Grandpa nodded with satisfaction when he heard Lin Ying’s assurance, and then granted Lin Ying the Lins’ fairy method.
The Lins’ ancestors left a lot of fairy tales, and as Grandpa granted a mysterious door, it slowly opened to Lin Ying.
Grandpa told me that most fairy methods were ancient, but with the in-depth study of various fairy methods, Lin Ying was shocked.
Chapter nine hundred Green MuYang has a secret
"This is the embodiment of the three thousand practice. Here’s how it works. You remember."
"This is the training method of deceleration array, and you can remember that he can come to the array after you remember it."
Some Lin Ying were familiar with the fairy method, and Lin Ying was directly shocked when she spoke it from grandpa’s mouth.
These things are exactly the same as what he heard from Qing Muyang.
"What happened? What went wrong? " Lin Yingxin was more shocked than unconsciously lost in thought.
Grandpa saw Lin Ying’s expression stop and looked at Lin Ying in meditation and stopped talking.
A moment later, Lin Ying felt grandpa stop and suddenly woke up from meditation.
"I’m sorry, Grandpa. I was distracted just now. I’m sorry." Lin Ying apologized quickly.
Grandpa took the initiative to teach him the Lin family fairy method, but he was distracted, which was a great disrespect to the giver.
Grandpa didn’t blame Lin Ying but asked, "Did you find any problems? I see your expression was shocked when you heard me explain these fairy methods. "
Hearing grandpa’s question, Lin Ying hesitated for a moment and then said, "Grandpa, I have heard about these fairy methods you taught me from Qing Muyang. Er, Qing Muyang is a friend of mine. He is a master of all kinds of immortals."
Grandpa eyebrows a pick "oh magic fairy master? He knows these things, too? "
Lin Ying nodded. "Well, I heard most of what you said from him, and he taught me a lot."
Grandpa frowned. "No, he shouldn’t know these things. If he knew these advanced fairy methods, they wouldn’t have cheated us decades ago."
Lin Ying also frowned and pondered for a moment when he heard grandpa’s words. Lin Ying said, "Grandpa’s head has been in a daze and he doesn’t know where he came from. It’s still the saying that others put his head in when he cast his skill."
Hearing this, Grandpa touched Ba for a moment and thought, "If it’s convenient, can you let your friend in?" I have an idea but I’m not sure.
"Good" Lin Ying immediately goes to the hole.
As a result, as soon as Lin Ying came out of the hole, she saw Sanwa squatting outside the hole and chatting to count the ants.
"Brother Lin, are you out? Is it over? " Three Eva immediately gather together to some exciting way
Lin Ying patted Sanwa’s head and said, "Grandpa Sanwa wants to see my friend. Do you know where Grandpa will arrange them?"
Sanwa immediately volunteered, "I know, I know, come with me."
With that, Sanwa ran to the front to lead the way
Lin Ying Sanwa led the way and soon found Qingmuyang.
Green MuYang a listen to grandpa to see him immediately forced to follow Lin Ying ran fairy mansion.
Soon, the three men came to Lin Ying and Qing Muyang outside the fairy mansion, and Sanwa still squatted outside to count ants.
Lin Ying entered the cave and soon came to grandpa.
"Grandpa Qing Muyang is here."
Grandpa looked up at Qing Muyang and looked at him.
Qing Muyang made a greeting to Grandpa and then looked at Grandpa.
Qing Muyang is very respectful and curious about Grandpa.
This is the whole village, but it is hard to resist the torture of the soul. It must be respected.
Grandpa looked at Qing Muyang for a while and then asked, "Young man, which sect do you really belong to?"
Hearing grandpa’s question, Qing Muyang scratched his hair and said, "Well, I don’t know this fact. I’ve always lived in a mental hospital and my head is in a daze."
They all say that I am a master of all methods, so I just let them know it. "
Grandpa frowned at the words of Qing Muyang. "So you are not a magic door?"
After a pause, a grandfather asked, "Do you know all these things when you incarnate 3,000 square meters of the Force?"
Green assessment again scratched his head and said, "thank you for everything. How did you know that I would? Oh, I see. The boss must have told you what you mean by asking me this? "
Grandpa went on to say, "Do you have a seal of Tianyu Fuzhuan Changqing Fuyin?"
Hearing these names, Lin Ying frowned and murmured, "You said that I can’t do these skills, but I feel very familiar with them, as if I have heard of them somewhere."
Say that finish green MuYang frown became a huge Sichuan word hand holding the hair almost will be broken.
"What are these names so familiar with? Where have I heard of it? "
Green MuYang slowly squat face expression gradually become some pain.
See this situation Lin Ying some worry way "crazy what’s wrong with you? Are you okay? "

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