All of a sudden, the earth shook and the mountains shook not far from them. A statue of the demon race, the strong man, roared and roared all over the sky, and two huge wings appeared behind him. The sky flew out and turned into a terrible sword, which also destroyed a large number of skeletons.
"Demon crack day Little Devil!"
Two people surprised way
Another person gathered in Kowloon, surging with a strong breath, waving his hand and dancing with divine passion, burning several skeletons qR1.
Xiao Yu’s face was slightly coagulated.
There is also a person whose sacred ring fills the air and the whole body is golden, like the ancient gods, and all kinds of killing techniques have destroyed a large number of skeletons.
"It’s a holy heaven!"
Jian Tian said
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed, and he immediately glanced at the corner of his eye and jumped "so strong!"
There was a period of enmity in his sacred heaven. When his powerful key to the abode of fairies and immortals was hunted down by several forces, he sent word to call on the heavenly powers to kill him together.
He has no affection for the holy heaven! There is still a faint desire to kill each other. Now it seems that the strength of the holy heaven is so profound.
"That’s …"
Suddenly Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed and he noticed a young man in a pale yellow robe. There was a mysterious force in his whole body, and he was very indifferent.
He walked among the skeletons, but he didn’t see him start work, so he saw the skeletons coming and crashing, as if there was a force around him to stop all those who tried to get close.
"Shock word decision!"
Xiao Yu could hardly believe his eyes. Who is this man who knows how to shake words?
Moreover, it seems that this person’s shocking words are even more profound than himself!
How is that possible?
"Zhongzhou Legalists were born," whispered the little stone lion suddenly.
"Zhongzhou Legalist!" Xiao Yu’s heart sank
Naturally, he has heard of this force, which has done its best to cultivate people’s will, pay attention to severe punishment and strict laws, and is a veritable super power far beyond the comparison of the major holy places in southern Xinjiang
"How can Zhongzhou people appear in my southern Xinjiang?" Xiao Yu asked raised a vigilance in my heart.
At this time, the ground is stirred up endlessly, and there are still a large number of skeletons crawling from the ground and rushing towards everyone, which seems to be endless.
And then climb out of the skeleton is far more terrible than the previous batch of powerful bones, which are wrapped in a dark and dark atmosphere.
Xiao Yu three people also suffered a terrible attack, and several black skeletons were killed to them, which was covered with a layer of black waves.
Jian Tian and Jian Liang thundered and exported a variety of powerful swordsmanship. Guanghua was harsh and beheaded, and the skulls clanged and the sparks splashed without hurting them.
"So powerful!"
Two people surprised way
A group of black skeletons quickly pounced on their mouths and gave a ferocious laugh. "If we kill them, we will have flesh and blood, and we will become adults."
Jian Tian and Jian Liang were frightened to disgrace.
Seeing those black skeletons fighting, Xiao Yu suddenly yelled.
Like a bolt from the blue, a layer of golden waves spread out and the ground trembled.
Xiao Yu suddenly suddenly and violently as Jin Longteng brought up a bright divine light, and he suddenly smashed his fist at those skeletons.
Break the word!
Wanjun Juli swept out layer by layer of golden streamer, like a bright explosion in the sun, destroying everything
The skeletons that came at me burst into pieces, and the residual limbs fluttered wildly.
Jian Tian and Jian Liang were all startled.
Xiao Yu rushed into the skeleton and the masses let go and killed like a golden god of war. The four meanings of boxing, shock, crack, explosion and kill were played out by him, and the surrounding skeletons were broken and hard to resist.
Thick terrible black dead breath swept through, and they were refined into the most pure power by his melt refining magic.
He rushed across with a monstrous inflammation, which was as violent as a whirlwind.
Suddenly a sharp eye fell on Xiao Yu, making his skin tight like a sword.
Xiao Yu looked back and saw that the Legalist inheritor was staring at himself for a moment. His eyes narrowed and his eyes flashed cold. "Do you know how to shake words?"
Xiao Yu a fiercely nodded calmly and said "yes"

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