Kate said, "Have you decided not to play?"
Mark smiled and said, "How can we not finish this fight? We can come here in another identity and play a game of gnome male-"with SHIELD.
He hasn’t spoken, and his face is as black as ink. This guy is leaving and he runs on him.
Kate shook her head over her forehead.
Mark looked at Caratu on the wall and smiled, "Now you protoss are ready to die."
Mark finished.
Boom a wings directly from behind Tenghua Bai Yujian directly swing.
One second
Caratu’s head is divided into two parts.
Mark’s burning throne passed directly through the roof of the three flying ornaments and presented it to the virtual.
The wings behind him cover the sky with stars.
Huanxiang world
Zhexu Gongsheng Zhi
brief introduction
It’s been hundreds of years since I woke up from a hangover.
Chapter 1, Huan Xiang Guo
Hua Zhen woke up from a dream and opened his eyes to see a dark gust of wind blowing through him, shivering and looking blankly as if to ask-who am I and where am I?
It took him a long time to come to his senses and look up at the low eaves star. Only then did he make sure that he was not in the streets of Suogang, but it was still 22 years. Last night, he was taken to the local area by the big black shire. When he came back, he was drunk and fell asleep against the wall in an alley not far from home.
Hua Zhenxing couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. Port Sofia is not a safe place, so-called chaotic city. It seems that everyone is closed at night and danger is always everywhere.
In this alley, China really saw a dead body with its own eyes. The deceased should have been shot elsewhere and struggled to escape a long way. He was finally found dead in a narrow alley at dawn. Before the police arrived, the deceased’s body and belongings were picked up by passers-by.
In a dangerous environment, the most important thing is to keep a clear head and make a correct and timely response. This is to bring up old man Yang from an early age and warn him that although he is a grocery store, he is the most knowledgeable and busy person known in Hua Zhen.
Hua Zhen carefully checked his surface and didn’t suffer any injuries. It seems that there is no hidden pain. The left rib paratrooper dagger and the steel finger tiger in the back waist, the lighter in the pocket, and even the wallet in the right trouser pocket have not been touched.
Port-of-Somalia is a coastal city located in the eastern part of the Black Land, which is almost the poorest and backward place in the world. The life expectancy here is in the early thirties, close to 90%, and the local indigenous people are illiterate or semi-illiterate.
Feisuogang is easy to be stolen or robbed if you are not careful. Hua Zhenxing is used to carrying a wallet when going out. If you encounter any vicious guy who is not easy to deal with or inconvenient, just start paying and you can’t let people down too much.
It seems that he didn’t have an accident, but he fell asleep after drinking too much and sitting on the wall. He hasn’t been found by night passers-by and took away his belongings. Hua Zhenxing finally pulled out an East-made Huapai smart phone from his clothes, which is his favorite thing on weekdays. It seems that he can connect the whole world through that small screen.
Hua Zhenxing did not light up the screen of his mobile phone, but slipped it back conveniently. After checking his body and things, it is said that he should go home quickly, but he still sits on the wall at this moment. It seems that he has been distracted and closed his eyes. What is the aftertaste?
He tried his best to recall the dream just now, for fear that the impression would be blurred after a slight delay, because the dream was so attractive to him. People often felt that the dream was very clear when they first woke up from the dream, but when it passed, the memory became very vague. When they could remember several fragments, most of them became brain supplements.
Hua Zhen just had a very special dream, but he didn’t realize it in the dream. When he woke up, he recalled that the dream was actually 252 years, but now it’s 22 years. That is to say, he dreamed that there was a country in the world 500 years later that he didn’t want to think about now.
In a.d. 252, the port of Sofia has become the largest city in the capital of the country of fantasy, and there are not only the most important university in the country of fantasy, the University of Sofia, but also the production base of Chundan. The country of fantasy is one of the 20 administrative regions of the planet and the earliest territory of the country of fantasy.
It is said that it is regarded as the top secret of Huanxiang country, and the complete prescription of Chundan is guaranteed by the Chundan production and R&D center in non-Suogang. All the world forces want it, but so far it seems that no one has succeeded.
Chundan appeared more than 400 years ago, and its specific name has become impossible to test. It sounds very common, but its magical effect is like that of Zhuyan Dan in Xianxia’s novel. It is said that it can make people look young and is the peak of biopharmaceutical field in human history.
It is not a simple pill, but a large box of prescription pills with a total of 360 parts, each with a specific date, and one part per day according to the requirements and correct methods. According to the clinical observation results of nearly 400 years, it has not found any toxic side effects.
Of course, the so-called beauty is not always a relative concept. According to the clinical summary, a box of spring pills can be "beautiful" for 30 years, and the specific effect can be like this. If you look at 70 years old, you will still be in your forties.
A drug that must be prescribed according to the doctor’s advice and requires professional guidance. The introduction of curative effect is very strict. It is written that "productivity improves secretion microcirculation and regulates metabolism to delay aging"
The statement that Yu Boxun Dan can "stay in beauty for 30 years" is the statistical result of clinical observation for hundreds of years and is also a fact seen by the public. Now it has long been recognized by the world.
Since "one box stays in the face for 30 years", wouldn’t a few boxes stay in the face longer and stay young forever? Unfortunately, the theory that the effect of Chundan is decreasing is clearly introduced, and the maximum quantity of each person at the same time cannot exceed three copies, and the maximum cumulative quantity cannot exceed nine boxes.
Even if the theoretical maximum is reached, the cumulative effect of nine spring pills is roughly equivalent to a double, which is "staying in the face for 60 years" in popular parlance.
This is amazing. Think about it carefully. What kind of miracle is it if someone is still in his thirties when he is in his nineties? What’s even more remarkable is that Chundan is a large-scale industrialized producer!
History may indeed have seen all kinds of panacea in the so-called "elixir" theory, but can they be industrialized on a large scale like vitamin pills and become daily consumption for ordinary people?
However, it is a pity that this Dan is effective for women and specially emphasizes that men are forbidden! Many people in professional medical institutions have to do chromosome examination first.
This has aroused the strong dissatisfaction of the majority of male compatriots in the world. Although the control has been strict for hundreds of years, there have been many men who secretly have many expensive people through various means. However, it turns out that the male Chundan has not shown great beauty and there are still many deputy effects.

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