So he didn’t choose to cut seven knives.
A tank car loaded with artillery shells came in the face of the charge. Ji Xinghe did not hesitate to turn the muzzle, but the high-speed mobile state machine armor was difficult to aim at. When they chose the predictive gun, Li Mecha’s intelligent auxiliary system and their own eyes observed the muzzle direction, and they also successfully made a prediction. Ji Xinghe avoided the artillery bombardment with an evasive maneuver.
Shells attached to the Ji Xinghe mecha flew over and hit an imperial tank in the rear. After the explosion and crashing, it was not as big as the blue star, and the shock wave power was not as good as that of the blue star. Those broken shrapnel did not bring damage to the Ji Xinghe mecha, but caused heavy casualties to orangutans and monkeys around without armor protection.
This is the result of being charged to the position by the mecha.
The long knife was slashed again and the barrel of the tank car was directly cut off by a knife. This time, Ji Xinghe was cut off by a chain serrated knife. The cross section was ferocious and terrible. The second shot was fired by this tank, but it burst directly without leaving the chamber. When the fire flooded the tank, Ji Xinghe had already jumped over in his mecha.
From the perspective of Ji Xinghe’s charge direction, it’s like those flames pushing the mecha driven by Ji Xinghe. The high-speed charge mecha suddenly jumped up, and the different deceleration of the alien gravity and the blue star will be about three times slower, so this is not an intelligent combat mode choice.
Jackson once woke up that when Ji Xinghe was in the middle, if he made a maneuver, armor would become a target, especially when he was in an enemy artillery position. Those artillery mecha had a great chance to make an accurate prediction when they took off.
As Jackson said, an imperial orangutan Ji Xinghe, who was carrying a single-soldier missile launcher, controlled the mecha to leap, and his face showed a ferocious smile when he jumped. He successfully locked Ji Xinghe’s mecha with the help of the aiming system of the single-soldier missile launcher.
Pulling the trigger, the missile went straight to Ji Xinghe with a tail flame, and the speed reached an extreme in a very short time. This gun is bound to hit successfully.
The orangutan who fired the individual missile empire laughed even more after pulling the trigger. It felt that after today, it would be able to become a mecha and even a nobleman, because it would break a federal mecha with less than 41 Venus.
Forty-one is the number of Venus sprayed by the mecha driven by Ji Xinghe, but it will definitely not stop to spray new Venus during the battle. It is said that there are at least forty-one Venus.
However, the smile didn’t last as long as its face. When it lasted for too long, it was more amazed than seeing the extremely fast missile. Its line of sight became clear again because it wanted to attack the target. The mecha suddenly swung a knife and cut the missile directly, and then it was completely covered by fire.
Is this a hit?
There is no more thinking in the future. After launching the individual missile, the imperial orangutan was sputtered out in a supersonic state. The shrapnel hit the head and died on the spot. It can be said that it killed itself or it was killed by Ji Xinghe.
But Ji Xinghe was not killed by it, because it didn’t really make sense to launch that missile. It was customized and modified. The 16th generation standard mecha in the Federation was equipped with protective armor, which had strong protective ability. The turbulent fire and sputtering supersonic shrapnel could not bring real damage to the mecha.
The shock wave caused by the unsuccessful hit is not serious. Being in the mecha, Ji Xinghe did not produce black vision, and he did not faint. He was more awake than his blood and viscera. His amazing willpower control was as if he had not suffered an impact, so that he could continue to control the mecha he was driving perfectly.
The height and angle combined with the impact of the explosion made him rush to the third plane at a faster speed. It took nine seconds for the mecha to appear in front of him, and the imperial mecha Ji Xinghe appeared in front of him in the fourth second after making a choice.
After failing to react, this mutant imperial mecha is in a state of charge. In a hurry, some panic raised its hand, but the length of the mecha spear was more than six meters, but it failed to stab the Ji Xinghe mecha.
It was 5 seconds slow, so it was blocked by the impact of the high-frequency oscillation of the mecha combat knives in Ji Xinghe’s melee, penetrated into its body, entered the cockpit and penetrated the body of the imperial orangutan.
In the crashing collision, the imperial mecha fell backward and pranced, but the federal mecha succeeded in breaking away from the imperial mecha’s body by stabilizing the impact of the mecha’s combating Dao with collision force.
From a 360-degree perspective, it is clear in Ji Xinghe’s eyes that he once again made an analysis and judgment.
It should have been seven seconds before he made a decision. At this time, the second imperial mecha has become the third imperial mecha, and it is still seven seconds when he is pulled to appear in front of him.
It seems that nothing has changed, but in fact, it is a world of difference. After the fall of Ji Xinghe, two imperial mecha have been broken.
Defensive artillery positions, six imperial mechs, and four left. The pressure on the Milky Way suddenly dropped, and one enemy succeeded in gaining the advantage.
This is the super-class mecha combined with customized modified mecha strength. They don’t want to let Ji Xinghe have an accident, but the federal high-level officials chose to let Ji Xinghe join the orbital drop mecha corps because they knew that Ji Xinghe would not have an accident in this battle.
What if something really happened?
Everyone is likely to sacrifice the ace soldier. There are five options including blindness and lameness. The documentary material of "The Old Man, the Stars and the Sea" has been a lot. From a certain point of view, some people at the top of the federal government hope that Ji Xinghe will sacrifice.
Hatred forces made Ji Xinghe come to the alien battlefield. Is it possible for more people to come to the alien battlefield?
The federal high-level various ideas with Ji Xinghe, he constantly beheaded in the process of these annoying ideas were constantly chopped down by him.
I care about things around me and kill my former enemies
The state of mind is bound by Ji Xinghe, and the sense of urgency is like finally rushing to him alone. The two imperial mecha combat knives are criss-crossed and completely broken
Forty-four Venus in hand.
Behind the resources, feats or the so-called achievement ace mecha on Ji Xinghe himself.
This is what I can get. This is my revenge.
"Captain, here we come."
A good news came again in the short-wave communication channel. Following the ground troops, the Xinghe team finally rushed to the position where Ji Xinghe was located. No one damaged the Xinghe team and completed the membership knot again.
However, this knot did not last long. When the imperial artillery positions were madly killed, they all got a bad news.
It was Landers who died when he took part in the siege of the Earl of Empire. Before the real action today, he introduced the strength of the imperial noble mecha to Ji Xinghe in a calm tone, and then Jackson asked that this introduction opportunity be given to Jackson. He fought with another special mecha to besiege the Earl of Empire.

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