Shi Linying didn’t even know which sect these things she was practicing belonged to. Li Qing said that he was a royal animal gate, and he also admitted that he was a royal animal gate by slope donkey. Anyway, it’s the end of the last communication, and she couldn’t verify it.
Li Qing was suddenly embarrassed by Lin Ying’s boast. "Where where did I happen to meet an elder of your school who cast a royal beast decision? If his immortal door is sealed, I may not be able to get it separately."
Hear Li Qing words Lin Ying frowned "royal beast door now there are people? Or an elder? "
From Li Qing’s words, Lin Ying was surprised to learn that there were still people at the Imperial Animal Gate.
There has always been a fairy gate in the village, but no one has ever mentioned which fairy gate it is, but from the old population in the village, it is known that the fairy gate in the village has long since disappeared in the long river of history
But now Li Qing guessed from the fingerprints of Lin Ying that Lin Ying belonged to the Imperial Animal Gate and revealed that an elder of the Imperial Animal Gate appeared in modern times. Lin Ying’s first reaction was that the elder was definitely not from his own village, and this Imperial Animal Gate in Li Qingkou was by no means his own village.
With this in mind, Lin Ying’s eyes flashed a tree. "It’s interesting to have a royal beast gate village. It seems that the origin of the village is not simple."
"ah!" At this moment, Lin Ying’s head suddenly gave a sharp pain. Lin Ying couldn’t help but let out a scream and turned pale with transient.
A very strong mental fluctuation appeared in Lin Ying’s mind.
"What’s wrong with brother?" Li Qing heard Lin Ying scream and asked strangely.
Lin Ying waved her hand to stop talking and took a few deep breaths before she was relieved.
Lin Ying turned all her attention to this spiritual fluctuation.
The mental fluctuation is that the black cat came to Lin Ying to perceive the mental fluctuation of the black cat from the spiritual connection, and Dalinying turned his attention to the black cat.
Then Lin Ying discovered that the whole body of the black cat was shaking violently.
Lin Ying stretched out his hand and touched the black cat and found that the black cat was even hotter at this time.
Lin Ying looked at the black cat and thought at random, "What’s going on here? Is it that the infected corpse has changed? "
The black cat ate the green brains of the beach. The black cat didn’t have the evolutionary ability of the big dog, which made Lin Ying always worried.
Lin Ying’s heart ached at the thought of black cats being infected. If black cats were infected, Lin Ying would have a pain killer.
When Lin Ying was thinking, Li Qing also found that the black cat was abnormal and took out a set of tools to check the black cat.
A moment later, Li Qing let go of the instrument and said, "It’s strange that it’s hot and scary, but it’s unscientific that all its other indicators are normal at such a high temperature."
At this time, the black cat suddenly opened its eyes and then turned over and got up.
"meowed" black cat eye dew yoshimitsu to Li Qing issued a growl.
Then the black cat body instantly switched to the first-order state.
"Zhi" Lin Ying drew her long knife and her eyes narrowed and stared at the black cat.
If the black cat’s corpse changes at this time, then Lin Ying has one way to choose, and that is to execute it on the spot.
After the black cat switched to the first-order state, the whole body trembling amplitude was much smaller.
Suddenly, Lin Ying opened her eyes wide and showed an incredible expression. She looked anxiously at Li Qingdao, "Li Qing helped me protect the law quickly."
Then Lin Ying sits and runs.
As soon as Lin Ying started to run, she found that she was shocked.
Great strength gathered from all around, and then Lin Ying controlled to enter Lin Ying’s body.
But these vitality forest shadows will never stay for more than 3 seconds.
Lin Ying got her vitality from heaven and earth and ran to the black cat with the spirit link.
Lin Ying gritted his teeth and constantly handed his vitality to the black cat through the spiritual couplet.
Not too many black cats suddenly stopped shaking, and then the whole body slowed down with the naked eye.
With the change of black cat’s body shape, Lin Ying feels that she has a lot of vitality through spiritual connection.
The vitality into the body made Lin Ying feel comfortable all over.

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