When a mechanic can make a contribution, it is more beneficial to the independent group from a practical point of view.
Machine repair is not much gas.
He changed the first opportunity of environmental gift to two times, and the second opportunity of environmental gift was given to independent medical soldiers.
Up to now, the medical soldiers of the independent regiment have all accepted the gift of the second paragraph and have the ability to treat the wounded by releasing air.
Judging from the success rate, they also deserve special treatment from Ji Xinghe.
Judging from Ivanovich’s ignorance of this, his so-called "independence group has me" is a dream woven by Tangqiao.
Now Ji Xinghe wants to give gifts to the original medical staff in the No.6 base, which means that he can carry out the second phase of the environmental gift method on a large scale and keep it a secret.
But do you need to keep it a secret?
Ji Xinghe thinks that Chen Xun Qin Tong is not needed, and they also think that medical soldiers and medical personnel are not needed. If they can get the second paragraph of environmental gas, it will really sacrifice a lot of people less.
Ji Xinghe returned to No.6 base to rest during the second phase of environmental gifts, and the independent group also called a concluding resumption meeting.
After the robbery, Chen Xun had an idea after the war.
"We now have enough resources to expand the mountain armor, which can be expanded to 400, and 40 rotating mecha can directly participate in the war without fighting, and the mountain armor can be increased to 360."
Still can’t participate in the war. Su Chuanyun said excitedly, "Do you still remember our Star River Team’s plan for the stars on Sunday?"
"It’s what the Jijiao chop the mountain armor and the Ji Niu chop the mountain armor. Later, I didn’t say that we had a tendency to be private soldiers and wouldn’t let us name it like this."
"…" Chen Xunnai said, "At that time, it was said that gathering was a star-studded river, which was named by stars all over the sky. There is no plan for the stars on Sunday, and you don’t want to call your own mecha the general bugle call."
"It was then, it is now."
Su Chuanyun continued to keep his excitement loud.
"The Sun Star and the Lunar Star are the moon. You see, we can now expand to 400 beheading armor, 360 beheading armor can directly participate in the war. Why don’t we gather together five beheading armor and then the old man’s sun, the lunar star and the lunar star?"
Chen Xun decided to regard Su Chuanyun and others as well.
Qin Tong asked, "We can expand and many people are willing to come, but they will not let go easily. What if there is a conflict?"
Chen Xun was very confident and said, "There will be no conflict because we want people but they don’t want people."
"The medical staff of our medical corps base No.6 will soon have the second section of the environment. Do you think those wounded people who can’t be cured by the base should be sent to us?"
"Recruiting people from the beaten army as before?"
"Well," Chen Xun nodded. "It’s just like before, but it’s just a start again. We’re much better than before."
Qin Tong slapped a thigh and said excitedly, "What a start! Then we’ll start again."
Chapter 691 It’s really interesting
The medical area of base 6 was excited when it was learned that they could also get the gift of Ji Xinghe and it was the gift of the second stage.
But after a brief uproar, when Ji Xinghe really arrived, they elected the first person to receive the gift, which was beyond Ji Xinghe’s expectation.
"Nurse Wang?"
Ms. Wang Rongrong, Ji Rongxin’s mother’s best colleague, passed away and Ji Xinghe took the responsibility of taking care of Ji Rongxin’s month before he arrived in another planet.
Later, when Ji Xinghe was not familiar with the alien situation and did not show too much ability, he gave a lot of help to Ye and Sun.
Also on behalf of my colleagues, I gave Ji Xinghe a donation that looks like a big sum today.
"General Ji, I can’t beat them." Nurse Wang was nervous and put her hands in an anxious tone. "Please talk to them and let them come first."
Then he quickly explained, "I’m not afraid of anything, and I’m not unwilling to take on more responsibilities. I really can’t. I’m a nurse. If I fail, you’ll have a chance, and even if I succeed, I’m not as professional as them."
Ji Xinghe looked at the head of the medical area.
The person in charge quickly explained, "Of course, we believe in General Ji, and you are not afraid of the chance of failure. From the information we know, we think that nurses are more suitable for treating the wounded than us doctors."
How to say this specifically? "
The person in charge reorganized the language and said concisely, "Idealism is a little bit. When we treat the wounded, we think about all kinds of medical means, while nurse Wang and them can produce the idea of’ cure’ more purely. Of course, I don’t despise nurse Wang. They mean to be practical. Don’t have a problem with me."
The independent regiment has successfully accepted the second period of environmental gift, and the medical soldier also added, "Colonel, you told us that we needed to keep the idea of’ cure’ and then put our qi into the body of the patient who needs to be cured, and the qi will automatically be treated. We only chose nurse Wang first and then conducted experiments to prove this."
Ji Xinghe understood their meaning.
When he first gained qi power, he could not easily release it, let alone treat others with qi.
At that time, he thought it was a realm problem, but the information brought by imperial orangutans such as Kazeman was not like this. If the empire reached the second realm, it would be able to release the gas from the body and make it heal automatically.
The difference between this is that Ji Xinghe was deciphered by him after he got the gift ability
Key to-domestication!
To put it simply, Ji Xinghe’s self-awakening qi is very disobedient when the wild gas has not been domesticated.
And he gave him popularity through gifts, but he has completed domestication, which is more obedient and easier to control.
But’ more obedient’ is relative.
For example, if Ji Xinghe gets angry, it is a wild wolf. If he gives anger to others, it is a dog at home. Can a dog at home be the master? Will you be honest and obedient?
Husky did object and the objection was valid.
Yu Qi-fa is really very idealistic. Whether he got information from Dong Guo Cilian and others or Ji Xinghe’s own research reveals this point.
Spiritual will tells you what you want to do, and it will do it if it can, but it can’t do it if it can’t.
It is really difficult for doctors who have mastered medical technology to keep the idea of’ cure’, and their current medical technology should not be abandoned, so that the combination of the two can better cure people who need to be cured.
"After this test is necessary, I will find a research team to conduct a more detailed study."
After Ji Xinghe expressed his approval of his second environmental gift, this matter can’t be kept secret, and there is no need to keep it secret. He doesn’t need to apply for a scientific research team, so he will come and study it himself.
Later, he looked at nurse Wang and said, "Don’t be nervous or stressed. After everyone failed once, they can do it again and again."
"ah? Didn’t you say there was a chance? "
"That’s because there are too few opportunities for gifts, but there will be more and more."
Nurse Wang can’t help but be nervous, but she is much better than before.
Nurse Wang, who had high hopes, succeeded once, and so did another nurse.

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