’s department. Song Yun’s waving speed is very slow, as if his sword is one thousand kilograms heavy.
Break Song Yun’s mouth and spit a word. At the same time, Song Yun’s hand wields the sword at the same time. It is flat and not gorgeous, but the power of the more than a dozen half-step martial arts levels of Warcraft has been annihilated, and it seems that the sword has not been affected, and all forces have been torn apart.
This sword has broken more than a dozen levels of Warcraft, and this sword is like a recruit with poor power. It still can’t stop this sword from killing the fairy sword. It seems to be slower than slow, but it is instantaneous to the front of those Warcraft.
At this moment, a slight change in the sword potential of Zhu Xianjian skillfully drew a circle. One fell to the ground of Warcraft, and two fell to the ground. Anyone who was crossed by Zhu Xianjian finally did not escape bad luck.
When the seven Warcraft fell to the ground, the body was divided into two parts, and the indestructible characteristics were brought into full play in the hands of Song Yun. Even the half-step martial arts level of Warcraft was very strong, but it was as fragile as tofu in front of the whole fairy sword.
In fact, Song Yun’s speed can be avoided by joining forces with more than a dozen Warcraft players, and then these half-steps are divided. Warcraft is Song Yun’s realm, and Song Yun’s divide-and-conquer is also a trick. In the end, Song Yun chose to face off. At that time, even Yuan Tianding Xiao Yi was shocked.
Song Yun is not proud, but ready to hone his own hands. The cultivation of Zhu Xian Jianwu is endless, and the cultivation of Yu Xuan Tongtian Sword is far from reaching the level of comprehension. For Song Yun, these Warcraft are the best sparring partners. Wouldn’t it be a pity if you just dodge?
Jade Xuan Tongtian Sword Song Yun has been practicing, but in the past six months, Song Yun has never touched the sword. It’s a killer sword. It’s impossible for the root of Kendo to become Dacheng. Just now, Song Yun also woke up and gave up his speed advantage and turned to these half-steps.
I didn’t expect this little thing to have reached this point. Yuan Tianding’s face was inexplicably surprised. This is not the first time that Song Yun surprised him. He feels numb now.
It’s easy for me. I’m just getting in touch with Kendo. I didn’t expect that I have reached this level. In addition to repairing it, it’s not much worse than that few people. Xiao Yi is also clapping and laughing. He is really very satisfied with Song Yun.
If it’s easy, this level is stepping into the practice of kendo, but I always feel that this small limit is not the case. Just now, although the dozen Warcraft are strong, it seems that Song Yun’s sample should not be strong enough. Yuan Tianding looked at the boy in the mirror. I really don’t know how much surprise this boy can bring to himself.
Look slowly and you will know that the second floor is still not difficult. Maybe the third floor can see the foundation of Song Yun. I think this little thing should be not simple. It should be that Xiao Yi’s face flashed with inexplicable brilliance some time ago, and he was also looking forward to Song Yun’s performance.
This is to worry that this little thing has been investigated clearly. It is absolutely impossible to have any doubts. Even it is not necessary to send a god to me. Hua Tianzong Yuan Tianding is very sure that the core brother is a sectarian future identity, but Yuan Tianding has never doubted Song Yun.
Joke Song Yun But it’s rare to see God in one thousand. Which sect found that such a genius is not hidden. How could it be sent to Huatianzong? And Yuan Tianding, the background of Song Yun, has carefully investigated the root. Chapter 140 Once again shocked.
Chapter one hundred and forty Once again shocked like Yuan Tianding Xiao Yi cold as expected, the second floor of Lingyun Tower is still not difficult for Song Yun. A half-step martial arts level of Warcraft is just a lamb to be slaughtered in Song Yunjian.
In fact, Song Yun doesn’t know much about the level of swordsmanship, and Song Yun also understands that he will always bear one thousand kilograms of gravity in the gravity circle, which will be very uncomfortable once he takes the gravity circle.
Without one thousand pounds of gravity, everything seems to be very light and uncomfortable. However, it is common to keep practicing Yu Xuan’s sword in the outside world of gravity circle. Song Yun’s sword seems to keep that one thousand pounds in the end. This is a light state, and Song Yun has realized it in a daze. Today Song Yun doesn’t know what kind of state he has realized.
This can’t blame Song Yun for not dabbling in kendo roots in previous lives. It’s impossible for anyone to know what kendo level Hua Tianzong is sure to practice kendo in detail, but Song Yun has been trying to dredge acupuncture points during this period.
It is accidental for Song Yun to grasp the realm of making things easy, but it is also an inevitable key. Although it is very simple to practice martial arts, Song Yun did not grasp the Jade Xuan Tongtian Sword, but it was accidental and failed to gain it.
Once this Jade Xuan Tongtian Sword reaches the realm of kendo, it is easy for Song Yun to master and know the core and root realm. Other things are just details that can be deduced. This is the most amazing place of Jade Xuan Tongtian Sword. Song Yunji is still ignorant.

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