It recognizes that Zhennan Wangkeng is also involved in this matter.
It was right, but there was no reward.
"How can Ji Xinghe guess?" Zhennan Wang still plays dumb. "As far as I know, your two mouths are still insisting that they reached the second canyon through the miniaturized transition door. And if Ji Xinghe really guessed this, how could he not tell the Federal worse? Isn’t he afraid that we will send space battleship to break through their blockade from the second canyon? "
You really don’t know?
It is difficult for the King of Town East to see anything from the expression and eyes of the King of Town South. He really wants to say that Li Zhengfan, on behalf of the Li family, has the ability to block the Second Canyon around the worse gate, which is not a problem.
But how can it say?
"No matter whether Ji Xinghe guessed it or not, I’m going to start work. Three hundred Marquis A formed the main force of the anti-Xinghe Corps, and 1,200 conventional standard mecha formed the conventional mecha corps, which led the mecha corps and the noble mecha auxiliary to impact Ji Xinghe’s No.6 federal base three days later."
"There are some advantages in terms of strength," asked the king of Zhennan. "But what about Ji Xinghe? Do you want to know a horse Milky Way can top a mecha legion "
The town east king stared at the town south king with dignified eyes. "So you’d better also start work. The Mountain of the Gods will give the Federation enough pressure to let the federal forces of the Mountain of the Gods ask Ji Xinghe for help, and even let the Southern Gate give Ji Xinghe an order to support the Mountain of the Gods."
"If Ji Xinghe guessed that there was a transition base in the second canyon, how could he come to Shenshen Mountain for support?"
"It’s his business whether he supports it or not. It’s our business whether we move or not." Town East King said with a hint of sarcasm. "You don’t want to see Ji Xinghe become the commander-in-chief of the Federation, do you?"
"That is really a disaster."
Zhennan Wang’s tone is also serious, saying that it is an idea.
"But my negotiations with the Federation can last for a long time and win a lot of time. According to the information we have learned, there is a Ji Xinghe independent group with him in the No.6 base of the Federation, and its forces are all dispensable.
What can’t take advantage of the small-scale mecha encounter when I negotiate with the Federation to weaken the power of Ji Xinghe as much as possible? You also said that Ji Xinghe wants to bet on a big one, he wants to be the commander-in-chief of the Federation, and he wants to capture one of our transition bases for himself.
Then even if he guessed, he should be very willing to fight you in a small-scale encounter with those people in his hands. I don’t think you need to worry that Ji Xinghe is a charismatic leader, just like … our father! "
Although I am reluctant to say this metaphor, the king of Zhennan really can’t think of a more appropriate one. I can’t say that Ji Xinghe is like their nephew Emperor Wu III or their brother Emperor Wu II, can I?
I have to say, I think a little too highly of their nephews and brothers.
Although I hate to hear this metaphor, the Town East King really can’t figure it out, but he can’t refute it. Can their nephew Emperor Wudi III or their brother Emperor Wudi II make a metaphor?
I have to say that I look down on Ji Xinghe too much.
The two orangutans were strangely silent for a moment, and their eyes showed their thoughts and understood each other’s meaning.
"You said before that if I didn’t start work during the dust storm, I would die." Town East King once again took a more decisive attitude than before, and the reason was more sufficient. "I don’t want to die. It’s as simple as that. If you want to watch me die, just stay put."
The communication was hung up, but the resentment remained and pervaded.
It’s like a woman telling a man that if you dare to step out of this house, don’t come back afterwards. It’s like a man telling a woman that I’m under too much pressure to go out for a drink. It’s all wrong. Do you want me to die?
King Zhennan laughed like a man and a woman, but soon the smile became brilliant.
It applied for communication with Emperor Wudi III as it did after communicating with the King of Town East.
"positions! Town east king he … "
I quickly told the situation and didn’t embellish it. It was all about one thing and one thing.
Emperor Wu III’s response was also decisive.
King Zhennan didn’t hesitate to answer, and then asked, "But it’s hard to see if Ji Rong Xinyue got the support of Ji Xinghe."
Emperor Wu III looked at Nanwang with calm eyes and asked, "Do you think Ji Xinghe will go to the Mountain of the Gods for support?"
King Zhennan pondered a little, as if after serious thinking, he replied, "I don’t think that no matter how much pressure I put on him, the commander-in-chief of the Federation will lose because of the defeat of the Mountain of Gods. If Ji Xinghe sticks to the No.6 base and blocks King Zhendong, he will have a great chance to become the commander-in-chief of the Federation, and human beings will be greedy and become the commander-in-chief. If Ji Xinghe can get more power, he will do whatever it takes to achieve his unrealistic dream."
Emperor Wu III shook his head slightly with dignity, but his tone was somewhat regrettable.
"You don’t understand Ji Xinghe. He will go to the Mountain of the Gods."
You’ll understand? Have you seen Ji Xinghe several times?
The king of Zhennan lamented two expressions of curiosity: "But if he came to the Mountain of the Gods with an independent group, he would really be unable to stop the town east king. Even if Ji Rongxinyue got his support, it would be impossible to replace him, not to mention that without the main force of the independent group, even if Ji Xinghe had him alone, he could not stop the town east king."
Emperor Wu III’s eyes lost focus, which seemed to be distracted and crossed the unit distance of interstellar light-years, and directly looked at the alien stars and looked at Ji Xinghe.
It says
"I said Ji Xinghe would go to the Mountain of the Gods."
Town south king leng tone surprised "he came alone? It doesn’t make sense. "
Emperor Wu III was silent for a moment and suddenly burst into laughter, which was very loud.
After a long time, I stopped and asked, "How many troops did your father send to support twelve important battlefields in the battle that laid the foundation of the empire 300 years ago?"
"He’s alone"
When the king of Zhennan answered, his heart rose with admiration.
At that time, there were many imperial stars, especially those monkeys who mastered the means of production, and completely crushed the nascent empire in terms of strength, weapons and logistics supplies.
The situation of multi-line warfare twelve important battlefields formed the foundation battle of the empire, which made the empire crumble.
In this case, Emperor Wudi I was wearing a suit of armor made of tungsten steel and gold, holding a handle made of tungsten steel and gold to build a epee, riding the most ferocious scale beast of the Imperial Star. On the seventh day of the Imperial Star, there were 12 battlefields in which the flag was cut and captured, and the flag was cut and captured until it could be cut again.
Today, King Zhennan still can’t imagine how his father Emperor Wudi I did it.
Known as the first generation of imperial armor, it’s just armor. Although it was made of tungsten, steel and gold, the smelting technology was not developed at that time. Failure to wrap the body will also have a general impact on the wearer’s tactics.
Tungsten, steel and gold made the imperial sword, although that era was an indestructible artifact in this era.
But isn’t it really tiring to rush thousands of kilometers for seven days in a row, almost without stopping and wielding swords hundreds of thousands of times?
At that time, Emperor Wu I was said to have reached the seventh stage, which was as realistic as his own, but even he could not do it himself.
It’s not a sword to cut the gas, but to cut the flesh and bones to break the armor
After admiring the town south king, he sighed again.
So you also regard Ji Xinghe as my father.
King Zhennan still doesn’t believe that Ji Xinghe can create a miracle like Emperor Wu I said, and now Emperor Wu I may not be able to create a miracle.

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