This labor dispatch company is not large in scale, and several cities in Xiaodong have chain branches, all of which are located in labor exporting provinces, and have signed employment agreements with a group of vocational high schools. This is how Xiao Yao was sent to the Spring Festival banquet.
The labor company not only took a certain percentage of their salary as management, but also deducted a deposit from them.
I don’t know who sent the labor dispatch system. Its main purpose is to provide capital for convenience, save costs and reduce legal and social responsibilities, and to transform the role originally equivalent to professional intermediary into a professional brokerage company.
It is not a broker for a star, but a broker for a large number of ordinary workers, and it is stripped of the benefits of ordinary workers’ labor income through joint monopoly channels.
In the early years, there were many labor companies in Wage Mining in China, and those large and small labor dispatch companies actually occupied the gang forces in various blocks of neighboring cities
The new alliance abolished this system after sweeping away the major gangs in the country, and the state governments also set up labor committees.
Some new alliances that used to go to labor dispatch occasions have also adopted other ways to solve problems, such as the official establishment of a professional intermediary platform based on big data and training centers at all levels.
Guinea is still extremely backward, but at present it is at the leading level in the world, that is, it controls all levels of residents’ information environment, all kinds of resources and information and grass-roots organizations.
These are all conveniently established by Huanxiang Industry in the process of helping modern scientific and technological means to liberate and transform several countries. It can be said that it is quite ahead of the times, and the Vandak team has made great contributions to this.
Training courses at all levels of Yangyuan Art Center are also a platform for vocational skills training, because it is impossible for everyone to learn how to cultivate Yangyuan Art. We can also take this rare opportunity to train in other fields.
However, the situation in East China is different from that in Hua Zhen, and this labor dispatch company is just the platform he needs, with high-quality employees such as hotel staff.
I’m afraid Xiaoyao never dreamed that she had become a representative of "high quality".
However, from the perspective of the new alliance, the whole society must have a reasonable structure and all levels have equal personality.
The acquisition of this labor dispatch company, Manman, is to regard it as an intermediary platform, which can more easily attract people from all walks of life, and the distant world still needs many Xiaoyao girls.
Although Mann is young and a freshman, she has already presided over the work of Chundan Center in several countries. She is not an ignorant girl and has a set of mature leadership methods.
Miss Yu Xiaoyao’s situation is still a little special, because almost all the monks in Kunlun know her, and she will be dug into the house to develop a group of workers, and she will be able to play a lot of places in the future, so Hua Zhen will specially say hello.
Manman did not dig people for the sake of digging people, but also made an overall solution along the line of Xiaoyao.
Listen to Mann Mann’s introduction. Mei Yeshi nods repeatedly. "There is such a feeling! You two children are really not underestimated. Look at my children and it will be too worthless to compare with you. "
Hua Zhen line hurriedly motioning with his hand, "words can’t say that! These things are not done by the two of us. We represent a new country. "
Mei Yeshi: "I want to wake you up. It seems that you have already considered it, but I am worried!" "
Speaking of which, he suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of Zhiwei Building with a wry smile. "Someone is looking for us, so I’ll let them come directly."
When they descended from the clouds and landed on the campus, few of them flew and heard Shi Shuangcheng shouting, "Xiaohua Manman, why didn’t you come to Wucheng without saying hello in advance?"
Some people really don’t talk about Mei Yeshi just arriving at their own children, and then Shi Shuangcheng came running, followed by Shi Shuangcheng, dressed as a layman, with long hair and young people.
Guang is also a historical city. Of course, he also went home for the Spring Festival. On the second day of the Lunar New Year, Shi Shuangcheng went to his hometown in Xiangguang yesterday to play. As a result, this afternoon, Hua Zhen and Manman came to Zhiwei Building to pay a New Year call to Meiye Stone.
On the first day of the lunar new year, when the four of them were chatting in a small group, it wasn’t yet. Why did Hua Zhen suddenly change his mind? When they heard the news, they immediately came from the countryside. They had their own way to unite Meiye Stone.
A few people greeted Hiroshi and saluted Meiye Stone alone.
Mei Yeshi walked over and sent a "red envelope" to Guang, Manman and Hua Zhen. This red envelope is really red in color but the shape is round and the size of a plum. It looks like a plum!
It turns out that Zhu Guohua is really good at listening to five flavors. It’s a rare elixir, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it in kind.
Mei Yeshi introduced the tour with Hua Zhen and Manman just now, but some things were not detailed. Shi Shuangcheng asked, "It’s dinner time again. Dad, didn’t you know that the restaurant was cleaned today?"
Meiye stone some nai wry smile way "I’ll back to know taste floor you also together in the past for dinner."
Guang was about to promise, but Shi Shuangcheng grabbed him and said, "Man Man, they just know the taste building at noon, so don’t go again. I’ll take them to eat the special food stalls in Wuhu City."
Mei Yeshi shook his sleeve and said, "Well, I’ll go back to Xiaohua first when you play. Since you’re here in Wucheng, you can also stop by to worship the mountain at Zhengmen, just to let Hiro lead the way!"

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